I guess this isn't breaking news, but Miley Cyrus is really obsessed with being naked... in fact, she is the undisputed, reigning Queen of nude photos and Popdust can prove it! with the ultimate collection of all her NSFW pics.

With Miley, it's not just the psuedo-artsy, run of the mill kind of voyeurism that we see other celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Coco engage in, but that really raunchy, uber dirty and raw Charlie Sheen adult film star's girlfriend's kind of self-exploitation.

Personally, I blame that (alleged) pervert Terry Richardson, because the Wrecking Ball video he directed and then those gross photos he took of her were pretty much the pivotal moment when things started getting really naked really often and her Playboy value plummeted to like ten bucks.

Anyway, in this special Popdust Exposed feature we present all the photographic evidence needed to prove that Miley is indeed...OBSESSED... with showing off her birthday suit.

Don't shoot the messenger...

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