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Lira Galore’s Most Bootylicious Pics

Baby's got some VERY serious back.

Mercer has so much ka-bunk-a-dunk in her mighty fine trunk that she puts Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian in the shade.

Baby's got some really serious back.

Lira Galore—real name Lira Mercer—has a bountiful booty and she knows how to show and use it.

Mercer has so much ka-bunk-a-dunk in her mighty fine trunk that she gives both Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian—combined—a run for their money.

You can blame the latter for the dramatic increase in big butt desire that's come about the past few years.

Forget the chicken cutlets and push-up bras of yesteryear, nowadays chicks are all about padding the posterior and jacking up the junk in their trunk.

Let's face it, big boobs are just soooooo '90s sweetie.

Hollywood's now got booty on the brain, and the bigger the better it seems—which is perfect for Lira Galore as she has booty galore, and then some.

There's a reason girlfriend has 3 million loyal and devoted Instagram followers dontcha know?

Scroll down to check out Popdust's gallery of lira galore bootylicious photos…

And remember the wise words of Sir Mix-A-Lot:

So Cosmo says you're fat
Well I ain't down with that!
Cause your waist is small and your curves are kickin'
And I'm thinkin' about stickin'
To the beanpole dames in the magazines
You ain't it, Miss Thing!
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Time Inc Joins Forces With The Jash Team

Sarah Silverman and Michael Cera are a'moving and a'shakin'...

time inc jash deal—YouTube comedy channel have inked a deal to produce original content, according to the publishing giant

You're going to be seeing a lot more of Sarah Silverman and Michael Cera.

Well, you're going to be seeing a lot more of their genius anyway.

The two, who are founding partners of the YouTube comedy channel Jash, have inked a deal with Time Inc. to produce original content.

According to a press release they will be continuing to invest heavily in digital content, creating "a new content vertical" for clients.

Jash will be working with Time Inc. to develop humorous projects for advertisers.

The comedy collective is well versed in the medium.

Since its launch back in 2013, Jash has produced a slew of projects for top brands, such as Chevrolet and Stand Up 2 Cancer.

Executive Chairman Doug DeLuca explains of the new deal:

The appetite for smart, premium comedy content is high, especially in the branded world.

We've seen that reflected in how fast the division has grown at JASH.

Together with The Foundry and Time Inc., we'll deliver this work with brands, at scale, across expanded distribution and media inventory—a triple threat win for our clients.


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Trending Star Baby Ariel Signs Sweet Sweet Deal With CAA

The social media superstar is crossing over to the mainstream...

baby ariel signs CAA deal—According to the Hollywood Reporter, Martin's new deal means CAA will rep her in all areas of the entertainment industry

Baby Ariel—real name Ariel Martin— is about to cross over to the mainstream.

The 15-year-old superstar has inked a sweet, sweet deal with agency great, CAA.

Martin managed to rack up an astounding 13 million subscribers on the lip-synching app, in just one year, and then used that as a platform to build up 4.4 million followers on Instagram.

The teenager is currently the most-followed personality, frequently rewarding her loyal subscribers with fresh videos of her singing and dancing to popular songs.

She's also wildly popular on YouTube, with 1.65 million subscribers to her channel—which comprises of music tutorials, candid person Vlogs and comedy skits.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Martin's new deal means CAA will rep her in all areas of the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, she continues to be ripped by Patrick Zielinski and Jessica Kelm at Collab and attorney Charlotte Towne at Charlotte Towne P.A.

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National Drink Beer Day celebrate music playlist—Although every day for us is drink beer day, it's always better to do so when you have a really good excuse

These days there's a "day" for just about everything you can think of.

Here's just a few from the month of September:

  • Emma M. Nutt Day
  • National Cherry Popover Day
  • International Bacon Day
  • National Mud Pack Day
  • Crush a Can Day
  • Elephant Appreciation Day
  • Miniature Golf Day
  • Talk Like A Pirate Day
  • National Apple Dumpling Day
  • Felt Hat Day
  • Make Your Bed Day

Now, we don't know about you, but here at Popdust we struggle to get excited about crushing cans, felt hats, miniature golf and Emma M. Nutt—whoever the hell she is.

Oh, OK, we just Googled her—apparently she was the first female telephone operator.


