Liz Crokin had it all—brains, beauty, and a glamorous career as a Hollywood reporter.

She covered celebrities all over the world for various outlets such as Us Weekly, Star magazine, the RedEye Edition of the Chicago Tribune and In Touch Weekly.

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In 2012, she met Mallory Hill, a handsome, wealthy California businessman—a whirlwind romance began and before long, Liz was certain that Mallory was the one.

Liz Crokin and Mallory Hill in happier times

Then, out of the blue, Liz mysteriously fell ill. Her temperature soared, she couldn’t get out of bed, and she ached everywhere. Desperate, she checked herself into the hospital.

Doctors were baffled, and while trying to work out a diagnosis, interviewed Crokin and Hill about their sexual histories. Hill adamantly insisted that he had been tested and was not infected with any sexually transmitted diseases.

Only, Crokin says that he was lying—as, allegedly, he had so many times before, with so many other women. Hill purportedly had herpes, and he had infected Liz.

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Hill’s alleged misrepresentations delayed an accurate diagnosis of Crokin’s condition, which left undiagnosed and untreated for months, eventually caused herpes meningitis, an extremely serious condition. The infection became potentially fatal when it progressed to meningoencephalitis, a viral infection of the brain itself.

As Popdust previously reported, in 2014, Crokin launched a landmark lawsuit against Hill for infecting her with the virus and enlisted the services of superstar attorney Shaun Murphy, an attorney at Slovak Baron & Empey in Palm Springs, California.

In 2011, Murphy won a $6.7 million jury verdict for a client whose ex-boyfriend intentionally and negligently infected her with herpes.

His first sex tort client was awarded $2.49 million after being infected by her husband.

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Following news of Crokin’s lawsuit, slowly and surely, other alleged victims of Hill’s came forward to tell their story.

One potential bombshell witness was Hill’s ex wife, Betsy Hedreen Hill, who—Crokin claims—initially confirmed that her now ex-husband has herpes and that he infected her over 15-years ago, before going on to infect his mistress.

Crokin at the Hollywood Book Festival

Crokin says that Betsy told her, and her attorney, that Hill confessed to her he was infected with herpes only after she discovered a prescription for him to treat the STD.

“We subpoenaed my ex's ex-wife and gave her a deposition time and date,” Crokin tells Popdust, but, she alleges, Betsy soon had a sudden and mysterious change of heart.

Liz Crokin On Why She Went Public With Lawsuit Against Ex Boyfriend She Claims Gave Her Herpes

“When the ex-wife got served, she called my lawyer and left several frantic messages on his voicemail vowing to not testify to what she previously told us, claiming she didn't know anything about him having herpes, and that if we made her testify she would go to police and accuse me of attempting to harm her children,” Crokin alleges, going on to claim, “We have all these voicemails. My ex has gotten to her and she doesn't want certain family secrets getting out and that is why she does not want to cooperate.”

And that’s not all.

“Last week my lawyer deposed one of the several women who contacted us after my lawsuit went public last year,” Crokin says. “One woman had claimed that she used to have threesomes with my ex and prostitutes, and in effect, my ex got chlamydia so bad that he had ‘elephantitus balls’, according to her. She said that she’s known for years he has herpes and that she knows other women he’s infected.

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“Initially, she wanted to help with my case, but long story short, a credible person tipped us off that my ex has convinced her to help him, and not to tell the truth,” Crokin alleges. “This tipster said that my ex and his lawyer had the woman go into his lawyer's office and they actually coached her on what to wear and exactly what to say during the deposition!”

Crokin and her attorney Shawn Murphy

According to Crokin, the woman ended up admitting to all of this during the deposition, and Crokin’s attorney allegedly caught her in several other miss-truths as well. Unfortunately, according to Crokin, the woman is now not viewed as being a credible witness and her testimony cannot be used at trial.

“It’s frustrating that other people who can help are backing out now,” Crokin says. “As a victim I feel an obligation to warn other women, but at the end of the day we have facts and evidence on our side and I’m very confident that we’ll win.”

