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EXCLUSIVE | Bonnie x Clyde and PURGE release music video for "Torn"

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If you don't know Bonnie X Clyde, you probably actually do.

Most known for their song "Bass Jam," you've likely danced to their music at a bar or in a club without realizing who it was. That was my experience after all. Bonnie X Clyde rose on the indie scene pretty quickly. "Bass Jam" landed them as Sirius XM's #1 "Beat of the Week" for five weeks straight. A producer-singer duo, Bonnie X Clyde are always collaborating with one another. This seems to have opened the door for more collaborations in the industry. Recently Bonnie X Clyde performed the song "Gold" with Adventure Club at Miami Music Week 2017. Following this electrifying performance, Bonnie X Clyde released their own spin on the song. After all of this early on success, they caught the eye of coveted Insomniac Records and signed with them. Since then, their music has been featured in many of Insomniac's after-festival films such as Electric Daisy Carnival and Nocturnal Wonderland. One of my favorite songs by the duo is "In The City."

Listen to "In The City" here.

Bonnie X Clyde have a rich history. The two were high school friends in Washington D.C. Paige Lopynski (Bonnie) was in their high school choir while Daniel Litman (Clyde) was DJing around the D.C. area. They collaborated a bit in high school and college even though they were on different paths at that time. Daniel went to school at The University of Ithaca and later transferred to the University of Miami while Paige competed on NBC's The Voice landing the spot of runner up. Eventually the two settled in Miami and gigged at local festivals until receiving larger opportunities like a tour supported by electronic music legend Skrillex.

Most recently, Bonnie X Clyde has dropped "Torn" which is my favorite song of theirs to date. They say the song is about how as humans we tend to repress our emotions and I think most people can relate with this. When you've been hurt, you build up walls that you simultaneously want torn down, but how can this happen without being open and vulnerable about what you want, so we end up "Torn." This indecision in brilliantly reflected in "Torn" not through any apparent wishy-washyness, but by the juxtaposition of strength and vulnerability in Bonnie's performance both vocally and in the video. I especially love how the man in the video is either disappearing or Bonnie is running away. This makes the situation crystal clear. "Torn" feels like living in your emotions. You really feel her going through it through the powerful synth swells and drowning bass. The layers of sound and rich textures of each instrument creates a feeling of haziness while you're lost in Bonnie's haunting vocals. While she sings "I need a savior," she also sings that she needs to be "reborn." It flirts with the idea of dependency of needing someone else to help you grow and change.

Watch "Torn" here.

On the track, Bonnie X Clyde collaborate with PURGE who like B X C, has recently seen a surge of success and popularity in the electronic music community along with support from Skrillex. PURGE recently received recognition for their EP "Feel Your Love" which was released and supported by Skrillex's Nest HQ and OWSLA camps. Known for their genre-blending sound design, they fit in perfectly with Bonnie X Clyde who don't conform to any one genre either. My favorite song by them currently is "Make Love" which they collaborated with FelMax on.

Listen to "Make Love" here.

Bonnie X Clyde are gaining recognition as ones to watch in the EDM and pop categories for 2018. Their popularity rose through out 2016 thanks to their Gunshine Tour in Florida and the support of Insomniac Records. Starting 2017 off strong with a brand new EP supported by Insomniac and ending 2017 There is more new music and exciting news coming for Bonnie X Clyde in 2018.

YouTube, NYE Countdown 2016

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Anie Delgado is a contributor to Popdust and is an actress and musician based in NYC. Follow her on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter and check out her music on Spotify. Press inquiries here.

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