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War Twins Ponder Judgment on “Right or Wrong”

An anthem to female empowerment.

Cory Ingram

Los Angeles art-rock grunge-pop duo War Twins release the music video for "Right or Wrong," a song from their forthcoming album American Kids, via 6Tetra4 Records.

War Twins comprises drummer/producer James Grey and singer-songwriter Gaetana, who explains, "To be honest, this project was a way for me to heal. When I began writing for War Twins, I felt a strong desire to give a message of brutal honesty, empowerment and strength. I didn't know at the time that this was because it was what I needed myself. I am a survivor of rape, domestic violence and abuse, so for me this project has been about reclaiming who I am in a powerful way, even when it makes me uncomfortable."

War Twins - Right or Wrong (Official Music Video) youtu.be

"Right or Wrong" boasts a sensuous beat, shimmering with thick rhythmic pulses. Gaetana's voice drips with wicked smoldering timbres, infusing the lyrics with a sense of foreboding. “Life makes you jaded," she croons. “I am doctor / Come take your medicine / Right or Wrong."

War Twins will appear at The Roxy, October 14th, with proceeds going to East LA Women's Center.

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