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Our Predictions for ​Game of Thrones​ Based On, Uh, Very Revealing Stills


It is a pattern with which we have become quite familiar: HBO trickles out tiny droplets of information about the highly-anticipated final season of Game of Thrones—or the many prequels currently in development—and the internet goes wild. Yet, the latest crop of images, released yesterday, are actually very telling. Sure, to the untrained eye, they may look like a series of portraits of the lead actors brooding off into the distance, a lot can be gleaned if you know what to look for (and we do).

Here, based on our very expert opinions, is what you can expect on your last trip to Westeros:

Daenarys almost dies from forcing this smile as she listens to that emo kid explain that he's the Three-Eyed Raven.

Helen Sloan / HBO

Varys, returning to the North with Daenarys and Jon, checks if the coast is clear: his new winter cloak is perfect for hiding the snacks he stole from the Stark kitchen.

Helen Sloan / HBO

Cersei grows increasingly concerned that she has worn her formal epaulettes to a very informal public stoning.

Helen Sloan / HBO

Jaime wonders why Jon would bang his aunt when he has two, perfectly viable sisters.

Helen Sloan / HBO

In the season finale's biggest twist, Sansa Stark looks slightly to the right.

Helen Sloan / HBO

After watching Aquaman, Jon fears he may never be able to escape from under one big, buff shadow.

Helen Sloan / HBO

Arya learns that she is somehow related to Daenarys, spends the entire season in a frozen stare trying to work out how.

Helen Sloan / HBO

Rebecca Linde is a writer and cultural critic in NYC. She tweets about pop culture and television @rklinde.

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