nik richie sued dan bilzerian STD

An epic battle of the Douches is gearing up in Las Vegas!

In the red corner—Nik Richie, the ever-controversial, never miss-a-chance for self-promotion, misogynistic King of the Douchebags founder of stomach churning, frat boy's sl*t shaming portal of choice, TheDirty.

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In the blue corner, Dan Bilzerian, the unapologetic, champagne guzzling, gun toting, utterly despicable, King of the sickening self-styled “Instagram playboy" Douches, who hit the headlines earlier last year after throwing some poor chick off of the roof of his house, resulting in her breaking her foot.

If you've been lucky enough to never hear about this Bilzerian Douche before, in summary he's best known for playing high-stakes poker games and posting photos of fast cars, big guns, scantily clad women pawing all over him and smoking big fat expensive cigars.

Battle Of The Iraqi And Instagram Playboys—Uday Hussein Vs Dan Bilzerian

As Popdust previously reported, these two douchebags have faced off before, going at it in an epic Twitter battle after the ever odious Bilzerian posted a screen grab of what he claimed to be a text message from sleazebag Richie—asking to arrange a sit-down with him.

He accompanied the screen grab with this tweet, “Just when I think Nick Richie can't be more of a loser, I get a text from him saying his site wants to work with me"

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Richie shot straight back denying he sent the text, calling it a fake and then posted Bilzerian's actual cell phone number for all to see—resulting in Richie's account being suspended.

The two douches have been battling it out for years, ever since posts started popping up about Balzerian— whom Richie refers to as “Fake Dos Equis"— on The Dirty, mocking his every move.

And now they're back at it again—this time over a post on The Dirty from some chick claiming, "I ended up getting super drunk and sleeping with Dan. I got tested two weeks later and lucky me I found out he gave me chlamydia."

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Bilzerian is spitting mad, claiming the chick's full of shit and insisting that he's STD free—and, with that in mind, he's fired off a defamation lawsuit against Richie, real name Hooman Karmian, and TheDirty's holding company, Dirty World LLC.

Bilzerian, who's really not the brightest of the douche bag bunch—I mean, at least Richie's got a couple of brain cells stashed away back there and a sense of humor (of sorts)—has hired the services of a construction lawyer, perhaps with the hopes he will be able to bulldoze Richie into submission.

Happy Birthday Nik Richie, King Of All Douchebag Douches

Interestingly, despite living in Hollywood, California, Bilzerian has filed the suit in Las Vegas, claiming he's a resident there.

As Nevada follows the 10k rule—Bilzerian is requesting damages in excess of $10,000, which will ultimately be decided by a jury or judge.

Good luck with that Plaintiff Douche!

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Defendant Douche is 33-0 when it comes to winning other such defamation lawsuits—most famous one recently being the sex offender teacher/cheerleader, Sarah Jones, who launched a humungous can of legal whoop ass on Richie back in December, 2009, alleging defamation, libel per se, false light, and intentional infliction of emotional distress under state tort law.

The lawsuit raged on and on, with Richie initially losing and being ordered to pay Jones $338,000 and legal costs—with a civil suit still hanging in the air.

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However, on June 16, last year, the Six Circuit vacated the district Court's decision, on the basis of Richie's immunity under the Communications Decency Act—which rules no provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.

Which makes perfect sense, otherwise Mark Zuckerberg would be up in court every single minute of the day over defamatory posts on Facebook from disgruntled exes with grudges to bear.

Dan Bilzerian Banned From Miami Nightclub After Kicking A Woman In The Face

A few month later, Jones was then ordered to pay Richie—in the amount of $6,274.42.

Now, choosing a side between Richie and Bilzerian kinda feels akin to deciding if you would rather have one of your eyes gauged out with a rusty screwdriver by a naked Rosie O'Donnell— or your right leg savagely chewed off by one of Donald Trump's dogs, after it's just been diagnosed with rabies.

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Dan Bilzerian: Woman abuser or klutz?

In April, billionaire/playboy/douchebag Dan Bilzerian threw a porn star off his roof and into a swimming pool, but ended breaking her ankle. Then, last week at Art Basel, Bilzerian's “accidentally” kicked a woman in the face at Club LIV. Or maybe there’s testosterone in the Sugar Free red bull at the hot spot turned fight club, as Drake caught a vicious beating from Diddy on the very same weekend, at the very same club.

The “King of Instagram” has since been banned from the club where he attempted to pull a woman onto the stage and ended up kicking another woman square in the grill.

Dan and the victim agree that she got kicked in the face. How it went down is a hotly debated issue.

