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Bobby Long Does a Mean 'Gollum' Impression

Long appreciates his label taking a chance on him as he carved out his unique sound on his album, Sultans.

Bobby Long admires fearless artists.

As a solo artist, Long pursues a sound that's all his own without imitating what's trendy, looking up to The Beatles for being "fearless" despite pressures from the music industry. The British singer-songwriter first gained a following after Robert Pattinson performed his song "Let Me Sign" on the film Twilight and after Long performed in a series of showcases in New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville. He's spent the last nine years topping the iTunes charts, touring, and performing at high-profile festivals from Bonnaroo to Austin City Limits. Long says his label, Compass Records, took a risk on him with his latest album, Sultans, trusting his art direction and creative instinct.

Long sat down with Popdust's Brooke Johnson to discuss his upcoming album, his foray into publishing poetry, and how his baby boy accidentally ended up on one of his tracks.

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When faced with Popdust's infamous Magic Box, Long curses a lot and volunteers to face off with Trump. He's also happily married but wants to talk about Evangeline Lilly for just a minute.

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Meg Hanson is a Brooklyn-based writer, teacher and jaywalker. Find Meg at her website and on Twitter @megsoyung.

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