“After months of deceit, I did eventually get my ex to admit he has both herpes 1 and 2 over an e-mail and in a tape recorded conversation,” Crokin claims. “He also goes into detail during one phone conversation about how he infected his ex-wife with herpes as well.”

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“We’re hoping for a 2016 trial,” Murphy tells Popdust. “It’s been slow in large part because of the defendant’s refusal to cooperate.”

“My ex has not turned over his financial information which our judge has court ordered,” Crokin alleges. “He has missed every deadline.”

“So right now we are going through the sanction process. Since he's not turning over court ordered documents this will lead to court fines and/or possibly jail,” she goes on to claim. “Also, he is attempting to liquidate his assets. He has five million dollar plus homes. His Michigan home is currently on the market.”

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Meanwhile, Murphy remains undaunted.

“The success of the case is not contingent on other people’s testimony,” he tells Popdust. “We have the truth and facts on our side.”

In the meantime, Crokin has penned Malice, a sensational bestselling novel based on her horrifying ordeal.

Crokin and her Malice book editor, Meaghan Murphy

On July 25, Liz accepted an award for Best Fiction in the wild card category at the Hollywood Book Festival.

Buy Liz Crokin’s book now.

Veteran tabloid journalist Liz Crokin has the skinny on everyone in Hollywood.

Her scoops have been published in US Weekly, People, Star Magazine, The National Enquirer and In Touch, amongst other popular weeklies.

Malice, Crokin's hot new political romantic thriller, is inspired by true events and follows the trials and tribulations of Lana Burke—a tabloid journalist who breaks an explosive story involving the Republican Presidential Nominee’s tawdry affair with a prostitute.

To celebrate the arrival of her debut novel, Liz dishes up five real life celeb secrets:

1. One of Leonardo DiCaprio’s favorite dive bars is Goal in Los Angeles.

“I’ve been to Goal on more than one occasion when Leo has been there. The place could have ten people in there and there’s Leo in the corner on the mic singing karaoke or beat boxing. I was even there one night when a drunken female admirer flashed him her huge boobs! It was pretty funny.”

2. Gavin Rossdale really did hook up with a dude.

“When I worked for one of the celebrity magazines years ago we got a tip that Gavin Rossdale hooked up with a man. I didn’t believe it at first, but then he came out and actually admitted to a fling with the cross-dresser. I learned in Hollywood real quick that the lines of sexuality are very blurred.”

3. Nobu in Malibu is one of the best restaurants in California to spot celebrities.

“I write in my book that George Clooney, Rande Gerber, Cindy Crawford, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick all dined at the Malibu Nobu at the same time. All of these celebrities frequent the hot spot in real life. I’ve never gone to the restaurant and not spotted a celebrity.”

4. The first story the heroine in my book covers for the tabloid she's just started working for involves an alleged sexual assault between two male actors. In real life, Jeff Conaway has publicly claimed John Travolta groped him.

“I covered a story detailing how Jeff claimed via diary entries that John Travolta made unwanted sexual advances toward him one night. I saw Jeff’s notarized diary entries (after he had already passed away) with my own eyes and my story published in 2012.

5. Malice's fictional rock star, Viper, is based off of a real person.

“I know a few rock stars but Wes Scantlin from Puddle of Mudd is the most entertaining one. He recently got arrested for riding a baggage carousel at an airport into a restricted area. He’s often misunderstood, but he’s actually a really nice guy and a total goofball! He’ll be rocking out at the El Rey in L.A. on April 4 if he’s not stuck in a luggage carousel.”

Check out Liz Crokin’s book for even more thinly veiled dirt, now! You can buy a copy of Malice on Amazon.

Liz Crokin, the entertainment reporter who suing her ex-boyfriend for allegedly giving her a life-threatening STD, opens up about her battle in an exclusive interview with Popdust.

As previously reported, Crokin has filed a lawsuit against Orange County businessman Mallory Hill for allegedly infecting her with a rare form of Herpes during their relationship.

The lawsuit alleges the LA-based reporter contracted herpes-meningitis, which eventually progressed to meningoencephalitis, from ex-boyfriend Hill.

Many were shocked by Crokin's decision to go public with her legal battle—she tells Popdust why.

