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Mac DeMarco Is a Lizard Now—Also, He Has A New Album

He has proven you can truly be whoever you want to be.

In April of 2013, a survey put out by the Public Polling Place showed that 12 million Americans believe lizard people secretly run the country.

According to author David Icke, it all began "thousands of years ago," when "the reptilian beings intervened on planet Earth and began interbreeding with humans." Now, if this scenario were to happen, we at Popdust think the result would look exactly the way Mac DeMarco does in his latest video for "Nobody."

With no clear explanation as to how or why Demarco has scales, the video follows the reptilian singer as he performs his soft-spoken track while wearing a cowboy hat and pretending to puff on a thick cigar. The whole video, which was edited by DeMarco and (apparently) Robert DeNiro, is quite jarring, (unless you're David Icke, in which case you probably have a semi), but no one can rock lizard makeup quite like DeMarco. An album announcement by the singer accompanied the hilarious new video. Titled, Here Comes The Cowboy, DeMarco bluntly stated:

"This one is my cowboy record." Got it.

"Cowboy is a term of endearment to me, I use it often when referring to people in my life. Where I grew up, there are many people that sincerely wear cowboy hats and do cowboy activities." Oh, so this album is probably an ode to that community?

"These aren't the people I'm referring to." Oh.

The album is set to be released on May 10. Before you ask, yes, Mitski's album was titled Be The Cowboy, but she promises there is no connection. "I'm 100% sure Mac & I just went fishing in the same part of the collective unconscious!" she tweeted. Check out the video below, and all hail our lizard overlords.

Mackenzie Cummings-Grady is a creative writer who resides in the Brooklyn area, Mackenzie's work has previously appeared in The Boston Globe, Billboard, and Metropolis Magazine. Follow him on Twitter @mjcummingsgrady.

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