The LGBTQIA community is collectively shedding tears and picking up the pieces following the weekend's (June 11) horrific events at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando. The world continues to be divided on the issues, but music remains as the tie that binds us all. Singer/songwriters Eli Lieb and Brandon Skeie come together with an utterly moving tribute, a haunting piano ballad called Pulse (which was written in one afternoon). The two also took to the streets in West Hollywood for a DIY-style music video, capturing the very essence and spirit of the community.

Pulse victims range in age from 19 to 50.

The song was written along with Hillary Bernstein and Mimoza Blinsson. "I wish I could reach them and strip away what separates. It's the same air we're breathing. The same tears run down our face," Lieb and Skeie profess on the second verse. "So, I don't have to leave where I stand, and I don't have to change who I am to count as a human."

Jimmy Fallon Tribute And Piers Morgan Argument On Orlando Are Thought Provoking And Moving

The chorus hits even harder. "Feel my pulse with your hand on my heart . You know it beats just as hard as yours. Feel my pulse." Download Pulse for free via SoundCloud.

The song also serves as a tribute to The Voice alum and YouTube star Christina Grimmie, who lost her life in a separate attack on Friday night (June 10). Following her concert at the Plaza Live Theatre, the singer was busy meeting and greeting fans -- when the gunman shot her and then himself. Grimmie was 22.

The Voice’s Christina Grimmie Murdered By Deranged Fan

A GofundMe has been opened to raise money for the Pulse victims; donations currently stand at over $3 million. You can donate here. Also, you can donate to help the Grimmie Family here.

Let's all stand together in this time of need.


Watch below:

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Unfortunately, NBC's The Voice took its end for this season. The bright side is, we got to see Adam Levine every week, and his new blond hair do.

However, that's not the only bright side. Levine and Christina Grimmie came close to winning this season, but lost to Usher and Josh Kaufman. Regardless, Levine decided to sign Grimmie on to his own record label.

On Sunday (May 18), Maroon 5 spilled some more news about their fifth studio album V. The album is set to release on September 2, 2014.

With that being said, it seems as if, the band will be dropping a new single this summer. If it's from Maroon 5, we know it'll be the summer anthem, and it'll rock.

That's not all for the GRAMMY award winning band, they also announced that they're heading on tour.  At this time, no tour dates have been released.

What will the album sound like? It's hard to say at this time.  Guitarist, James Valentine, dishes on the new album, "the stuff we're working on now, it definitely has gone maybe a little darker in its sound, maybe back a little bit more to what we kind of did on (our debut) 'Songs About Jane,' but at this point we do have all kinds of different songs and it is early."

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It's finally here! It's The Voice finale night! After a one hour recap show detailing the performances from literally 24 hours ago (holy moly do they think we are goldfish?!) it is finally time to crown a winner! Or it will be in roughly one hour and 55 minutes. Let's do this.

But first - SCANDAL! Apparently last night a "glitch" kept fans from finding Josh Kaufman's Adele cover on iTunes. A GLITCH? I call shenanigans! Carson assures us that no iTunes votes from last night will be counted, and that the outcome would have been the same either way. SURE IT WOULD HAVE. I'm not entirely sure who I'm incredulous against, but I'm sticking with it.

Kicking off the night is old The Voice mainstays One Republic, performing their new single Love Runs Out. Super fun, super rocking... no wonder Ryan Tedder is a hit machine.

After the break, we check in the coaches. Normally these are predictable - everyone wants their artist to win, but respects all the competitors. Tonight is much of the same, but there is an extra shout out to Usher and Shakira as we head into a season without them (SAD FACE), as well as some love for the behind the scenes folks. So much love!

Jake Worthington is first up for the bring back performance, and he's asked Kat Perkins, Kristen Merlin, Audra McLaughlin, Ryan Whyte Maloney and Morgan Wallen to join him in performing Summertime by Kenny Chesney. This performance is fun, but definitely highlights how much better at country music both Kristen and Audra are than Jake Worthington. Also there are just so many voices on this that it sort of just sounds like generic choir performance? Am I being too negative for a finale episode? This was fun!

Christina Grimmie is up next, joining Ed Sheeran to perform All Of The Stars. This is a really nice performance, and an awesomely different side of Christina. She doesn't wail at all, it's all subtle and really lovely. Also? She and Ed have some really good chemistry... Like by the end I was maybe shipping just a little bit?

Next up we have Delvin Choice, Jake Barker, Stevie Jo, Patrick Thomson and Morgan Wallen are performing Hall & Oates' She's Gone. Despite the fact that I had to look up about half of these artists' names, this is a really great performance. These guys are all working so well together, and the arrangement gives everyone a moment to shine. Whoever chose these five to be matched up could give Simon Cowell, boy band builder extraordinaire, a run for his money.

