Watch the New Video for Lil Peep's '16 Lines'

A look at the rapper just before his death.

The music video was just released for "16 Lines," a song from rapper Lil Peep's album Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 2. The video was directed by Peep's videographer Wiggy, and shows footage of Lil Peep in New York City in April 2017, just months before his death. The video, which was released Wednesday morning, has already gained nearly half a million views on Youtube.

The song itself is a morose look at Peep's inner turmoil, detailing his drug abuse and loneliness. "Is anybody out there? (Is anybody out there?)/Can anybody hear me? (Can anybody hear me?)" There's even a haunting allusion to Peep's death:"I wonder who you'll fuck when I die/And if I tried to call, would you cry?/Please don't cry, you're wasting your time."

The video offers a sad look into some of the final days of the young artist, who's seen riding in the back of a car, smoking a joint, looking drug-addled and listless.

Lil Peep -- 16 Lines (Official Video)

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