Grimes Says Climate Change Is Good, Actually

The enigmatic musician shared a poem that argues we should just let the climate crisis run its course.


Grimes has been having quite an eventful 2020 so far.

The singer, record producer, and romantic companion of Elon Musk has spent her year getting ready for two major life events: releasing her forthcoming fifth album and becoming a mother. But when she's not tending to her unborn baby's needs, giving us a steady stream of singles, or showing us how to draw on our foreheads with liquid eyeliner, the enigmatic artist—born Claire Boucher—has a variety of quirky hobbies, like using an edited stock photo to announce that climate change is OK, actually.

Grimes shared a poem on Twitter early Monday morning that reveals her stance on the ongoing environmental crisis. It reads:

Poet of destruction,
hereby declare that Global Warming is good.

So, you humans have carved your existence into the earth,
lest you be forgotten.
Why lament?

Be who you are, embrace your demise,
For you are the architect of it.

How smart you are, to eradicate a species as resilient as your own.
Why deny your power?

It's the greatest show in the universe.
Celebrate with me, the most momentous of deaths.

Now is the time to burn twice as bright and half as long

Miss Anthropocene

That sure is one way to handle the growing epidemic of climate anxiety; just decide that the Earth heating up is a good thing! What's the good in trying to fight climate change, Grimes argues, when we did this to ourselves? What could be more fun than the world's entire population perishing together in a fiery, apocalyptic death? As Grimes recently told Crack Magazine, her soon-to-be-released album Miss Anthropocene will personify climate change as an evil villain; it'll be interesting to see how her positive outlook will be portrayed on the record.

Experts claim that unless aggressive action is taken worldwide, we only have about a decade left until the effects of climate change become irreversible. Hopefully by then, a galactic Tesla will be able to transport Grimes and her presumed baby daddy to a planet that humans have yet to destroy.