Tummyache Releases Emotionally Charged "Humpday"

Exploring the absurdity of the human condition.

Lizzie Steimer


Meet Tummyache, the alt-rock project of singer-songwriter Soren Bryce, who recently released an EP entitled Humpday.

Named after a side effect of physical anxiety, Tummyache delves into the deep end of life, where meaning is fugitive and hope is a castle in the air.

Comprising five tracks, highlights on the EP include "Machine," "Median," and the title track. There's a piercing angular edge to the tunes, and Tummyache's haunting voice adds even more depth to the music.

Humpday is music moving to its own emotional matrix – or does the motion of the matrix generate the music? Whichever is true, Tummyache's music is a superb listening experience.

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