It looked like A Pink were going to land their first No. 1 single this week with "LUV," but the adorable girl group were blocked from the top by legendary ballad singer Park Hyo Shin's new single, "Happy Together."

"LUV" settles for second place, but A Pink can be compensated in the fact that all five tracks from their new mini-album managed to debut in the top fifty.

A few spots down, EXID's "Up And Down" jumps a huge 27 places to No. 7. As Popdust previously reported, the sudden popularity of "Up And Down" is all down to a fan-recorded video of member Hani performing the song's sexy choreography that went viral in Korea a fortnight ago.

AOA's "Like a Cat" spends a third week in the top ten at No. 10, while rapper LOCO debuts at No. 19 with "You Don't Know."

GOT7's "Stop Stop It" --despite its disappointing debut last week-- manages to spend a second week in the top forty at No. 38, while MAMAMOO's "Piano Man" rockets up 46 places to No. 41.

MBLAQ's gorgeous seasonal ballad "Spring, Summer, Fall, And... Winter" arrives at No. 60, followed by Sunny Hill's "Here I Am" at No. 68.

Ex-KARA member Nicole continues to struggle with her solo single "MAMA," which slips down to No. 80, but it's nothing compared to T-ara's Korean remake of the Chinese novelty hit "Little Apple," which debuts at No. 91 -- the lowest position of the group's career. However, considering that it's just a one-off special collaboration single that isn't being fully promoted in Korea, you can't really hold its chart position up to T-ara's official single releases.

Check out this week's new K-pop hits below.

No. 2. A Pink - LUV

No. 7. EXID - Up And Down

No. 41. MAMAMOO - Piano Man

No. 60. MBLAQ - Spring, Summer, Fall, And... Winter

No. 91. T-ara - Little Apple

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It's been about a year-and-a-half since MBLAQ released an album. The boy band had the biggest success of their career last January with "This Is War" and its accompanying EP, 100% Ver., before quickly bowing out of the musical spotlight to focus on acting and variety show work. It could be seen as a bad move for the boys to pull the plug on the K-pop just when they were getting more popular, but some opportunities are too good to pass up, and in the group's defense, their various K-dramas and variety shows all did pretty well in the ratings.

Now they're back with their fifth mini-album, Sexy Beat, and a hot new single, "Smoky Girl". "Smoky Girl" sees MBLAQ returning to the dance-pop sound of previous hits, "Stay" and "Mona Lisa", but with a grown 'n' sexy upgrade. Lyrically, the boys are trying to pick up some damaged goods at the bar after midnight, while the dark, electro-driven production echoes the blunt thumping of a nightclub when you're standing out the front for a cigarette break. Like all of MBLAQ's music, "Smoky Girl" isn't the most forward-thinking pop song around, but it's still miles away from being as safe and derivative as Shinhwa's latest guilty pleasure, "This Love" (which we actually love -- don't get it twisted!).

All in all, a very solid comeback from a very good boy band. Let's just hope it doesn't take them another year-and-a-half to make their next one.