Now we are treated to a montage titled "The Lifestyles of Usher Raymond." LISTEN. I love Ursh as much as the next person, but seriously? Why is this two hours?

Country artist Justin Moore is here to perform his song Lettin' The Night Roll. Sure, why not?

Josh Kaufman has asked TJ Wilkens, Stevie Jo and SIsaundra Lewis to join him to perform Am I Wrong by Nico & Vinz. Oh man what a lovely little group this is! Sisaundra is crushing as always, TJ is bringing some really killer dance moves, Stevie Jo is as adorable as ever, and Josh is perfect. Love everything about this, even the very confusing backup dancers that enter for the last 15 seconds of the song.

And now for a Shakira montage. As if we need any reminding that she's the best? Come on now, NBC, give us some credit.

Ed Sheeran is back to perform his latest single, Sing. Is it bad that I don't care about any of the professionals performing tonight? I mean this song is fun, and Ed Sheeran is a cutie patootie, but GET TO THE GOOD STUFF.

Jake Worthington is joining Alabama to perform Mountain Music. Boy he looks nervous! Shaky stage presence aside, this is fun, and Jake's voice fits in really well with the rest of the band. Plus, this is just a great song.

Haaay ladies! Melissa Jimenez, Dani Moz, Daja Hall, Tess Boyer and Madilyn Paige are here to perform Rihanna's  Umbrella. The ladies all look smashing in their coordinated black and white outfits, and this is another really fun, great performance. Dani in particular kills it, which is great because she was definitely underrated this performance.

Final Voice confessional! Everyone loves their coach! Everyone would love to win! Everyone's getting a brand new Kia!

Adam Levine montage. I'm starting to feel as though NBC has taken me hostage.

Josh Kaufman is joining Robin Thicke to sing Get Her Back. Robin is really hamming things up, interrupting sweet Josh left and right. Thankfully Josh gets one moment at the end, but that was fer-sher the Robin show. Hey Robin, it's not always about you.

After Carson lies to us that we are "this close" to finding out who won, it's time for Tim McGraw to sing a brand new single. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that I have aged 10 years since the start of this finale, and we still have at least two more performances before we get any results. Heaven help me.

Christina Grimmie is bringing back her besties Bria Kelly and Tess Boyer as well as her honorary big bro Jake Barker to perform Team by Lorde. This is a really good group, and a great song choice for them. Although to be honest it's hard to trust any of my opinions anymore, because at this hour I feel certain I'm suffering from Stockholm Syndrome after the world's longest finale night.

Blake and Jake montage. SO MUCH FILLER IT HURTS.

Oh good, now Coldplay is playing alongside prerecorded versions of themselves. Makes perfect sense to me!

Wait a second! Wake up everyone! We have literally four minutes left and it's time to find out who won! The artist that came in third place is... Christina Grimmie! Holy moly I was not expecting that! No time to be shocked though, the clock is ticking! This year's winner of the voice is... JOSH KAUFMAN! That's right! The throne has been usurped! The veteran coaches are no longer untouchable! URSHER!

This has been an awesome season, with a ridiculously talented bunch of singers. Thanks for taking the journey with me!


We made it! Tonight, our final three will each perform three times - one new song, one repeat performance as voted by the fans, and one duet with their coach. We also can look forward to a Blake/Shakira duet, and an Adam and Usher performance. Hold up. Adam Levine and Usher? On the same stage? And I'm supposed to focus on literally anything else? Sorry, Voice producers, I'm only human.

Before we can get to the main event - the ultimate duet of sexiness, it's time for our second to last trip down memory lane. Tonight, we have three artists left. From Team Blake - Jake Worthington, from Team Adam - Christina Grimmie and from Team Usher - Josh Kaufman. Unfortunately Shakira's only job tonight is wearing the hell out of her sequined top.

First to take the stage is Christina Grimmie. The fans have voted to have her perform her blind audition song, Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball. An interesting choice, since we only heard a snippet of it, and she's had some seriously memorable performances since, but I'm not mad about it. Once again, Christina delivers a very impressive vocal performance. Her range is really ridiculous, and this is definitely the song to show it off. It lacks the impact of a brand new performance, but I think that will be true of all the fan favorite songs tonight. Either way, Christina delivered a nice, if not thrilling performance.

