It's common knowledge in K-pop that stars like G-Dragon, PSY, and B1A4's Jinyoung (just to name a few) have written and produced a lot of their own music, but what about the ladies? The creative skills of many female idols are often overlooked by fans and the Korean media, despite there being a handful of talented songstresses in K-pop who are just as involved in the creation of their own tunes as the guys are.

Thankfully, chart giant, Instiz, has just released a list of female idol acts with the most copyrighted songs to their name, and some of the results will definitely surprise people. (Note: The list applies to idol acts only.)

Topping the list with 56 songs is Brown Eyed Girls rapper, Miryo. The 31-year-old has co-written huge hits for BEG like "Sign" and "Sixth Sense," and also co-produced all the tracks from her solo album, MIRYO aka JOHONEY.

Coming in second place is Miryo's bandmate, JeA, with 12 songs to her name. JeA's helped compose music for BEG, as well as her own solo career and a couple of other artists, too, like SPINEL and ZIA. She even wrote Ga-In and Jo-Kwon's We Got Married duet, "We Were In Love," which topped the charts in 2011 and picked up two music program trophies.

Following JeA is (surprisingly) SECRET's Zinger, who ranks third with 11 songs. While Zinger wasn't involved in any of SECRET's big hits, she's co-written tracks from the group's various albums and EPs, including her solo rap track, "Amazinger." SECRET already has a reputation as one of the more talented girl groups in K-pop, but if more people only knew about Zinger's songwriting prowess, the quartet's credibility would receive another boost and finally bring them some attention that doesn't solely center on Hyosung's famously bangin' bod.

Fourth on the list is solo superstar, IU, with ten songs. The 19-year-old's most notable creation to date is probably the acoustic ballad, "Peach," which reached No. 2 on the charts last year. Her creative input has gradually increased over time, and she should have a fresh bunch of self-written songs to add to her catalog when her next studio album drops in April.

Rounding at the top five is Wonder Girls star, Yenny, who has composed songs for both herself and for Wonder Girls.

Soloists, G.NA and Juniel, follow Yenny with seven copyrighted songs each, while former After School member, Bekah, Sunny Hill's Misung, and Girls' Generation's Yuri close out the top ten.

Oddly enough, BoA is absent from the list, despite boasting a catalog of self-composed songs that could easily rival Miryo's. Perhaps Instiz considers the K-pop legend above idol status, and has put her in the "real artist" category with Tasha?

Check out some key songs from five of K-pop's most talented stars, below.

1. Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense

2. JeA - Let's Hug

3. Zinger - Amazinger

4. IU - Peach

5. Yenny - Hello To Myself

[Via Netizen Buzz]

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