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Sir KN8's "Well Read" Video Reveals a Rapper Who is a Major Advocate of Literacy

I heard this song and I was like, "Damn, that dude's smart, that's a real good song."

Sir KN8 (easily) possesses some of smartest rhymes in the rap game.

Sir KN8 ("the K is silent, like in 'knight,' and the numeral 8 makes an 'ate' sound") is actually a modern-day Dark Knight. By day, he is Nathan Oglesby, a mild-mannered professor of Latin and mythology (with a perfect 5.0 rating and a 🌶 on RateMyProfessor.com), but at night, he dons his trademark "goof camo" coveralls (looking kind of like The Riddler) and goes out to fight ignorance and illiteracy with his hyper-intelligent music.

In "Well Read," Sir KN8 imparts the importance of reading books, because it will make you better at a lot of things, including:

  • It will make your rhymes better
  • It will make your life better
  • It will make you better at acquiring companionship with whomever you desire
  • It will make you better at contextualizing what is otherwise a blind whirl of semi-conscious experience until you're dead

With that in mind, check out the "Well Read" video here!

(Btw, do I spy Hila the Killa in this video??? I definitely do – she directed it!)

It's clear from the video that Sir KN8 is, indeed, well read. Of the video, he says:

Plato says that when the Egyptian god Thoth introduced writing and reading to the world, the Egyptian king Thamus was like, Yo, I'm afraid this is a bad idea, because everyone is going to forget everything -- he feared that all the cultural memory that had been contained in oral transmission and song would become trapped and falsified in the dangerous and inherently deceptive power of the written word. ... But now that we're in the midst of this sprawling collective consciousness of interconnected media, I feel like taking the care to read with diligence and joy is one of the best ways to stay clear-minded amidst it -- the only way out is through. Our consciousness is structured by language in its various forms, and you gotta read your way out into mental freedom. Or something like that.

I know yesterday I put a total Internet moratorium on using the phrase "the hero we need," but in keeping with the Batman jokes from the beginning of this post (and the fact that Sir KN8 actually uses his powers for good), I think it's important to note that Sir KN8 is an actual hero for defending literacy in a time of rising internet shorthand, where emojis can stand in for an entire conversation.

When was the last time you saw a hip-hop video where the rapper was surrounded by stacks of books and not stacks of cash??

Read books, kids.

From Sir KN8's press release:

SIR KN8 makes poetically adventurous, philosophical hip-hop. His deft and deep lyricism draws on his intellectual commitments in philosophy, history and science, and his Clark-Kent-alter-ego as an adjunct lecturer at CUNY colleges. He very literally manifests KRS-One's declaration "I am teacher, and others are kings," and approaches this neglected dimension of emceeing with sincerity and humor. He performs regularly in NYC, where he's shared stages with Hemlock Ernst (Samuel Herring of Future Islands), Sasheer Zamata (SNL), Roy Wood, Jr. (The Daily Show), Carolyn Castiglia and Jamal/ Ivy League (producer for Majesticons and Mike Ladd). Recently he has been recording, sharing stages and busking on the subways with rapper / comic performance artist Hila the Killa.

Last year his video "Makin' Bread", a recipe rap for a rustic Italian loaf, was an official selection at the Silver Sound Music Video Film Festival and Band Battle, and received the distinction "Most Instructional."
Pretext Social Club: "[Sir KN8] delv[es] into the fundamental essence of life like a poetic form of Stephen Hawking's A Brief History Of Time...For all who choose to actively listen and discern his casually spun, bopping words, the lyrics toss you down a paradoxical rabbit hole..."
American Pancake: "Sir Kn8 is a gentleman of the Universe's court...he is a prolific speaker inciting the youth to learn things they usually would not give a fuck about if it were not for his blessed delivery and inspiring ability to wrap words together like a balloon animal."
No Smoking Media: "KN8 deals in witticisms and smooth hybrid production with all the same swagger."
1.21 Gigiwatts: "[T]asty beats, fresh funk, wonky sounds, smells, cactus trees, pitch bends, pre-socratic philosophy, space aesthetically and cosmically…songs which are both surreal and relatable."

You can check out more of Sir KN8's quick-witted flow on Soundcloud, bandcamp, Facebook, and Instagram. Sir KN8 also works with Show and Smell Records Collective!

Special treat coming up for you all – Sir KN8 and Hila the Killa are going to be at Popdust this week for an interview! Stay tuned to Popdust for that, and more awesome music content.

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