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Soulja Boy Accused of Kidnapping and Assault

The woman claims she was left tied up for 6 hours.

A California woman claimed Saturday that Soulja Boy kidnapped her. The victim, Kayla, who was supposedly dating the rapper, was at Soulja Boy's Agoura Hills house Friday night when the two began arguing and Kayla was consequently asked to leave around 2:30 am. While backing down the driveway, she reportedly clipped the curb, drawing an angry reaction from Soulja Boy's assistant who witnessed the incident.

Kayla and the thus far unnamed assistant began fighting, leading Soulja Boy to come outside in an attempt to break up the fight. But then things took a turn for the worse, and Kayla claims Soulja began kicking and hitting her while she was on the ground, and then took her to his garage where he tied her to a chair with an extension cord. According to TMZ, Kayla was tied up for six hours.

Reportedly, Kayla was released Saturday morning and immediately contacted the police to report the incident before going to the hospital to be treated for three broken ribs and a concussion. Law enforcement have thus far only confirmed that someone reported a kidnapping Saturday, but have not confirmed the identities of the victim or suspected perpetrator. Soulja Boy has yet to comment on the reports but his manager told TMZ, "he has not been able to reach the rapper but insists the claims are BS because Soulja 'always calls me if there's any problem, and he did not call.'"

These allegations come after Soulja Boy recently gained significant media attention for his bizarre appearance on The Breakfast Club in which he criticized and insulted a variety of rappers — including Drake and Kanye West. Additionally, this is not the first time Soulja has had run ins with the law, as he is currently on probation for weapon possession, a factor that will undoubtedly contribute to the severity of his punishment if the kidnapping allegations prove to be true.

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