He told The Dirty that the face kick happened because a fight erupted between two women who were trying to get to him.

The Dirty alleges that Dan flashed cops a police badge to fend them off. As of now, he doesn't appear to be facing charges.

The alleged victim contends that Dan shoved her down and kicked her while she was trying to break up a fight between two women. She's now considering filing a lawsuit against the over her injuries, which include "bleeding from my eye."

Considering even a misogynistic, anti-women website like The Dirty is calling out Dan, you KNOW he must be fucked up. This is truly a case of the the douchebag Nik Richie calling the Bilzerian kettle a dick!

Nik Richie and Dan Bilzerian have faced-off in an EPIC battle of the Douchebags!

The two certifiable professional Douches went AT IT Thursday, trading blows on Twitter (where else?!!)—ultimately resulting in one of them having their account suspended.

So, which Douche scored the ultimate in teenage girl-style awe-inspiring, social media revenge? Hmmm… who do YOU think?

In one corner, Richie—the ever-controversial, never miss-a-chance for self-promotion, misogynistic founder of stomach churning, frat boy's slut shaming portal of choice, TheDirty.

In the other, Bilzerian—the unapologetic, champagne guzzling, gun toting, utterly despicable scumbag, self-professed “Instagram Playboy” who hit the headlines earlier this year after throwing some poor chick off of the roof of his house, resulting in her breaking her foot.

Now, choosing a side between Richie and Bilzerian kind of feels akin to deciding if you would rather have one of your eyes gauged out with a rusty screwdriver by Janice Dickinson—OR, have your right leg chewed off by one of Courtney Stodden’s dogs, after it's just been diagnosed with rabies.

It’s really a case of swings and roundabouts—and we don’t feel able to make that call. So, here’s how it all went down—you decide for yourselves whether you are #TeamRichie, #TeamBalzerian, or, #TeamFuckThemBoth....

All Hell broke loose after Bilzerian posted a screen grab of what he claimed to be a text message from Richie—trying to arrange a sit-down with him. He accompanied the screen grab with this tweet, “Just when I think Nick Richie can’t be more of a loser, I get a text from him saying his site wants to work with me”

Side-note: Given the fact Richie has been non-stop SLAMMING Bilzerian—whom he dubbed, “Fake Equis”—on TheDirty for absolutely years now, this would seem like a very strange (and highly dubious) turn of events indeed.

And, yep, sure enough! Richie immediately fired back with a firm denial, along with a correction of Bilzerian’s sloppy spelling, an accusation of desperation—and, the pièce de résistance, Dan’s cellphone digits.

Uh oh—School boy error Nik!

That move unwittingly placed Bilzerian firmly in pole position, providing him with the necessary ammo to lodge a formal complaint with Twitter, demanding they cut-off Richie’s account—not surprisingly, they complied, and at time of posting, Nik Richie is Twitter persona non-grata.



Now, if there is one way you are guaranteed to PISS off Richie, it’s by forcibly gagging his goddamn motor-mouth. However, that Nik is one hell of a resourceful dude, and given the fact he has a website that is—inexplicably—read by millions upon millions of people a day—somehow, we truly feel that, like a Douchebag-Phoenix, he will rise from the ashes and valiantly fight on.

Until then, lets all enjoy a little, glorious, wonderful, Richie-free Twitter time.

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Now, we would NEVER EVER attempt to draw a direct comparison between “Iraqi playboy" Uday Hussein and self-professed “Instagram Playboy" Dan Bilzerian—because, of course, one was a murderous sociopath and the other….a lovable American rogue.

As Popdust previously reported, Bilzerian came under fire last week after throwing a teenage porn star off of the roof of his house—aiming for the pool—but missing his mark and breaking the poor girl's foot in the meantime.

18-year-old Janice Griffith thankfully got away with just a broken foot—Bilzerian, of course, got away scot free, with yet another tale of outrageous revelry and testosterone fueled bravado to boast about to his buddies and post photos of on Instagram.

Oh, and the very best bit? According to TMZ he never even apologized or showed the slightest bit of concern what so ever…..

Anyway, if you've been lucky enough to never hear about this Douche before, in summary he's known for playing high-stakes poker games and posting photos of fast cars, big guns, scantily clad women pawing all over him and smoking big fat expensive cigars.

Now—as we have already stated—there is obviously NOTHING in common between Balzerian and a sociopath like Uday Hussein….but… just for shits and giggles let's try and compare the two…Obviously a pointless exercise as they have ZERO in common.. but what the heck!

