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New Dwilly EP is a Vibrant Swirl of Colors

On Crayola, Dwilly showcases his many talents.

If you've been sleeping on Dwilly, then it's about time you woke up.

Dwilly is a rare kind of talent. A musician, vocalist, songwriter, and producer — this Los Angeles-based phenom does it all.

Fans of R&B, EDM, and hip hop, can all find something to love in his latest EP, Crayola, which dropped March 8th on CloudKid records. This five-track release is short and sweet, but it packs a major punch. The opening track, "crayola," wastes no time in setting the mood for what's to come. On this upbeat anthem for the persevering artist, Dwilly exclaims, "If you tell me turn it down/ I'll just turn it up real loud/ Grab the Ibuprofen, cuz I'm goin' apeshit 'til I make it!" The production on this song is both minimalistic and appropriately vibrant – but still a banger, nonetheless. This song is just begging to be bumped in your car on a beautiful, sunny day.

The quality of the production doesn't falter throughout the rest of the EP. On songs like "ugh!" and "fade," Dwilly continues to show us his prowess as a producer. The attention to detail he pays to his beats is impressive, resulting in tracks that are as musically interesting as they are sonically experiential. His samples and synth hits are so meticulously placed that they create something of a jigsaw soundscape of colors and harmonies. Forget repetitive loops and singular drum patterns, every song on this EP evolves and grows with time.

Crayola can be streamed on all the usual channels. If you like what you hear, you can also enter Dwilly's Crayola Snapchat filter contest for a chance to appear in the upcoming video for the EP's title track.


Dustin DiPaulo is a writer and musician from Rochester, New York. He received his MFA in Creative Writing from Florida Atlantic University and can most likely be found at a local concert, dive bar, or comedy club (if he's not getting lost somewhere in the woods).

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