Hailey Knox is Hardwired for Stardom

The singer sits down with Popdust to discuss her new EP.

Hailey Knox writes music to empower the outsider.

With her 2016 debut, A Little Awkward, the 19-year-old gave the world anthems for misfits everywhere, racking up thousands of streams across platforms. Having spent much of the past two years touring with artists like Charlie Puth, the singer-songwriter is returning with her new EP: Hardwired. While the 11 track mixtape features songs that cover a wide spectrum of emotions and subjects, Hailey's powerful voice and heart-felt performances are consistently breath-taking throughout.

Hailey sat down with Popdust's own Brent Butler to discuss her mouth-trumpeting skills, Hardwired, and her upcoming headlining tour. While Brent talked far too much about his shirt, Hailey talked about being herself in the face of conformity culture and writing Hardwired on a hotel room floor.

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Hailey performed the title track from her new EP, showing off her exceptional guitar skills and leaving Brent almost too overcome with emotion to continue the interview. While Brent redid his mascara in the bathroom, Hailey performed "Traumatized," a jazzy number featuring an impressive mouth trumpet and a surprising sample.

Hailey Knox "Hardwired" youtu.be

Hailey Knox "Traumatized" youtu.be

Finally, after Brent pulled it together, the Magic Box made an appearance. While Brent unfortunately admitted to finding the Sims sexually arousing, the interview was saved by the entrance of Fred the dog, whom Brent held as though he'd never in his life held a dog before.

Magic Box with Hailey Knox youtu.be

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