Genre-blending artist, Jordan Barone, has been accurately hailed as "Billy Joel meets Drake" because of his unique sound that combines classical piano with hip-hop and R&B. He credits his musical individuality to his Staten Island upbringing and success as an audio engineer, a skill he perfected under the tutelage of Young Guru, who's also engineered for Kanye West and Jay-Z. After moving out of the production realm and into the spotlight, Barone premiered "Same Thing," a song that's received over half-a-million streams and gained the young artist many fans who are eager for his next release.

Barone sat down with Popdust's own Deascent to talk about making music with his family in Staten Island, his love of piano, and slap boxing with his brother.

Popdust Presents | Jordan Barone

Barone then showed off his musical-chops, sitting down at the piano to sing his new song "Lay You Down," a smooth number combining jazzy piano riffs with snaps and impressive vocal runs.

Jordan Barone "Lay You Down"

Then, devoting himself more completely to his vocals, he performed his hit "Same Thing," using loop pedals to show off the impressive production of the track. The song explores the risk of being vulnerable with another person, and Jordan's emotional performance communicated the track's message as effectively as the lyrics.

Jordan Barone “Same Thing"

Then, Jordan was subjected to the nihilistic malcontent of the magic box. Who writes these questions? Why do we subject artists to them? Is the box sentient? Does it rule us all? Is anyone at the Popdust offices okay?

The Magic Box Interview with Jordan Barone

For more from Jordan, follow him on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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