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Ryan And Pony – 'Fast As I Can'

Photo Credit: Judd Sather

Delicious new wave fizz-pop from Minnesota's duo.

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"Fast As I Can" is the new music video from Ryan And Pony, the post-punk, power pop duo from St. Paul, Minnesota.

Ryan And Pony is the musical project of two singer-musicians who fronted The Melismatics, and played with Soul Asylum, Mark Mallman, Phil Solem, The Rembrandts, Grant Hart, and Benjamin Cartel. They tour constantly, and their music has been featured on Laguna Beach, The Hills, Degrassi, and a bunch of other TV shows.

In their new video, directed by Sara Miscavage, Ryan and Pony assume anime identities, fighting evil ghouls in a cartoon-fantasy world. As the panels flow across the screen, the two champions use magical powers to eventually prevail, although for a while the outcome is uncertain.

Ryan and Pony - “Fast As I Can" (Official Music Video)

"Fast As I Can" opens on melody blended together from new wave, retro-rock, bubble-pop, and dance-lite flavors. Shimmering guitars ride a thumping kick drum flowing into a contagious tune with smooth, mellow vocals and delicious harmonies. A compact bridge marks the transition from the teetering verses to the coruscating chorus.

A sensuous sax solo infuses the tune with seductive psychedelic colors, as layered vocal harmonies surface, fade, and re-surface. I love the tight drums and fills from Peter Anderson, who provides a palpable rhythmic momentum to the music's flow, along with the popping heft of the bass line.

The highlight of "Fast As I Can" is the glossy, velvety patterns and textures of the harmonies, sparkling with infectious hues and creamy flavors.

"Fast As I Can" releases tantalizing new wave savors, along with suppressed fizz-pop effervescence. The combination is delightfully subtle and easy to listen to.

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