UDAY: Dark and hairy

DAN: Dark and Hairy

Uday Hussein

UDAY: Had one brother

DAN: Has one brother

Uday Hussein

UDAY: Father served time in jail

DAN: Father served time in jail

Uday Hussein

UDAY: Bad student, intimidated teachers and used daddy's name to get good grades

DAN: Kicked out of 7th grade twice, high school drop out

UDAY: Collected guns and had what many would view as an unhealthy fixation on weapons

DAN: Collects guns and has what many would view as an unhealthy fixation on weapons

Uday Hussein

UDAY: Surrounded himself with gorgeous women he kidnapped

DAN: Surrounds himself with gorgeous women he (allegedly) pays

UDAY: Collected sports cars—Rolls Royces, Ferraris, Lamborghinis

DAN: Collects sports cars—Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis

Uday Hussein

UDAY: Kept a personal zoo stocked with lions and cheetahs—Had a pet lion that mauled to death his enemies

DAN: Kept tiger sharks in his swimming pool and had a Bengal tiger as a pet—pet tiger bit some poor chick on her breast

UDAY: Plastered castle walls with pics of naked, semi-clad women

DAN: Plasters Instagram with pics of naked, semi-clad women

Uday Hussein

UDAY: Unquenchable thirst for stardom—appearing in multiple “home movies"

DAN: Unquenchable thirst for stardom—buying time on Hollywood movies

UDAY: Known for his extreme hedonism, when U.S. troops searched Uday's hide-outs
 they found Viagra, porn movies, heroin, an HIV testing kit and millions of dollars

DAN: Known for his extreme hedonism, Dan has an appetite for booze, cocaine, porn stars, fine wine, cigars and millions of dollars in the bank

Yeah... as we suspected... nothing in common at all..........

Nik Richie is the gift that keeps on giving….just like Herpes.

We have so many things to thank the controversial founder for—not least, the rise to infamy of prize scumbag Dan Bilzerian.

Richie started documenting the Douche life of Bilzerian back in 2012.. with his legion of readers, known as “the Dirty army" posting photos, videos and anecdotes tracking the 33-year-old's every move.

Somewhere along the way Richie seems to have seen the light and turned sour on the dude he nicknamed “Fake Equis" but not before his website immortalized the self-professed “Instagram Playboy."

Thanks for that Nik.

As Popdust previously reported, last week Bilzerian's fame meter ratcheted it up a notch after he threw teen adult film star Janice Griffith off the roof of his house, attempting to land her in the pool, but missing the mark and instead breaking her foot.

According to TMZ Bilzerian never even apologized to Griffith or showed the slightest bit of concern what so ever…..

If you've been lucky enough to never hear about this Douche before, in summary he's known for playing high-stakes poker games and posting photos of fast cars, big guns, scantily clad women pawing all over him and smoking big fat expensive cigars.

Oh, and he LOVES taking semi-naked selfies of himself.

Here's the 411 on the man behind the miss.

Bilzerian's Instagram profile reads, “Actor/Astronaut/Asshole and I play poker sometimes"

Let's break that down

Starting with "Actor"

"Dan is so not an actor," a source and former party girl tells Popdust exclusively. "He wants to be an actor, but he can't act so he buys his way into movies. He paid $1 million to be in Lone Survivor and he was supposed to have a lot of lines because he helped finance the movie, but they wound up editing out all his scenes so he's basically a glorified extra. He threw a total bitch fit over it and sued them. He will do anything to be in the limelight, including buying his way in at any cost."


Oh Dan, you're so funny!

“Poker Player"

"He wants everyone to think he makes his money off poker, but he sucks at it! He once lost $15 million in just one month," the source claims. “Every player wants to play against him because he throws so much money away. We call him a 'donkey,' which means bad poker player. All his money comes from his daddy and daddy is a scumbag too. He went to jail in the 80s for some shady corporate shit."


"Yep, he is actually telling the whole, unbridled truth there," the source says. “The guy is one of the biggest assholes in Los Angeles. He's filthy rich but has a rep for pocketing tips of his waitresses and dealers.

"I heard that one time one of his waitresses got drunk and left her tip cup behind, which had like $800 in it, and apparently Dan took it! When she asked him about it he was like, 'Too bad!' He is such a piece of shit."

The high school dropout is the son of a twice-jailed Vietnam War vet and corporate raider, and is reportedly worth around $100 million. His Instagram portfolio has earned him demigod status as it features Dan posing with a buffet of topless babes, top shelf booze, and automatic weapons. The shots are often so racy, they are removed by Instagram.