And, we certainly can't get excited about Make Your Bed Day, because that would entail us actually getting up out of our stinking pit in order to do so.

But, today is a day we can really throw our heart and soul into.

As today, our friends, is National Drink Beer Day.


Although every day for us is drink beer day pretty much, it's always better to do so when you have a really good excuse—and what better excuse, aside from Saint Patrick's, than National Drink Beer Day?

It kinda feels it would be a travesty, and highly disrespectful not to mark such an important holiday, right?

It's right up there with Thanksgiving and 4th of July.

For those who are wondering, National Drink Beer Day is an annual occurrence around the world—and is all about, well, c'mon... it's all there in the name peeps.

Beer is one of the oldest man made beverages in history, with some breweries dating back as far as 1040.

That's some serious legacy....that requires some serious observation.

Be sure to tell your buzz kill boss that if he or she attempts to object to you buggering off down the pub right now.

To mark this very special of all the special holidays, Popdust has compiled a playlist to help you get your drink on—like you need any assistance.


Oh, on a side note: it's also National Neighbor Day today, but who gives a fuck about the neighbors?

In that spirit, crank up the volume, crack open a cold one and would be decidedly un-American not to.

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Yogurt The Pirate Dog Proves ‘Ugly’ Is The New Beautiful

Well, they do say beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

yogurt the pirate dog ugly cute—little critter made her Instagram debut back in 2013, and she made her fabulousness clear right from the get go

Well, they do say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And, when it comes to Yogurt the pirate dog, that's pretty damn appropriate, seeing as she only has one (very buggy) eye.

Bless her hairy little socks.

With her strangely lopsided head, bugged out eye, and permanently sticking-out tongue, some may say Yogurt has a face only a mother can love.

But, we call bullshit on that.

We say that Yogurt the Pirate dog is one hell of a cute little critter.

And, clearly, Popdust isn't alone in thinking that, as the 9-year-old Chihuahua has a legion of devoted fans.

In fact, Yogurt is a bonafide social media superstar.

The handsome hound has a whopping 139,000 followers on Instagram in addition to Facebook fan sites dedicated to her fabulousness.

Yogurt hails from Thailand, and like a true native of the Land of Smiles, she's pretty damn happy.


Being a Chihuahua, Yogurt runs to the small side—but, what she lacks in stature she more than makes up for in personality.

She also maintains a cheery disposition at all times—perhaps taking a leaf out of her idol Oprah's book, whom she credits for her motto in life:

I'm perfect in my imperfections, happy in my pain, strong in my weaknesses, and beautiful in my own way.

Preach, girlfriend!

Yogurt made her Instagram debut back in 2013, making her fabulousness clear right from the get go, with her very first photo caption:

Even I am look pity and ugly but my boss said 'I am beautiful' …
Yeah yeah I am!" Okay!

Yogurt apparently lost one of her eyes in an accident, but aside from that she's in good health and goes for regular check-ups each month.

Maybe in a bid to avoid any further accidents, Yogurt's favorite mode of transport is inside a handbag—either that or she's just lazy as hell, and we wouldn't hate her for that... oh no siree.

Girl after our own heart in fact....

Now, if only we could find a handbag big enough for us to crawl into....

Check out Popdust's pick of yogurt the pirate dog ugly cute photos —then head over to Instagram to follow the little critter.

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You Better Believe Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Choupette Is Every Bit As Fierce & Fabulous As Him

Karl Lagerfeld's cat makes $4 million a year... $4 million.. just let that sink in for one minute..

karl Lagerfeld cat choupette fabulous photos—Apparently, Choupette raked in an astounding $4 million last year

Karl Lagerfeld's kitty, Choupette, is one fierce and fabulous feline.

The 5-year-old is also one hell of a pampered pussy—Because one just simply isn't enough, Choupette has two full time "beloved" maids, Françoise and Marjorie, whose sole purpose is to cater to her every need and whim.

The maids spend most of their time grooming Choupette, in addition to keeping an in-depth diary of the moggy's moods and moves, for the reference of Lagerfeld and a permanently on-call vet.

Apparently, Choupette prefers Françoise, but we're not clear on exactly why....perhaps she paints her nails better than the other lowly staffer?

