RISING STAR | NEIKED and Miriam Bryant Deliver on 'How Did I Find You'

Retro-flavored indie-pop from Sweden.

NEIKED, aka Victor Rådström, and Miriam Bryant grew up in Stockholm, Sweden.

Rådström put together a collective of Swedish artists, producers, writers, and vocalists to create visual and audible art. Working out of a basement, NEIKID's breakout hit, "Sexual," hit the Top 10 in 10 countries.

For her part, Bryant found success with DJ and producer Zedd, releasing "Push Play" in 2013, and "Find You" in 2014. From there, Bryant dropped a pair of Nordic EPs, Hisingen och Hem Igen, and Bye Bye Blue. Then in 2018, she struck gold with the single "Black Car," winning Song of the Year at the P3 Guld Awards and collecting 35 million streams on Spotify.

Rådström and Bryant first teamed up on Bryant's debut single "Finders Keepers," the song that launched Bryant's career. Later, they joined forces again on "Rocket."

Their latest collaboration, "How Did I Find You," is from NEIKED's forthcoming debut album Best of Hard Drive. According to Bryant, "Me and NEIKED wrote this song together with a friend almost four years ago and since then it has been my all-time favorite. It feels special to finally be able to release it and I hope everyone will like it as much as I do!"

How Did I Find You" opens with accordion-like synths riding a thumping pulse. Bryant's delicious voice enters, infusing the tune with mesmerizing timbres. Flavored with vestiges of new wave caresses, the indie-pop melody travels on infectious harmonics with cresting textures.


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