“I had some super-hot chicks in Cabo naked in the pool. The shot was blurry. You could see some butt crack, I guess," he captioned one pic—Instagram kiboshed the shot, so we'll have to take Dan's word for it. But his 1,544,195 followers may be disappointed to know those girls are rumored to be paid to party.

"No one in their right mind would hang out with Dan for free. All of those girls get around $1000 a day," the source claims.

Makes sense. Though, who wouldn't want to hang out with a guy who has a personalized license plate that reads "Suck it" ….

But don't hate Dan just because he's a douchebag….there are so many other reasons….

Meanwhile, we must strive to understand his douchbaggery.

Bilzerian offered this insight into his pathology during a 2013 interview with the MailOnline, "I didn't get 'a ton of attention as a kid and that's why I'm such a flashy lunatic."

Punctuating Bilzerian's ostentatious absurdity are moments of unbridled generosity and selfless philanthropy…..

"He was dating this new girl and he paid for her breast implants so he loved to go around bragging about how he 'bought her a pair of t*ts.' He said it to anyone within ear shot," another source tells Popdust.

The Evolution of "Blitz"

Dan's father, Paul Bilzerian, is a former corporate tycoon who was sentenced to four years' jail in 1989 on charges of tax and securities fraud. He's also filed for bankruptcy twice—first in 1991 when he faced debts of more than $300 million in civil suits and again in 2001 after a judge ordered him to shell out $62 million.

“My dad had been in jail for 8 months because he wouldn't disclose assets. The FBI raided our house, kicked in the doors with battering rams, took my guns, our computers…it was serious," Dan told the MailOnline. “I had to sign over a third of my trust fund to get my dad out of jail. I was happy to do it."

Awww… there he goes again with that selfless giving.

Dan was kicked out of two different schools in seventh grade, spent eighth grade at a military boarding school, then “went to Utah to live with Mormons for a year." Senior year, he was again kicked out and thrown in jail, he says, for having a machine gun in the trunk of his car. Then he got his GED.

Next Bilzerian made it 99 percent through training to be a Navy SEAL, but was expelled two days before graduation, for calling an officer a "pussy".. or so he claims.

Next stop: University of South Florida on the GI Bill, and that's when everything turned around for dear old Dan.

“Everything's been great since college," he says, explaining that's where he discovered poker. “I went broke after sophomore year, gambled away all my money, sold some guns, turned $750 into $10,000, flew to Vegas, turned 10 thou into $187,000, went back to school, played better."

Meanwhile, Dan has a bad ticker and by the age of 30, had already suffered two heart attacks.

When Bilzerian was just 25, he went on what his PR rep, Steve Honig, describes as a “four-day, very active snowboarding trip—traveling, not sleeping, hanging with friends, doing all kinds of…" trailing off before incriminating his client.

The trip culminated in a double heart attack. “If you're familiar with his lifestyle, he's a bit of a daredevil," Honig says. “His body was absolutely overloaded after four days, and the heart condition happened."

Bilzerian is a little more candid—or should that be boastful.....yeah, let's go with the latter.

“I was up for four days partying," he says. “I'd been snowboarding, I hadn't slept, I'd got flu, I ended up going to Vegas, gambling, going to a strip club, taking some stripper back and we're hanging out partying and having sex. I ran my body into the ground.

“When you do SEAL training you think you can do anything. I swam seven miles in the ocean three times in a month, I ran 144 miles with no sleep.

“You think you're bullet-proof. The difference was I was doing coke and I'd been up for four days so I took a Viagra for the first and last time in my life. Add it all together and 'boom'….I don't do coke anymore. And I certainly don't do Viagra."

Got that ladies? Dan Bilzerian certainly doesn't do Viagra.

In August 2011, he cheated death yet again when he flew between Maui and Las Vegas twice in 3 days to play around-the-clock poker. Sleep deprived, he landed in the hospital with what he thought was a heart attack, but it turned out to be a pulmonary embolism. Instead of bed rest per doctor's orders, Dan opted for sexual aerobics and more poker upon returning home.

What a lad!

Bilzerian is at his most eloquent when either talking about his bank balance or his social media presence—as evidenced when he explained to All In Magazine about why he started his now infamous Instagram profile.

“I just got sick of following these retards who, 'Oh, look at my lunch today. It's so healthy!' And, 'I went to the gym!' and it's a picture of a sweaty towel. Post something cool, or don't post at all."

Amen to that my brother…. amen to that....

So. Does Dan have ANY redeeming qualities?

Well, he does seem to like animals and his cat, Smushball has over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Hey, Wait. You know who else loved animals?

Adolf Hitler.

So much for redemption....