Usher and Josh are singing Every Breath You Take by The Police. Um, yes please. Ursh and Josh take turns in the verse, before joining up for some truly magical harmony in the chorus. Guys? Josh might be out-singing Usher. They both sound fantastic, but Usher definitely chose this song for Josh, not for him, and Josh is really able to shine in this performance. They sound amazing together, and it's really cute to watch them performing together. This is a bromance I can get behind.


America's pick for Jake is Keith Whitley's Don't Close Your Eyes. Another audition song? All right then! This is a nice performance, but it's kind of boring. This is a great song for a 90 second audition, but when you get the full 3+ minutes, it's not the most varied song in the world. Josh sounds better than he has in the past few weeks, but he's still far and away the weakest in the bunch in my opinion. A nice performance, but too little, too late.

Next up we have Shakira and Blake Shelton singing their song Medicine. I really like this song. Blake and Shakira have surprisingly compatible voices, and it's a nice country/rock hybrid tune. Plus Shaks looks stunning, and she deserves a win tonight. HEART YOU, SHAKS!

Josh is singing fan choice Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours by Stevie Wonder. This is the song that led Usher to steal him, so it's an appropriate moment to relive. Josh is surrounded by the band on stage, and he looks more confident than ever. This choice is so much more beneficial for Josh than the last two, since he first performed it as a duet with Delvin in that sad, sad campy boxing ring. Now, Josh is taking the stage alone, surrounded by a killer horns section and the difference is night and day. This is such a strong performance, and it feels completely different and fresh from the original performance. #TeamJosh

Christina Grimmie and coach Adam Levine are singing Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know. Adam is very charming and funny and silly in the recording studio, temporarily making me forget his insanely blonde hair. The energy seems a little off during the actual performance. Maybe they're just too happy? It makes sense, since this is a joyous occassion, but it's kind of weird given that so much of the power of this song comes with the passion/anger. Christina sounds really great, and her voice sounds nice against Adam's, it's just not exactly the most compelling performance in the world.

Jake's final performance is Richard Marx's Right Here Waiting. There are some really good moments in this, but there are also some really out of key ones. This is a smart song for Blake to choose, since it's nice and emotional, and squarely within Jake's range, I'm just not all that moved by it. Granted, I have already made up my mind about Jake, so maybe I am incapable of being impartial. It's a good performance. Again, better than I think he's been the past few weeks, but still only good - not great - for me.

HERE WE GO. Adam Levine and Usher are singing D'Angelo's Untitled. I mean, this is just absurd. This is such a sexy song, these two are disgustingly attractive and they sound perfect. I JUST CAN'T. (And by that I mean I watched this four times, no shame). SIGH. So much falsetto, so much gorgeousness.

The last duet of the night is between Jake and Blake, singing A Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr. Jake looks so young next to Blake... I forget sometimes that he's a high school boy. It almost makes me feel bad for picking on him, but only almost. This is a good song choice for these two. It's a fun performance, and Jake has some really solid moments. Is it enough to make me think he deserves to be here? Not even close, but it's a nice ending note for him.

Christina Grimmie is finishing her run with Elvis Presley's Can't Help Falling In Love, a song that she's been keeping in her back pocket since day one. The performance starts out very slowly and deliberately, with Christina hitting every note perfectly. Before long she returns to the wailing high notes that we expect from her, but it's a little more restrained than usual in a really effective and awesome way. This is definitely my favorite performance from Christina, so I can see why she's been holding this song back for this moment.

Finally we have adorable, lovable, soulful Josh Kaufman, singing Adele's Set Fire To The Rain. The set design is as campy as it's been all season, with candelabras and white tablecloths to match Josh's white suit and white mic stand... but it's no match for Josh's voice. Even campy decor and the ever present audience clap can't distract from Josh's power. This isn't the most technically perfect performance - in fact it's one of the sloppier ones from the always perfect Josh, but the passion and the reckless abandon in this performance was really, really awesome, and he rocked the hell out of that falsetto like nobody's business.

And that's all she wrote? This has been a really strong season, and it's going to be an epic battle between Josh and Christina (I HOPE) tomorrow night. Who has your vote?

Tonight, hearts will break and heads will roll. Or maybe only part of that is true, we'll see. One thing is for sure: we're losing two artists tonight, and tears will flow (probably mine).

First, though, we have Rascal Flatts singing Rewind. I like Rascall Flatts as much as the next guy, but at this point we all know what to expect right? So this is that. They sound good, it's a sing-along-able song, and I'm sure it'll blow up the country charts.

But who cares about Rascall Flatts anyway? Carson knows what's what, and he's wasting no time getting our final five on stage. The first artist moving on to the finals is... Jake Worthington of Team Blake. WELP, that's very disappointing and very predictable. Jake's very happy and very cute and very gracious as he moves on. Whatever.

