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July 16 | The Nashville-Based 21-Year-Old Nails Her Crossover from Country Flawlessly

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by Caroline Kole

07.16.18 | "These are the songs that inspired my latest track "What If" that dropped Friday July 13th (omg YAY!), and the songs that just inspire me on the daily too! Enjoy the jams!"

Listen to "What If" and experience Kole's newest release.

At just 21, indie pop recording artist Caroline Kole has the whole world ahead of her yet has already made quite the name for herself with some of the majors in the music biz. She has opened for stars like Reba McEntire and Blake Shelton, touring through her teens as a country up-and-comer who is now parlaying into the pop scene with success.

Singing since she was small, Kole, with a Top 20 album on iTunes and two #1 CMT music videos is taking the pop world by storm with her infectious sound and songwriting skills. Her latest release, “What If" is garnering attention from critics who say she's “Oozing with charisma" (Born Music), “The only artist of her kind" (Uranium Waves), and “A person of interest for 2018's indie pop canon" (Atwood Magazine).

Playful and passionate, Caroline Kole brings on the pop like a pro.

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1. "What If" - Caroline Kole

This is the song! Woo! Put it out on Friday July 13th and I couldn't be more excited that it's finally out in the universe! It's about those situations that you should stay away from…but you can't help but get yourself into…even though there might be consequences. Oops.

2. "Ain't My Fault" - Zara Larsson

The sass and confidence in this whole song is just EPIC. The song gives off this unapologetic vibe and I hope that tongue-in-cheek sentiment comes across in "What If." PLUS, I mean c'mon!!! You put that song on and tell me you don't feel like a strong, powerful woman!!!

3. "Back to Me" - Marian Hill/Lauren Jauregui

I'm a big Marian Hill fan! They just have a way of creating this relatable atmosphere that I can get down with. And almost always you can catch me doin' the shoulder bounce in my car to their stuff.

4. "Issues" - Julia Michaels

This song influenced the production style!!! And as a side note, her general style is pretty refreshing :)

5. "Bad Decisions" - Ariana Grande

Ariana's fierce style is so empowering and trullyy bad ass. Basically, this entire record will forever be in my top 10 favorites.

6. "Too Good" - Drake/ Rihanna

Rihanna's vocal delivery in this song inspired my own vocal performance in my latest track. A more mellow, yet emotional and conversational approach that I loveeeee!

7. "Adamantine" – Caroline Kole

This song is so quirky and was inspired by real life events and fueled by a post on Pinterest. The way all great songs start, right??? I got on this huge kick of weird words and one day this popped up in my email as one of those "Pins You May Like!" Yes, Pinterest, yes. I like this word and I will use it. Thank you. This song inspired a comic book created by me, starring myself AND MY CAT!!! Getchu a copy on my website or by this link here!!!!!!! I'll even sign it for you tehehe :)

8. "Sway" - Tove Styrke

Get familiar with this ish RIGHT NOW! And I mean RIGHT NOW if you're not!!! You're welcome. Vibe well. Vibe hard. Vibe with the windows down.

9. "Paranoid" – Lauv

Okay "the playlist" (album) idea was genius. I can't help but want to know who this person is that has given Lauv such a hard time since he was 18. I also can't help but want to be the person that he writes his melodic and wonderful and sad songs about? Just me? All of the songs on this playlist portray these tangible situations that I know I've been in or can picture myself in, and I find a real appreciation for someone who can create that feeling with their lyrics. Bazzi does that too!! But I only get 10 song recommendations, so *honorable Bazzi mention here*.

10. "Better Not" - Louis the Child (feat. Wafia)

If you don't listen to anything else on here, listen to this!! You'll be spending the remaining summertime bopping to this number. PINKY PROMISES. So much respect for Louis the Child and thank you for featuring Wafia on this track so I could become a fan of her toooooooo!!!

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