Justin Bieber debuted his new dreads on Instagram just before the IHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday night, and predictably, no one was happy.

The now-tiresome cries of cultural appropriation erupted on social media, as they did when Bieber wore cornrows for just one day a few months ago.

Justin had already defended Kylie Jenner last year when she was accused of appropriating black culture by getting cornrows, saying:

Guys leave her alone, were all trying to figure it out and she happens to be under a microscope! I'm the first to know this. But saying she's being racist because she has her hair in braids is ridiculous.

The taunting that began yesterday included a barrage of derisive memes, comparing the dreads to straw, mops, and even a shaggy Grinch.

Did Justin want to piss people off or does he just love experimenting with his hair?

It's hard to say, but upon reflection, when did his hairstyle ever win praise, or even approval?

From the very beginning, people made fun of Bieber's side-swept mop of hair. Well, I know I did.

The kid has a lot of hair and he likes to play around with it, alright?

No, evidently not.

When he first went platinum blond, people went nuts.

Remember the little topknot and half-pony?

I think we should study Justin's hair evolution and then see if we can predict what's coming next.

Actually, I don't think it would be hard to argue that the Biebs is just getting hotter in increments, and the hair is simply part of the whole hotness factor.

You can see him transform, from girlish pre-adolescence to Billy Idol-style babe, even though he is still just a fledgling adult.

The dreads and nose-ring had to happen. And they're more punk than wigger, I'm going to venture.

At least some of Bieber's fans agree.

Bieber's hair may be the most overly discussed of any male pop star in history and he clearly plays into this, because it's his right to enjoy his looks.

But the cultural appropriation charges have got to stop. Enough lectures!

In his own words, caught on video backstage last night,

[People say] you wanna be black and all that stuff, I'm like 'It's just my hair.'






Kanye West, Renaissance man, will be awarded an honorary doctorate from the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) on May 11, because Kanye. Or, because he is 'a major figure in the cultural landscape,' according to the Dean of Faculty and VP of Academic Administration, Lisa Wainwright.

Kanye is such a major figure, there is no avoiding him. Justin Bieber has just announced that Yeezy will be producing his new album, while Rihanna has just unveiled her Kanye-produced, ghetto fabulous new song 'Bitch Better Have My Money.'

It's all about Kanye, it can't be denied. Women's Wear Daily has even deemed him a fashion designer who has proved himself a serious contender.

Life is imitating art in Kanye's case. It's like one of those movies where an Innocent or a moron is mistaken for a genius or cynically catapulted to power by nefarious operators.

Let's just sit back and watch as Kanye is elevated to ever higher positions in our cultural wasteland, I mean 'landscape.'

Poet Laureate would be a nice and well-earned distinction for Kanye. What honor would you like to see bestowed on Dr. West?


Michelle Rodriguez says she “went pretty crazy” after Paul Walker, her dear friend and Fast & Furious co-star was killed in a tragic automobile accident at the age of 40 in November 2013.

The 36 year-old actress told Entertainment Weekly in a new interview;

“I was pushing myself to feel. I felt like nothing I could do could make me feel alive. So I just kept pushing myself harder and harder. I was traveling and I was having sex. And I was just trying to ignore everything that I was feeling.”

Rodriguez was likely having some of that sex with model Cara Delevingne, 22, and actor Zac Efron, 27. The 36 year-old dated both of them in 2014 and was even linked to Justin Bieber after the were spotted partying in Ibiza.

“I actually went on a bit of a binge,” she candidly revealed. “I went crazy a little bit, I went pretty crazy. A lot of the stuff I did last year I would never do had I been in my right mind.”

She added:

“I could see Paul once every two years and just know there was another human on the planet who’s deep like me, who loves like that. When that disappears, you wonder, ‘Wait a minute, what do I hold on to?’ There was nothing to tether me to this existence: ‘Why am I f—ing here? And, like, why’d you leave without me?’”

Fast and Furious co-star Vin Diesel paid homage to his late friend when he named his newborn daughter Pauline.