Popdust: Why did you decide to take your lawsuit and battle public?

Liz Crokin: Going public with my story has been really hard and it's not a decision I entered into lightly, but I've gotten so much love and support, so that's been nice. I love the fact that women who might potentially date Mallory and subject themselves to the same hell I've endured can can google him and spare themselves. I also love that going public with this will educate people about the dangers of STDs and especially herpes, and also reduce some of the shame people associate with STDs. I wrote and finished novel in the last year that is currently on it's second round of professional edits. It's working title is 'Malice,' and it's classed as fiction but it's based on true events. It's about tabloid journalist who exposes a Presidential candidate who has multiple affairs with prostitutes.

Popdust: So what's going on with the law suit?

Liz Crokin: We served the defendant and now he has 2 1/2 weeks to answer. It's still in the early stages, but we plan on persisting until justice is served.

Popdust: Is there a chance he'll face jail time?

Liz Crokin: Well, not as a result of our suit. Unfortunately, Los Angeles detectives didn't take it the way we wanted them to, so we're taking the case to Newport Beach, hoping they bring felony charges against Mallory. Knowingly passing HIV to another person is a felony, but any other STD is a misdemeanor. In my case however, great bodily harm was done. I can't work, I'm on disability, I've even suffered brain damage. My migraines are incapacitating. Also, the fact that other women have come forward to say that Mallory either assaulted them or gave them an STD show a pattern that has persisted for decades.

Popdust: So what's next? Are you dating?

Liz Crokin: Guys still ask me out. Obviously, I'm very open about my experience so it's nice to see that guys have not been scared off by it, but right now I'm so focused on getting my health and career back on track. I hope to start dating again soon, and I am in no way a man- hater. My lawyers are all men and they've been wonderful.

Popdust: What is the ideal outcome for you?

Liz Crokin: I hope to educate as many people as possible that herpes actually has life threatening complications. Most people don't know it can develop into meningitis. I hope to use the book as platform to raise awareness. I'm also working to change the law so that people who knowingly pass on STDs have to register as sex offenders. Think about it. People that get drunk at a bar and pee in a playground have to register as sex offenders. Isn't it a worse crime to knowingly pass on an STD?

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Hollywood journalist Liz Crokin filed a lawsuit against Orange County businessman Mallory Hill for allegedly infecting her with a life-threatening STD during their relationship.

The lawsuit alleges the LA-based reporter contracted herpes-meningitis, which eventually progressed to meningoencephalitis, from ex-boyfriend Hill.

Crokin and Hill began a romance in May of 2012 that lasted close to a year.  Before engaging in a sexual relationship, the complaint cites that Hill knew he was infected with both genital herpes (HSV-2) and oral herpes (HSV-1) Hill allegedly never told Crokin he was infected and when she asked him if he had any STDs she claims he lied by telling her he wasn’t infected with anything.

The complaint details that when Crokin began experiencing initial symptoms of the viral infection, Hill told Crokin and her treating physicians that he had been tested and was not infected with any sexually-transmitted diseases.

Hill’s alleged misrepresentations delayed an accurate diagnosis of Crokin’s condition, which left undiagnosed and untreated for months, eventually caused herpes meningitis, an extremely serious condition.  Crokin’s infection became potentially fatal when it progressed to meningoencephalitis, a viral infection of the brain itself.

Says Crokin:

"Herpes-meningitis has completely altered my life and I face daily challenges from the disease. It's left me with serious neurological problems due to the damage the disease has done to my brain. It's been extremely difficult to read and write."

Crokin has worked as an entertainment journalist covering celebrities all over the world for various organizations such as Us Weekly, Star magazine, the RedEye Edition of the Chicago Tribune and In Touch Weekly.  Crokin has most recently authored a weekly Sunday column for the Chicago Sun-Times Splash.

"Since I've come forward, I've been shocked with some of the negative responses I received," Crokin adds. " I hope to change that stigma to bring awareness and help people.  It's important for people to be careful with who they sleep with, use protection and seek medical care immediately at the first sign of a problem. If I can save one person's life by coming out with my story -- everything I've been through will be worth it."

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