Júníus Meyvant Just Wants to do PCP in the Dark

The soulful folk singer stops by the Popdust offices.

Of the names this Icelandic crooner uses, Júníus Meyvant is actually the least difficult to pronounce.

Born Unnar Gísli Sigurmundsson, the singer-songwriter has been described as a "freaky folk" artist, known for his storytelling ability, velvety voice, and the unique compositions of his songs. It's no surprise that Meyvant's sound is unusual, considering he learned to play music in unconventional circumstances: on an almost completely isolated island adjacent to the Westman Islands. There, he fell in love with 90s hip-hop, which led him to 60s/70s funk, jazz and soul music.

In 2014, Meyvant debuted his hit single, "Color Decay," earning him the Icelandic Music Award for the Best Single and Newcomer of the Year. From there, he continued to release new music including his 2016 album, Floating Harmonies, that has gained millions of plays. Most recently, he's released his sophomore album Across the Borders, a stunning, mellow album about crossing emotional, mental, and physical borders.

In this episode of Popdust Presents, Brent wears an unsettling wig, Fred the dog takes control of the interview, and Júníus Meyvant looks deliciously like an Icelandic pirate while he expresses his distaste for social media.

Júníus Meyvant Just Wants to do PCP in the Dark youtu.be

Then, Meyvant enthralled the Popdust offices with two of his songs off of Across the Borders: "Love Child" and "New Waves."

Junius Meyvant "Love Child" youtu.be

Junius Meyvant "New Waves" youtu.be

For more from Júníus Meyvant, follow him on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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