Twitter just released their official list of the most-active music fan bases this week, and you might be surprised by who made the cut.

While Justin Bieber's Beliebers predictably made No. 1, followed by One Direction's Directioners in second place, the Sones, who are the fans of K-pop princesses Girls' Generation, came in at No. 5.

Girls' Generation was the only girl group on the list, meaning that Little Mix's Mixers and Fifth Harmony's Harmonizers really need to step their stanning up!

This is yet another big victory for Girls' Generation, who are already the most-viewed girl group on YouTube.

Besides Girls' Generation, K-pop boy band BIGBANG came in at No. 18 thanks to the efforts of their VIPs.

You can check out the full list on Popdust here.

Selena Gomez, Kylie and Kendall Jenner were thick as thieves 2 weekends in a row in Coachella, but Selena has since erased all traces of the sisters from both her Instagram page and her life.

As Popdust previously reported, Gomez carried out a social media cull of fairly epic proportions last week unfollowing famous friends like Taylor Swift, the Jenner sisters and even Justin Bieber ...and once she started she just couldn't stop hitting delete-lete-lete-lete…

After removing every photo of herself with Kylie and Kendall, Gomez now follows zero ‘grammers. One of the Come And Get It singer’s most recent Instagrams indicates she’s in a bit of an emotional state.

And now it transpires that... surprise surprise.... the Biebs could be behind it all.

According to RadarOnline Selena dropped the axe on the triflin' Jenners after finding incriminating texts and photos from 16-year-old Kylie on Bieber's phone.

“Selena flipped out and there was a huge fight between the girls,” an insider tells the gossip blog . “She now wants nothing to do with Kylie or Kendall.

“She was already getting bad vibes from Kylie— Selena thinks she parties way too hard.”

And, next on the fiery Latina's shit list: The Biebs himself.

“Selena was also furious at Justin,” the source claims. “They’re not together right now.”

Meanwhile, as they say: the best way to get over one guy is to get other another—The former Disney star reportedly got flirty with Orlando Bloom at Chelsea Handler’s L.A. comedy show on April 26.

Selena has often complained that she's ready for a more mature man, and based on Orlando's ex-wife, he clearly has a thing for stunning brunettes.

“She’s grown tired of Justin’s attention-grabbing antics,” Radar's source claims. “There could soon be a permanent breakup between the two.”

Yeah, well we've heard that one a few times now.....

He can sing! He can dance! He can…tattoo?

Justin Bieber’s new career plan is to take a break from the music biz to open a tattoo parlor with his ne’er do well dad, according to Radaronline.com.

Yeah, the same dad who allegedly blocked an intersections so that his son could drag race.

“Justin told Scooter and Usher he needs to take a break from making music and touring. He complained that he toured for most of last year and he hasn’t had a chance to catch his breath,” a source explains.

Biebs, 19, has been holed up in Panama to escape the pandemonium his life has become but has enjoyed visits from his mother Pattie Mallette, mentor Usher and manager Scooter Braun, who are trying to talk Biebs into getting his shit together before it’s too late.

Lucian Grainge, the boss of Bieber’s musical label Universal, has said that the heart throb needs an intervention, hoping to “to take as much pressure off” the singer “so he can look forward.”

“I’m very concerned about him — I’ve been concerned about him for many months” Grainge added. “This [has] to do with the young man… hopefully, we will all get through to him.”

But will Biebs heed his wisdom? “Justin wants to take control of his life and not be out on the road in a different city every other night.”

“His short term plans include opening a tattoo parlor with his dad. They have talked about it for a very long time. It’s his dream for it to be a very high-end parlor, unlike anything currently out there,” the source confided. “Justin team is concerned that he’ll just sit around and do nothing. Continue to party with his buddies. Everyone respects Justin’s desire for some down time, but too much idle time is when he typically gets in trouble. He needs structure and a routine to keep him out of trouble.”

After being released from jail, Bieber and his dad hit a bar in Miami.