Justin Bieber is corrupting Michael Jackson’s oldest son, Prince Jackson, who is not ever 18 yet!

Prince has been taking his monthly $66,000 allowance and globe trotting from Los Angeles to hot spots like Las Vegas,  Arizona, Hawaii, and the Caribbean.

The celebu-spawn, who is poised to inherit his late father’s $1 billion fortune along with brother Blanket and sister Paris, is becoming a regular at some of Hollywood’s hottest clubs. A source close to the playboy in training reveals he’s dating multiple girls, hitting all the most exclusive spots, and pretty much ignoring whatever parental guidance is thrown his way, particularly the one about not going around breaking young girl’s hearts.

In 2013, he dated 16 year-old Kuwaiti princess, Remi Alfalah.

He’s had an on-again, off-again romance with Nikita Bess, 17, and even gifted her a diamond-studded gold promise ring in August.

The couple called ended their affair in November. So much for promises.

Biebs, 20, and Jackson, 17, live in the same Calabasas, Calif., community, and are both said to be mentored by boxing champ Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. The source said;

“‘Money’ has been offering a lot of advice to Prince, including about women. It’s not as if he can turn to his family, because they’ve got their own thing going and they’ve never really had time for Prince, Paris or Blanket anyway.”

As far as mentors go, Mayweather is a top -notch choice. In the last 12 years, he has been accused multiple times of beating up women, and in 2011 was sentenced to 90 days in jail for misdemeanor battery of an ex-girlfriend.

The song doesn’t say anything about going around breaking young girl’s jaws.

Bieber and Jackson are also planning to make beautiful music together and a “major recording album” featuring the pair is in the works.

 “They really dig one another, and Floyd continues to check in with both of them,”

As for Jackson's family, the source had this to say:

“With all of these young girls and Bieber and Mayweather’s influence, we just hope that he doesn’t make a big mistake that he’ll have to pay for the rest of his life.”