cynthia bailey divorce

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas' marriage has always been rocky to say the least.

Even before they got married there was tension between them around his financial difficulties and business failures.  She recently explained that she has funded his various businesses since she's known him—despite him claiming for the last few seasons that he didn't need her income.

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Then there were the huge problems between him and her mother and sister.  The wedding episode where they hid the marriage license right before the ceremony, caused a huge rift, which Cynthia was constantly in the middle of. Cynthia's sister Malorie has always been there to offer her support but has never hidden her dislike of her brother-in-law.

Peter, 56, meanwhile, has always inserted himself fully in the housewives' business—something which the other ladies did not take kindly to.  During one fight NeNe Leakes famously called Thomas "a little bitch", a comment which ultimately led to the downfall of the friendship between Cynthia and NeNe, something Peter was pretty happy about.

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Despite the formidable Ms Leakes being out of their lives (well, before they made up again at least), the Bailey/Thomas marriage crumbled during the last season of Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Peter now lives (and allegedly plays) in Charlotte, North Carolina, and at the end of March Cynthia confirmed they were living separate lives, telling UsWeekly;

"I am spending time with my daughter and taking some time for myself.  Whatever the future holds for my marriage, I have given over to God."

The marriage has been dogged by cheating rumors and many fans of the Bravo show can't believe that Cynthia would want to try to make things work with him when he seems to make every excuse to be away from her, doubt herself and her friendships as well as (allegedly) playing away. Hell there's even been rumors that he's slept with at least one of the other housewives from the show! (Could this possibly explain why Cynthia went postal on Porsha during season eight?)

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The 48 year old model turned businesswoman went on Radio Andy in March and spoke of their difficulties;

"We're the only couple on The Real Housewives of Atlanta that was actually married on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. We've never been married outside of the show, and I don't think that has helped us a lot.

Maybe if we were married three years before we got on the show, that would've been better. I just have nothing to compare my marriage to outside of being on the show.

It's just been difficult. I mean, the wedding was difficult. Everything about our marriage has been difficult."

Well it seems it's about to get a whole lot more difficult.

A source close to Peter told that he was lawyering up for the fight that's to come and that he is going after half of Cynthia's Bravo earnings;

"Peter is no fool. He sacrificed a lot for Cynthia during their marriage. He was unpaid for many seasons on [Housewives] and he did it because he believed that all the money that was coming in was for him and Cynthia.

I'm not saying that the marriage is over. But if it is, Peter will be looking to divide up their assets, and get half of all Cynthia's Bravo checks going forward."

Thomas called BS on that quote, but went on radio station Power 98 in Charlotte, giving what can only be described as attempt at a face saving PR interview. He talked about his marriage and blamed being on the show as the main factor in it's demise.

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He's now quit the show (or was he pushed?), claiming that he did it so that any marriage downfall wouldn't be played out on on TV (a bit late for that now).  Bearing in mind it's never bothered him before, he just loves the spotlight, that is a big sign that the situation is irretrievable. He also says he hasn't been paid for his appearances during the seasons he's appeared—which pretty much confirms the denied quote above.  On a side note, if that is the case, why would he feel obliged to 'work' the 18 hour days he's bitching that they have to put in during filming?

cynthia bailey divorce

Divorce papers haven't officially been filed yet, but it seems pretty clear that the writing is on the wall for this reality couple.  Cynthia recently told NBC's New York Live

"Peter is in Charlotte, and as you can see, I’m in New York. We’re definitely not together. I have been taking some time for myself to just kind of figure out how I would like to move forward. We haven’t officially done anything at this point, but we are definitely talking about taking steps to officially move forward in a different direction.

I can only do but so some point, nothing has to be that hard."

Well get ready Cynthia, cos it's gonna get even harder—Peter will not be going quietly—check out his Instagram post and watch this space!

cynthia bailey divorce

cynthia bailey divorce

cynthia bailey divorce

Man, those housewives are getting physical now!

Filming is currently underway for the Season 8 of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and there was Bravo all worried that with NeNe Leakes out of the picture, there wouldn't be enough drama.

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Well hell were they wrong!  It's been leaked that two cast members, namely Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey got into a verbal catfight which culminated in Cynthia kicking Porsha in the stomach.  Thank goodness the Bravo cameras were there to capture it on camera!

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They were on a boat trip with co-stars Kenya Moore and Kim Fields and the pair got into it over something trivial.  Things got heated, with Porsha calling Cynthia a bitch, and Cynthia walked away, with Kim following to console her.  Now Porsha has proven in the past that she's not one to let things go, so in typical dog-with-a-bone fashion, she went over to where Bailey was sitting down to start it up again.

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Porsha got in Cynthia's face and that's when Cynthia's self defense training came into good use.  She kicked out at Porsha, landing one in her stomach! Boy she must have been pissed!  Producers stepped in and Porsha left shortly afterwards to get checked out in hospital, where she was hooked up with some pain meds.

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A source has told E!News that Porsha is not planning to press charges and that, in true reality style, the pair just want to "move forward".

The really shocking take away from this story is that there was a fight and Kenya Moore wasn't involved! WTF??


