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Hidden Gem from the Web: Sock Monkee Therapy, "Trey"

We've unearthed Sock Monkee Therapy, and we're kind of obsessed.

The vastness of the Internet often leads to beautiful content going undiscovered for thousands of centuries. Popdust's team of cultural Internet archeologists dig deep into the recesses of web history to bring you another Hidden Gem from the Web.

Today's Hidden Gem from the Web is a YouTube video called "Sock Monkee Therapy - Episode 5 - Trey" and our Internet culture nerds specialists agree, it's one of the great lost videos of the web. Check out the video below and watch as the adorable Sock Monkee (who seems to be a bit of an asshole) helps Trey, a hardened gangster who has "seen and done it all", to cope with a bed-wetting problem:

Even more hilarious and shocking: Sock Monkee has his sights set on revenge with his unsuspecting gangster patient. Let's just say his client never sees this one coming.

Research done by our nerd squad reveals that the creator of Sock Monkee Therapy is Tim Schlattmann, an Executive Producer on Dexter and Under The Dome. So why didn't Sock Monkee Therapy make a bigger splash? Why has this gem remained hidden on the web for thousands of years?

Nobody knows. Nobody really understands how the Internet works. But here at Popdust, we frequently excavate a new Hidden Gem from the Web, and Sock Monkee Therapy is the one we've unearthed today. We give Sock Monkee Therapy a serious 5 bananas out of 5 rating for being hilarious.

5 bananas out of 5 agree, Sock Monkee Therapy is hilarious

Stay tuned to Popdust; we dig up hidden gems from the web all the time.

Poor Khloe Kardashian  has been wandering around an elite Karribean vacation spot sporting a cap that says COMPTON, signalling a deep konfusion about her origins.

However much Khloe loves a handsome black brother, and that is quite a bit, the stunning Kardashian beauty is from Kalabasas, I mean Calabasas.

What could lead a privileged white woman to wear this hat beyond a very faulty GPS system? When she leaves her palatial house, formerly the dwelling of the equally race-deluded Justin Bieber, does she actually see Compton?

Let's kompare and kontrast.

Here is Khloe's residence in Calabasas.

Here is a different gated community, this one in Compton.

Perhaps, and this is just a guess, Khloe thinks it's cool to be gangster. The hat is 'aspirational.' Thug Life has a cachet among the rich and famous that wealth can't compete with. Sometimes it seems that the whole Kardashian Klan is obsessed with black culture, except for Caitlyn, but give her time, who knows.

If only we could transport Khloe to Compton, so that she might learn about ghetto life the old fashioned way.

Peace out, Khloe!

Rapper Kendrick Lamar has designed a shoe range for Reebok to promote peace between gangs.

The first design, called the Kendrick Lamar x Reebok Ventilator, features the words Blue and Red on the heels, referencing the colors favored by rival gangs The Crips and The Bloods. The word 'Neutral' is printed inside the shoe in a bold font.

The Crips and Bloods were founded in Los Angeles, Lamar's hometown, but have spread throughout the US, bringing mayhem and violence in their wake. Lamar has spoken out about gang violence before and plans to continue being an advocate for peace.

The Kendrick Lamar x Reebok Ventilator will be available on July 18 for $143.

They may not stop gang violence but Lamar's heart is in the right place and the shoes actually look pretty cool.

While you wait for them to drop, bone up on your gang signs. (You're welcome!)


Chris Brown was not happy when hunky model Tyson Beckford posted a selfie with Chris's ex, Karrueche, on Instagram. The picture was taken in Las Vegas, where Beckford and Karrueche were both partying.

A member of Brown's crew called Kid Red posted a threatening message directed at Bedford. The message has been deleted but here it is:

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND aka the niggas will be out .. We just came to party tho, unless a nigga wanna try us. And that includes u model niggas *Cough Cough #TysonBeckFord  we see everthing LiL nigga” #DontPlayYaSelf  #CedarBlocka #FruitTownPiru #OHB #FillmoeNi**asDoItAll @tysoncbeckford

Brown followed the message with a picture of his scary-looking crew.

Brown then tweeted a more direct threat that sounds pretty chilling, given his alleged gang connections.

This is not good. Even though Chris Brown and Karrueche have supposedly moved on after their messy break-up, he seems to view her as his property.

If you're heading to Las Vegas, my advice is to shelter in place.

Anyone who ever watched The Wire knows the expression “He’s gotta lotta heart” refers to a man who is seen as particularly strong and tough.

Reuters is reporting that one particularly brutal Mexican drug cartel is perhaps taking the expression too literally—forcing its members to eat their murder victims’ hearts as part of a seriously grisly and gruesome initiation ritual.

Alfredo Castillo, federal security commissioner for the western state of Michoacan, said there are various testimonies confirming heart-eating initiations.

"The ritual ranged from dismembering people they intended to kill to sometimes serving up the heart," Castillo said. As in live people. They dismembered live people.

In the last year, Michoacan has been overrun by drug gangs, in addition to roaming groups of vigilantes battling them. What has resulted is a virtual war zone in this once peaceful mountain state.

Eleven people were killed in a mid-December shootout between two rival gangs and the blood bath has triggered fears that, despite flooding the state with federal troops, the government is failing to control, let alone subdue, the ensuing mayhem.

Last month's massacre followed hot on the heels of an even worse atrocity back in September, that saw 43 trainee teachers abducted and murdered by a drug gang working alongside corrupt police officials in nearby Guerrero state.

The main gangs operating in Michoacan—La Familia Michoacana, and spin off, the Knights Templar—were originally founded by Nazario Moreno, AKA "The Craziest One," a sinister crime lord who was finally, officially, killed in March 2014, despite having being previously declared dead back in 2010.

In just the last seven years alone, over 100,000 people have been killed in gang-related violence in Mexico.

Meanwhile, read here about how notorious '80s drug king pin, Pablo Escobar, continues to wreak havoc throughout his native Colombia, long after his death...... it's a story that proves life is very often way stranger than fiction.....

A Crip gang member got gully with Lil Wayne earlier this week, warning him to 'check in' when he's in the neighborhood.

The rapper was leaving Supperclub in LA with Christina Milian when the gangbanger confronted him—it was caught on camera and you can watch the video right here on Popdust.

Wayne, surrounded by his gaggle of beefy bodyguards was being ushered into his waiting Maybach when the blue-capped man approached.

“Wayne, what's up? I'm Big Magic, cuz. What's happening? Aye. Holla at me…You better check in, n*gga…Crip, straight up," he warned Wayne as the rapper was bundled in to the car, following up with a "f*ck Suge!"

“N*gga can't say shit. You can call who you want to. Birdman, anybody," he yelled as Wayne's car drove away.

Lil Wayne's affiliation to the Bloods has never been set in stone but he started referencing the gang in his early twenties—something that's not gone unnoticed by alleged Crip turned rapper, 40 Glocc.

"These n*ggas be wolfin' all that Blood shit and dissin' Crips," 40 Glocc told Hip Hop Weekly back in 2008. “When Baby started gang bangin', at 52? And Lil' Wayne started gang bangin' at twenty-somethin'. These n*ggas got the audacity to be dissin' a whole culture they don't know nothin' about!

"F*ck these n*ggas wit' the fake Crippin' and Bloodin', that n*gga Buck be fake Crippin'. I call him, Game and Wayne 'the Three Amigos.'"

Via HipHopDX