I had high hopes for the Voice Confessional following last week's adorable Mothers Day tribute, but it's back to business as usual, which is to stay silly, time wasting nonsense. This time, with bleach-blonde wigs!

Back from last season's finale, we have the Christina Aguilera mentored Jacquie Lee performing her new single Broken Ones. I was never Jacquie Lee's hugest fan, but this is a pretty solid first outing. My largest complaint about Jacquie last season was that she lacked subtlety, with every song being elevated to scream-town almost immediately. This song is definitely not that - it has a pretty fantastic build, and Jacquie sounds really fantastic and mature on it.

After the break, it's time for Team Adam's former finalist Will Champlin to show off what he's been working on, with his single Eye of the Pyramid. This is definitely not what I was expecting from Will, but that is not a bad thing. It's super catchy and really fun, and Will's bringing some serious rock and roll energy to his performance. Go Will!

Now it's time for the last save before we defer to the Twitterverse. The next artist moving into the finale is... Josh Kaufman from Team Usher! Now this is something i can get behind.

Continuing our parade of former finalists is last year's glorious winner, Tessanne Chin, singing Everything Reminds Me Of You. I am confused by the set design choice of every neon sign in the greater Los Angeles area, but that does not distract from a fantastic song. I adore this single. It's soulful, it's rocking, it has some reggae flavor, it's GREAT. This franchise hasn't produced too many stars, so it's really fun to see last season's finalists putting out these awesome songs.

And with that it's time to move on to the last chance performances, an exercise in futility given Christina Grimmie's MASSIVE social following. Am I wrong, or did we skip the instant save going into the finale last year?I wonder who actually had the most votes this round. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks maybe our little YouTube sensation Christina might have been on the chopping block, and that's bad for business. Still, it's a good chance for Kristen and Kat to get a final chance to show how amazingly talented they both are.

First up is Kristen Merlin, singing Carrie Underwood's Blown Away. I know Carrie is a country singer, but this is still a pretty poppy song, which is fun to hear from Kristen, who has stayed pretty traditional thus far. As always, Kristen is fantastic, though she seems a little sad and aware of her impending fate. Can't say I blame her.

Kat Perkins is singing Good Girl, also by Carrie Underwood. Interesting choice for her. This is a good performance, but again, I think Kat knows what's about to happen and it shows. The usual energy just isn't quite up to Kat's usual maniacal energy, but it's still a solid performance and a good last showing.

Christina Grimmie, who I will try not to resent for her social following, is singing One Republic's Apologize. The song starts out not quite at the level that I've come to expect from Christina. Maybe she's shell shocked at being at the bottom? Either way, she ends up pulling it together and turning out the big, impressive notes that we know Christina is capable of, and finishing on a really strong note. All three of these women are really, really good. This blows.

Going into the break Christina is commanding a cool 70% of the the votes, with my dear, poor Kristen staying strong at 1%. I hope no one shows Kristen the breakdown.

So, here we go. Shakira makes a really nice plea for Kristen, which will undoubtedly fall on deaf ears. Adam half-heartedly pretends to value Kat and Christina equally. The person who the Twitterverse is sending to the finals is Christina Grimmie, like we all knew it would be.

Next week: the final three take the stage, and I try my hardest not to be bitter about Jake's presence there. See you then!

BIG NIGHT, guys! There are only five artists left, and tonight, they will each be performing twice. Once with a song chosen by their coach, and once with a song of their choice as a tribute to home. But first, we are in for a TREAT. The one and only Usher is taking the stage to perform his new single Good Kisser. This is a signature Ursh performance, complete with gold shoes, delectable dance moves, lots of half naked ladies, and buckets of sweat. Needless to say, it's perfect. I would be perfectly fine if Usher opened the show every week. The man is a machine. A sweaty, gorgeous machine.

Kristen Merlin is kicking off the semi-finals with her tribute performance. She has a really nice intro talking about the support she's gotten from her hometown, and from her girlfriend. Tonight, she's performing Miranda Lambert's Gunpowder and Lead. Kristen is dancing around, swiveling her hips in her sparkling jeans and just having a great time. It's so awesome to see her letting loose and having fun, and of course she sounds absolutely fantastic, as usual. Kristen has always been polished and stunning with her vocals, but her stage presence has grown leaps and bounds from the beginning, and it's great.