One thing we ARE clear about however is Lagerfeld's love for the four-legged fur ball, who has stunning, piercing blue eyes, which her proud papa describes as "blue, blue, blue, blue, blue."

Other things we know are that Choupette loves her iPad, antique lace, flying by private jet (natch) eating her dinner while seated on a specially designed throne at a table next to Lagerfeld, Colette shopping bags, Louis Vuitton and Goyard.

Choupette is always by Lagerfeld's side, jetting around the world to glamorous locale after glamorous locale.

According to her book (yes, of COURSE she has a book) Choupette favors Monte Carlo in the winter and Provence in the summer.

Because, duh.

Monte Carlo can be so very tiresome in the summer months, don't you know darlink?

When Choupette travels, she does not travel light, and she always travels in style.

Apparently she has both a Louis Vuitton and a Goyard trunk for all her purrrrfectly packed possessions.

Favorite maid, Francoise, tells CNN:

When we go on a trip, Choupette has almost as many bags as Mr Lagerfeld.

I'm not exaggerating, her litter tray, a fresh litter bag for each day, all of her food, bags of toys and beauty products -- eye drops and brushes for her wonderful fur, and a travel case made especially for her by Goyard, for enjoying her meals when she's on the plane.

Oh, and did we mention that she has a personal chef too?

How could we forget that little gem?!!

Chef Patrice is employed full time to whip up whatever kitty's little heart desires, including caviar galore and specially created dishes such as Croquettes a la Choupette, and Choupette's Egg.

Lagerfeld's love for the high maintenance mouser runs so deep that he's even previously expressed a desire to marry her.

As you do.

Back in 2013 the Chanel head honcho told CNN:

There is no marriage, yet, for human beings and animals…

I never thought that I would fall in love like this with a cat.

She is the center of the world.

If you saw her, you would understand.

She is kind of Greta Garbo.

There is something unforgettable about her, the way she moves, the way she plays.

She's an inspiration for elegance.

For attitude.

Well, they do say there's no love so pure as that between a man and his pussy.

OK, maybe not—but, whatever….

Anyway, turns out though that Choupette isn't just Greta Garbo.

Oh no, one enigmatic screen legend would not be adequate enough to describe this Birman-breed beauty.

According to Lagerfeld, Choupette also channels another golden haired Hollywood heroine from yesteryear:

Choupette isn't a typical Chanel woman.

She's more Jean Harlow.

Well, actually mate, quick reality check here......she's a fucking cat.

Despite Lagerfeld's obvious love for Choupette, the posh puss is no free-loading, gold digger—oh no, this is a kitty that earns her kibble caviar.

Apparently, Choupette raked in an astounding $4 million last year, courtesy modeling work and ad campaigns.

Just let that sink in one minute.

This cat earned $4 million last year.


Yeah, that's not depressing at all.

Like many of the modeling elite (cough, cough, Naomi Campbell anyone) Choupette is known to be slightly on the highly strung side when it comes to temperament.

Lagerfeld tells The Cut that his meowing muse is very picky about her modeling assignments—refusing to debase herself by starring in something as mundane as cat food commercials, because, says her proud papa, she's "too sophisticated for that."

He goes on to state that Choupette only graces the pages of the finest fashion mags and high end cat walks, because, he explains, "I'm commercial; she's not."

Oh, and she "hates children and other animals."

Choupette and Lagerfeld's paths first crossed when her then-owner, French male model Baptiste Giabiconi, asked the fashion icon to pet sit at the designer's (likely very) humble home back in 2011.

It was love at first purr, for Lagerfeld anyway, and after his pet sitting stint drew to an end he refused to return Choupette to Giabiconi.

She made her first social media foray by way of Twitter on January 16, 2012 before moving on to Instagram, where, at time of posting, she has a whopping 87,200 devoted followers.

The dashing Lagerfeld is used to being the center of attention, but, he's more than happy to share the spotlight with his future wife, explaining:

Choupette is a woman spoiled to death

People are stunned by her ...

Soon people will talk more about Choupette than about me!

Gasp! Perish the thought!

So, just how fabulous can one feline be?

Check out Popdust's pick of karl Lagerfeld cat choupette fabulous photos and find out for yourself.

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