What St. Patrick's Day Drink Are You?

Take our St. Patrick's Day quiz to find out how your personality looks in a pint glass

March 17th Is Coming

Corned beef is slow cooking; potatoes are boiling; cabbage is, well, being tolerated. And what better way to get in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day than to find out what brand of spirits you would be? You know, if your personality were to be magically transformed into an alcoholic beverage and then made shareable via social media. Well, we've done the magical part, all you have to do is take our quiz.


5 Oscar-winning films you can binge watch on Netflix right now

There's no such thing as too many movies...

This weekend is your last chance to get caught up on this year's Oscar Nominees. Moonlight, La La Land, Hacksaw Ridge, the list goes on and on. It can become overwhelming. Why not take some time to relax and take a break from all of this cultural catchup? What better way to relax than to watch some Oscar winning films on Netflix. What? I didn't say take a break from movies altogether. That'd be ridiculous!

Here are 5 Oscar winning films you can binge watch right now on Netflix:

Shakespeare in Love

The Academy adores any film that is self-referential (thus La La Land's 14 nominations). Not only does Shakespeare in Love pay tribute to an artist whose influence can still be felt in the film and dramatic community today, but it illustrates nuances found throughout the artistic community that will be familiar to anyone who has a passion creating. Packed with talent; powerhouse actors Geoffrey Rush, Joseph Fiennes, Gwyneth Paltrow, not to mention writer Tom Stoppard. This is a near perfect film with just enough inspiring sweetness and painful melancholy to be perfect Oscar winning material.



A lot of mixed feelings are going around about Mel Gibson's return to the silver screen regarding his new film Hacksaw Ridge. Yet, regardless of the personal problems Gibson has faced over the last 10 years, Braveheart remains one of the most compelling war dramas of all time. It may not be completely historically accurate, but this story of William Wallace in the fight for Scottish independence will get you yelling "FREEEDOOM!" for the rest of the weekend.

The Big Short

Guaranteed to make you mad but in the best kind of way. The Big Short came out of left field from creator Adam Mckay (of Anchorman fame). Mckay's comedic timing adds a layer of complexity and surreality which allows the audience to take in information that is so massive and startling that it might otherwise be difficult to process. A crisp, funny, and politically relevant film about the 2008 financial crisis with great performances from everyone involved.

Good Will Hunting


The film that made Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's career and spawned an equally inspiring and erratic Oscar winning speech. Robin Williams's performance alone is enough to make this film worth watching. Equal parts hilarious and tear-jerking; a movie if that makes you feel good while also asking the question "What are you doing with your life?"

No Country For Old Men


No one creates a world in the same way as the Coen brothers. A stark, unabashedly American film; the Coen brothers paint a time and place so dark and brutal you can taste it. Book adaptations are always difficult, but this adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's novel is excellent. If you're looking for a film with suspense, blood, and a lot of space...check this one out first.

Relaxed Enough Yet?

There, now that you've refreshed yourself, you can go back into the dark movie theater and finish all 62 nominated films before Sunday. I believe in you!


How Ariana Grande ruined La La Land for me

Was Ariana Grande an inspiration for La La Land's hit soundtrack?

Here's The Introduction

This is the part of the article where I tell you that I enjoyed La La Land. I paint myself as one of those rare cinematic consumers who neither overrated nor underrated Damian Chase's musical ode to the City of Angels. It has moving moments but a slow beginning. But this isn't a film review. This is about the music.

Much of what makes La La Land compelling is the bold simplicity of its themes. Musical themes. Hidden beneath layers of minor 7ths and modulation are some pretty clear-cut melodies that indelibly imprint themselves right onto the amygdala. One such theme is from "Another Day of Sun". The opening number contains a progression and melody that is repeated throughout the film and appears as an island of pop in an ocean of jazz. It rings of familiarity, yet it's hard to place.

After seeing the film, I soon found myself humming this theme everywhere. In the shower, back alley stairwells, the toothpaste aisle at the grocery store. This melody, both pervasive and elusive, haunted my steps, longing to be connected with an identity long past. Then one day, I was making a chicken salad sandwich in the kitchen, discussing the matter with my brother (at this point it had become a matter of great importance). Suddenly, it struck me, like the scene in Jaws, when Roy Scheider's character hears the screams of the first shark attack and that weird dolly zoom thing happens on screen. Not familiar? Take a moment to refresh yourself:

Anyway, it was just like that. After days of incessant humming, trying to excavate my mind for melodic memories, a neurological wall broke open, and out of the dust, a single figure appeared.


Ariana Grande

Of course! How could I have been so deaf to the blatantly obvious? Justin Hurwitz's theme lines up with the Pre-Chorus from Grande's "Problem". Don't believe me? Let's take a listen.

First, we'll listen to Hurwitz's "Another Day of Sun Melody" as it reappears towards the end of La La Land. Listen carefully!

Catchy ain't it? Alright, now that we've got that covered, let's head on over to Ariana and take a listen to the Pre-Chorus from "Problem".

It's so clear! Justin Hurwitz was clearly listening to My Everything while composing for La La Land. I can't believe that...what? Oh, you're still unconvinced? Hmm, well, let's try them together and see what you think.

The Reveal

So what do you think? Well, I don't really care what you say, because to me, La La Land and Ariana Grande will forever be inextricably linked. And every good story needs a reveal so here it is: I love this. Far from ruining La La Land, this confluence of Teen Nick royalty and Hollywood hierarchy only serves to strengthen my love of each respective work. Yes, the title was a lie, but get used to it, this is the internet.

If you have yet to see La La Land, it's sure to stay in theaters for awhile. If you haven't heard Ariana Grande's My Everything, honestly that's impressive and I applaud your skills of evasion. At any rate, I encourage you to check out both the film and the album. If you need to hear that mash up again before embarking...well be my guest...