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PREMIERE | Morley Announces New Album, 'Thousand Miles'

You'll fall In love with her voice

Born and raised in Jamaica, Queens in NYC, singer-songwriter Morley will drop a new album – Thousand Miles – October 5.

The album's title echoes the universal human desire to flee from demanding situations, avoiding the complications of life; yet rather than surrendering to the feeling, making a conscious choice to meet the problem head-on with humility, compassion, and courage.

Morley hopes that Thousand Miles will "serve as a friend to the listener and be part of the great map of art that reveals time and time again how short the distance from one another truly is."

Produced by Morley and co-produced by Ken Rich and Toshi Reagon at Grand Street Recording, Thousand Miles features the talents of Brian Blade (drums), James Genus (bass), Will Lee (bass), Jon Cowherd (piano), Marc Cary (piano), as well as special guest appearances by Richard Bona, Toshi Reagon, Joan Wasser, Martha Redbone, and Tiokasin Ghosthorse.

Encompassing 13-tracks of jazz, folk, blues, and soul flavors, the album opens with "Golden Sparrow" a jazz-infused tune reminiscent of Sade because of its simmering sultriness. Morley's stunning voice mingles the best tonal textures of Joni Mitchell and Sade - smooth and sensuous.

Speaking subjectively, the best tracks on Thousand Miles include "A Life Fully Realized," riding a blues-flavored pop tune with hints of jazz-lite. Full of captivating wisps of recollection traveling on Morley's gorgeous timbres, the song is enchanting.

A softly colored folk-pop tune, "Sweeping Stars" will make you fall in love with the nuanced, exquisite beauty of Morley's voice. Candidly, all the songs on the album shimmer with tangible energy. The highlight of the album, of course, is Morley's voice, a confection of pure sonic grace.

Thousand Miles is one of those rare albums worthy of being classified as "must-listen-to."

The Record Release Party for Thousand Miles will take place at Joe's Pub, on October 5.

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Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.

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