Throwback Thursday: Why The Dress is STILL important.

Even two years later, #TheDress still haunts us. Because two years later it's still intimately related to how human beings process the world.

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Remember the dress. THE dress. The black and blue one. I mean the white and gold one. I mean…

That dress had the whole internet going bonkers back in February 2015. That same year our 45th President announced his candidacy for the 2016 election. These two things may seem unrelated, but I believe they are intimately linked.

You see, back in 2015, I was working for a news company. When the Roman Originals dress story began to pop up it was quickly dismissed by the news room. It was joke. A distraction from serious news. A product of pop culture, ergo, not to be taken seriously. Sound familiar?

Yet I couldn't help but wonder, if the dress (or the Donald for that matter) was such a joke, how come so many people were talking about it? There must be something about pop culture and its icons that resonates with people on an intrinsic or even existential level. How we deal with those feelings must be important. Right?

The following is some thoughts on the dress and what it still means for us as a society and the way we communicate about our ideas.

The dress IS important.

It's not a waste of time. It isn't a dumb diversion in the face of more "serious issues". The vitriol with which so many of us have prematurely shouted our conclusions is testament to how intimately linked our humanity is to the accuracy of our perception. Overnight a dress has separated people into new religious factions (or at least denominations) within the church of social media.

And it does matter. The truth matters. The methods by which truth is obtained...they matter.

It's painfully clear that our eyes deceive us. Our perceptions are faulty. We never step into the same river twice but man is not the measure of all things. If he were then we could all just say "well even though I see black and blue, if you see white and gold, maybe it's that too". But that's not good enough is it? Why? Because it's a lie. It's untrue. And we as human beings thirst for truth almost as much as we thirst for justice. So much so that we'll settle for flattery and revenge in lieu of the real thing.

The dress shows us that how firmly we believe something doesn't always translate to reality. We can't lend our eyes to our neighbor anymore than they can lend theirs to us. You alone do not hold the objective truth. But truth-seeking is a worthy cause. So while man may not be the measure of all things...maybe men (and women) have a slightly better measuring stick.

But hold on...

...because that's not all there is to this. Before we decide to go throw out all individually collected knowledge in favor of truth by committee there's one extremely important fact amongst all this.

The dress is black and blue.

There is an answer. There is a right choice. That doesn't mean you're a bad person to have seen something different. But your perception doesn't change the chromatic reality that the color of the dress is black and blue. There is an absolute in this case.

Truth is objective. Even if our perceptions of that truth are not. Now I'm sure my philosopher friends out there are tearing their hair out over my many fallacies and tautologies and for those I apologies but my point is this. The dress is important. The truth is important. The methods by which we test and the mediums with which we discuss truth are so SO important.

Test your own perceptions and test mine. But do so with grace and compassion. Ask more questions and make less statements. Never stop thirsting for truth and justice. But understand how faulty you are. Especially when coming in contact with the faults of others. This isn't over. Not yet. Another "dress" is going to appear on your feed.

And the truth of it...

...that's important.

No us neither.

So we throught we'd do a special Throwback Thursday LeAnn Rimes post just to remind you that there was such a time...

33 year old Margaret LeAnn Rimes first came to our attention at the age of 8 when she was on a show called Star Search. She was eventually snapped up by local DJ Bill Mack who guided her into a record contract and her first hit album Blue was released when she was at the tender age of 13 (that collaboration didn't end well and his son has recently had a few things to say about her).

Billy Mack Slams ‘Diva Hasbeen’ LeAnn Rimes For ‘Kardashian Attitude’

LeAnn embarked on an incredibly successful country music career garnering numerous awards, including two Grammy's.  She has released fifteen albums and sold over 37 million records worldwide.

It's easy to forget that though, as in recent years the singer has been better known for her personal life than her professional one.  In 2002 she married backing dancer Dean Sheremet, and they seemed happy enough until she went to work on a TV film called Northern Lights opposite one Eddie Cibrian in 2009.

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian’s Reality Show Axed After Just One Season

The co-stars embarked on a torrid affair, both leaving their respective spouses and eventually getting married in 2011—they've tried to convince us ever since that they feel guilty for the way they treated their other halves, but that true love overcame them and they just couldn't help themselves. Nobody's really buying it though.

The happy couple certainly haven't settled down quietly into married life. LeAnn constantly posts pictures on social media of her and Eddie with Eddie's two boys from his marriage to Brandi Glanville—something that causes a lot of public fallouts with Brandi and that Brandi begs her to stop doing.

LeAnn Rimes Taunts Brandi Glanville Yet Again Because, LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn has also come under public scrutiny due to her extreme weight loss—at times she has appeared positively unhealthy, and in 2012 she checked into treatment for anxiety and stress. She's had legal battles through out her life—her father,  her record company and an ex-nanny to name a few—hell she's even slapped her ex-husband with a gagging order to stop him talking about her!

We thought we'd put together a gallery of LeAnn through the years to remind you that there was more to Ms Rimes before she became Mrs Cibrian and a professional stepmother.