It’s good to talk—unless you’re trying to do so with NeNe Leakes—and then it inevitably just turns into an insane, screaming bitch-fest.

At the behest of the 47-year-old, The Real Housewives of Atlanta gathered together to air their grievances under the watchful eye of Dr. Jeff Gardere.

Not surprisingly, given this bunch of nut jobs, things soon turned sour, resulting in raised voices, accusations, tears galore and…piece de resistance….. NeNe throwing an epic tantrum and storming out—you can watch the drama unfold, right here on Popdust.

Talk to the hand bitches, ‘cos this delusional drama queen really ain’t listening.

It all started off well enough, as Leakes beseeched her castmates to talk it out, with the aim of the good doc getting things “back on track.”

NOTE TO NENE: Give the poor guy a break, he’s a therapist, not a miracle worker.

Sure enough, sparks started to fly after Dr. G asked NeNe and her arch nemesis Kenya Moore to discuss their fractured friendship and ongoing feud.

“We're never going to be friends,” NeNe sniped. “We will never be friends. Ever again.”

So much for “getting back on track”….

It didn’t take long for all the Housewives to start calling NeNe out on her cray cray to the max shit—with good reason, right? Seeing as SHE was the one who instigated the therapy session then cut it dead in its tracks.

“You don't realize you're the drama,” voice of reason Kandi Burrusss was quick to point out. "This desire to be head bitch in charge is driving her crazy.”

Claudia Jordan jumped straight into the frey, branding NeNe’s behavior as “bipolar.”

However, things turned nuclear after the subject of NeNe’s war with ex-best friend Cynthia Bailey was broached.

In true Real Housewives style, the two women went AT IT, screaming over each other, and accusing each other of being a “mean girl” ...forcing Dr. G to intervene in a vain attempt to cool the situation.

Yeah, good luck with that mate.

But, the straw that broke the camel’s back was when Kandi started sticking up for Cynthia….oh, hell no!

A suddenly stoic NeNe just couldn’t take it anymore, standing up and silently leaving the room in protest, with the long suffering doc running after her.

“I’m not going to sit here and act as if I am the sole cause of these friendships and relationships being the way they are today,” NeNe sniffed indignantly. “I’m not staying here for Attack NeNe Day!”

“This must be Attack NeNe Day, and I'm not doing it with you,” she vowed dramatically.”Nope!”

Meanwhile, Kandi summed it up perfectly, “I am so over it!” She declared.

We so hear you girlfriend….we so hear you...

If you want to see yet more screaming matches, general insanity and jaw dropping levels of delusion, tune into Bravo at 8/7 on Sundays for all new episodes of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

When we last saw our lovely Real Housewives Of Atlanta there was speculation over who was leaving and who was returning for season 7.

After crazy Kenya Moore got her ass handed to her by Porsha Williams at the reunion, there was talk Kenya would sue and Porsha would be fired. There were also reports the entire cast would strike if Porsha did indeed get fired because of Kenya.

But fear not!

In a new picture posted by cast member Demetria McKinney, it looks like BOTH women are back, so expect plenty of fireworks!

We seriously can't wait...

NeNe Leakes is going after Cynthia Bailey with guns blazing after The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion part 2.

After spending most of the taping with her eyes closed and her head turned away (wayyyy to be a team player, NeNe, you might not want to bite the hand that feeds you), she refused to discuss her friendship with Cynthia and shut Andy Cohen down repeatedly.

On her blog, however, (her personal one, not Bravo!) NeNe is accusing her former best friend of being shady, and threatens to boycott filming with her on Season 7 (NeNe honey you might not be asked back... let's not make assumptions here).

Here is NeNe in her own words:

"As hopeful as I was for us to be life-long friends, I am not surprised our friendship has ended and it truly saddens me! Reality friendships never last anyway so how foolish was I to think I had made something special! It’s amazing what people are willing to do for the love of money, relevancy and to stay on TV! With Cynthia’s sell out personality and blow-with-the-wind persona I knew it was only a matter of time!

It’s always the ones that are the closet to you that will turn on you! I was totally blindsided by all this! Yes I called Peter the B-word in early October of last year and I have apologized numerous times for it! Cynthia and Peter accepted my apology and we simply moved on! Yes moved on to talking, traveling and texting several times a day as we always did!

...When the episode aired for all to see and the Twitterverse had their say, I guess she changed her mind and decided she needed to be mad nearly six months later! WOW! Who gets mad six months later? I know you tryin to pull the sympathy card but if you were such a good friend, why didn’t you pull me aside and talk to me about how you were feeling instead of dicing our friendship up in front of a bunch of people who don’t care! Surely I am worthy of that considering I have carried you on my back! I can admit when something hurts the same way I can apologize when I am wrong but hey who cares about a stupid friendship when you need to secure another season on the show! The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from the enemy!

For the record I don’t hate you! I just hate that you turned into everything you said you would never be! Good bye friend!

PS: If you or anyone else thinks the demise of our friendship is your storyline for season 7, think again flip-flopper!"

Nice. What a great friend. What do you guys think - are you Team NeNe or Team Cynthia?