Everything we know about 11 year old trap star MATT OX

MUSIC VIDEO | Fidget spinners, BMX bikes, and $100 bills, oh my!

It seems like as long as there's been rap music, there have been weird white kids trying to do it. And this time, I'm not talking about Lil Dicky.

Last Sunday, the Working On Dying collective released a video on their Youtube channel for the song "Overwhelming," produced by their own in-house talent OogieMane. The rapper spitting over the track? A prepubescent white boy by the name of Matt Ox.

The video itself is like a perfect time capsule of this weird point in our history. It's young-bull Matt Ox, flexing for the camera with a proper stack of 100s in one hand, while simultaneously balancing a fidget spinner on the other. The truly bizarre thing about the video is that, if only Matt Ox were a grown man, the setting and production quality would make it look like a completely by-the-numbers trap video for 2017. But it is not a grown man. It's… it's Matt Ox.

It's only been a few short days since the video was released, and the Internet has come out in full force to either embrace it, reject it, or do both through ironic memeification (I think this is a good time to announce that I'm trying to make the word "memeification" a thing). Of course, there are a couple of select tweets that we just had to run by you:

But that still doesn't answer the question: who the f*ck is this kid?

Since the Working on Dying clique is based out of Philly, and the video itself features way too much dirtbike riding on too little actual dirt, we can only assume that Matt Ox is also from the City of Brotherly Love. Everything else, we can only glean from his Twitter account. That's right, Matt Ox is active on Twitter. He's not a bad kid either, look at this tweet from him promising to help out his mom, along with some other highlights:

And just to drive home that last point, here's a great nugget of wisdom from the 11 year old trapper:

Indeed, we should.