LeAnn Rimes Openly Mocking Brandi’s Kids Now—Stepmother Of the Year!


Throwback Thursday Leann Rimes

throwback thursday jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez has just finished her five year stint as a judge on American Idol and as the show draws to a close we thought we'd give you a reminder of just how far this girl who is an actress, singer, dancer, producer and designer has come.

JLo bounced her booty into our conscience back in 1986 after her entertainment career was launched in a minor role in the film My Little Girl.

Born in 1969 in The Bronx she landed her big break dancing on In Living Color in 1991 before getting her first leading role in the movie Selena in 1996, which launched her acting career.

She became the first Latina actress to earn over $1 million for a movie when she starred opposite George Clooney in Out Of Sight. and has appeared in a staggering 37 films in total.

JLo moved into music early on, releasing her first album in 1999 and she hasn't looked back since.  Her record sales tip 60 million and her movies have grossed over $2 billion making her the highest earning and most influential Hispanic performer in the US.

Lopez's personal life has attracted more than it's fair share of column inches.  Unlucky in love, she's been married three times as well has having high profile relationships with Sean 'Diddy' Combs and Ben Affleck.  Jen is a devoted mother to seven year old twins, Emme and Maximilian, her children with third husband Marc Anthony.

Jenny From The Block's career hasn't all been plain sailing though—there was the much derided movie Gigli which she starred in with her then fiance Ben Affleck as well as a numerous other movies that haven't had much box office success or critical acclaim.

Since 2011, Jennifer has been involved with American Idol and she's been fantastic—from tears and dancing in her chair to her incredible outfits plus of course her show-stopping performances—she's been amazing.

Check out our gallery of Jennifer through the years and try not to get too upset that she won't be on our TV screens every week anymore.

throwback thursday jennifer lopez


throwback thursday jennifer lopez


throwback thursday jennifer lopez






Remember when Jessica Simpson first caught our attention way back in 1999?

Now a singer, actress and entrepreneur, she was originally a fresh faced Christian singer who auditioned for the famed Mickey Mouse Club but didn't get in.

She was signed by Colombia Records when she was just 16 years old after impressing them with her sweet voice and dropped out of high school to pursue her singing career.

Her debut album Sweet Kisses sold over four million copies worldwide and she quickly moved from her innocent image and sound into the sexier teen-pop genre to try to compete with Britney and Christina. She got her big break not through her music though, but through an MTV reality show, Newlyweds which she starred in with her ex-boy band member and now ex-husband, Nick Lachey.

She got a few acting gigs off the back of the show, including the Dukes of Hazzard movie in which she was more celebrated for her sexy daisy dukes than her acting skills.

By 2005 the newlyweds had filed for divorce and her albums and movies received a lukewarm reception and for the next few years poor Jessica was more in the news for her fluctuating weight than her talent.

Not one to be deterred by the fat-shamers, Simpson quietly built her brand and has reinvented herself as a fashion guru.  She now commands her namesake empire which generates hundreds of millions of dollars worth of sales giving her a staggering net worth of $150 million!

Jessica has been with her second husband, American football player Eric Johnson since 2010 and the couple had two children together—Maxwell aged 3 and Ace aged 2, before marrying in 2014.






Shakira is the real deal in an age of manufactured, soulless "performers".

Here she is in 1988 when she was just 12 years old, singing and dancing at her school in Barranquilla, Colombia. She has two costume changes, and performs three different songs, finishing up her set with some belly dancing.

“First I would like to thank Social Services for helping all those people in Colombia. I would like to thank them for that and for the invitation to participate in the singing contest," she says.


You can file this under AA for absolutely adorable!

And award yourself top marks if you guessed.... Katy Perry!

Perry shared the super cute childhood pic on her Twitter this morning, showing her and sister, Angela, clad in matching floral flocks in honor of Throwback Thursday.

The 29-year-old was known as “Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson” back in those days—living in Santa Barbara with her evangelical pastor dad and mom and attending a strict Christian School.

Perry’s upbringing is in stark contrast to her modern day pop star lifestyle—and it has caused friction with her devoutly religious folks in the past, who have been vocal with their disapproval of some of their daughter’s choice of lyrics.

"They ask how can I preach if I produce a girl who sang about kissing another girl? I was at a concert of Katy’s where there were 20,000. I’m watching this generation and they were going at it. It almost looked like church. I stood there and wept and kept on weeping and weeping. They’re loving and worshiping the wrong thing,” Perry’s dad, Keith Hudson once bemoaned.

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson went and got herself all grown up....

However, despite not always seeing eye to eye, Perry says she maintains a close relationship with her parents.

"People don't understand that I have a great relationship with my parents—like, how that can exist?” She told Marie Claire last year.

“There isn't any judgment. They don't necessarily agree with everything I do, but I don't necessarily agree with everything they do. They're at peace with….they pray for me… it’s what they do.

“They're fascinated with the idea that they created someone who has this much attention on her."

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