Josh Kaufman has an absolutely adorable family and very supportive home town, and tonight he's dedicating John Legend's All Of Me to his wife and three children. Guess what? He sounds ridiculously good. This is a really emotional, touching performance, and Josh is as controlled and buttery and magical as ever. I love that Josh doesn't feel the need to do crazy big songs. This is such a gentle performance that's full of love, and it's patient and gorgeous. In my opinion, Josh has the best voice in this competition, and I am very much looking forward to him having a very full and long career.

Kat Perkins is up next, and coach Adam Levine has tasked her with singing Sia's Chandelier. This is the first pop song Kat is tackling, so it should be a nice departure. The set designers went real crazy with a million chandeliers and fog and a staircase to nothing, because why not? This is definitely a very tough song, with lots of vocal gymnastics between falsetto and belting, but Kat holds it down. There are a few moments that are a little off for me, with her voice falling into a weird nasally place at times, but overall it's a pretty impressive performance, especially considering how difficult the song is.

Next up is Jake Worthington, who was a member of Future Farmers of America, naturally. He loves his town and his family and he's going to sing Wayland Jennings's Good Ol' Boys for all his buddies back home. This performance is fine. I mean, listen. Jake is really nice, and he's perfectly talented, but you put his voice up next to Josh Kaufman's voice and it's just no contest. He's fine, but that's it. He's perfectly, delightfully, likably fine, and I sure want the best for him, but I just can't understand how he's still holding on in this competition. SORRY.

Adam is having Christina Grimmie sing Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek. That is definitely a bold choice, especially because she's using some sort of device that manipulates her voice as she's singing (wait is that cheating?!). She's on her knees to begin, and she's backed by a bevy of backup singers, who are all singing every word with her, so it's kind of a lot for her to break through at the start. Thankfully, as she leads into the chorus and stands up for the first time, she fully diverges from the pack, throwing in her signature soaring vocals and connecting with the song on a much more powerful level.

Josh Kaufman is back, singing Usher's choice of Love Runs Out by One Republic. This is definitely a different choice for Jake. It's upbeat and fun, and almost a little rocky. It's fun to hear him injecting his soulful flavor into this song. It's not my favorite vocal performance from him, but I love getting to see him rock out a little bit, and the audience is going absolutely mad for him, so I think he'll be A-Okay. Fine by me, Josh rules.

Kat Perkin's grandfather made a "Kat's Grandpa" sign for his front yard, so that'a great. She also loves the kids she nannies for, and so she's singing Let It Go from Frozen in their honor. Holy hell I don't even know what to think of this. Let It Go is so good. Frozen is so good. I have listened to maybe every cover of this song in existence... can Kat measure up? The answer is... kind of? A little? I don't know. This is such a theatrical, broadway-y song, that it always sounds kind of dumb to me when people try to turn it into something more modern or cool. Kat definitely has some great moments in this, but she also has some flat notes, and she seems to run out of breath with this fast, rockified arrangement. HOWEVER, the little girl who Kat nannies for is very cute and seems very proud and that warms my heart.

Shakira has given Kristen Merlin Jewel's Foolish Games. Oh my god, yes. This is such an amazing choice! I love this song so much, and Kristen is flawless on it. This might be the best Kristen's ever been. It's emotional, it's beautiful, it's touching, and Kristen is really jaw droppingly fantastic on this. This is a killer moment for Kristen, and I really hope it's enough to get her through to the finale, because she deserves it.

Christina Grimmie is dedicating Some Nights by Fun. to her friends and family from South Jersey. Christina is adorable, and this is a fun performance, and it's definitely different from what we've seen from Christina thus far. It's great to see her having a blast and dancing around and just loving life. There are bongo drummers covered in neon paint and the song ends with balloons falling from the ceiling, which sort of feels like cheating since such spectacle seems like it should be reserved for the ultimate winner. But still, it's a good time, and we all know Christina's got her finale spot locked in thanks to her internet army.

Last to bat is Jake Worthington, singing Blake's choice of Bryan Adams's Heaven. Ugh, fine, that's a good choice, and he's closing the show, so I suppose I should prepare myself for the possibility that this might be a great performance. So, is it? ...Okay. It's sweet. It's definitely sweet. It's so nice and tender that I felt my cold heart a little bit, but... still. I just don't quite get it! If this is "who is the nicest dude in this competition," I'd say sure. But this is The Voice, and I'm just not sure he has it.

Aaand that's all she wrote! If I had it my way, the final three would be Josh Kaufman, Kristen Merlin and Christina Grimmie, but I'm already preparing myself for the likelihood of Jake Worthington knocking my beloved Kristen out. We'll find out tomorrow!

Stand Out Performance: Kristen Merlin's Foolish Games was the whole shebang for me. All the feels.

Coach MVP: I mean... Usher's performance is hard to argue with.