Income loss is at an all-time high.

That would be stressful enough, but what makes the situation even worse is banks are slashing credit limits and tightening credit standards due to economic uncertainty and low-risk tolerance, oftentimes without notice.

People are more likely to use a greater percentage of their available credit each month, when dealing with the loss of steady income, and are maxing out their credit cards much faster, which can have a negative effect on their credit score in the long run due to an increase in your debt-to-limit ratio.

As a result, lenders may increase your APR, even if you continue to pay your balance every month and never exceed your limit. If you've racked up some debt over the years, these recent changes can seem detrimental. But if this is the case for you, don't worry, there are options.

Pacific Debt is a debt settlement service that works on your behalf to secure you a lower total amount owed, resulting in one low program payment. There are no fees for their service unless they are successful in reducing your debt.

The whole process is super simple from start to finish. You start off by filling out a quick questionnaire about your financial history - The minimum amount of unsecured debt required to qualify is $10,000. If you are eligible, you'll have a one-on-one consultation with a debt specialist by phone.

The debt specialist will break down all of your options. If debt relief through Pacific Debt is right for you, they'll explain the process - including how they negotiate with your creditors to reduce your debt and structure the program to fit within your budget. They'll give you a low down on the different plans they offer, and you get to decide what's best for you.

You will be assigned a Personal Account Manager, who will guide you through the process, and they'll be there with you every step of the way. Founded in 2002, PDI has years of experience, and they know what they're doing. They'll analyze your budget to determine a monthly amount that's affordable for you so that you are set up for success. Then, once they secure a reduced settlement amount, they'll get the deal in writing and get your authorization to proceed.

Pacific Debt can significantly reduce your total amount owed and will make sure you are only paying one set amount instead of multiple payments every month. You don't pay Pacific Debt any fees until your debts are negotiated to your liking. Pacific Debt doesn't just reduce interest rates; they reduce the amount you owe overall.

These times are tough for most people financially, especially if the credit limit reduction has affected you. No matter what your situation is, if you're in debt, Pacific Debt offers free consultations, and they'll answer all your questions, judgment-free. Why not give them a call? You have nothing to lose.

Give them a call at (844) 997-0475 to see how they can help you.

Life is full of curveballs. You really never know what's around the corner, and you never really know when you could start to struggle financially.

There's a huge misconception that being in debt is a result of being irresponsible, but the truth is that a lot of responsible adults find themselves in this scary position because of unforeseen circumstances completely out of their control.

More and more people are slipping into debt each year, and it can feel like there's no way out. That's when Pacific Debtcan help.

Pacific Debt is a solution for those struggling with more than $10,000 in unsecured debt. They work to negotiate your debt down and set you up with one low program payment that fits within your budget.

Here are three situations where Pacific Debt could save you from your debt problems:

If you're recently divorced

Getting divorced is a stressful process, particularly when it comes to your finances. A lot of people don't fully realize how expensive it can be. Suddenly, you are forced to deal with the financial stress of living single, applying for loans, after loans, and possibly racking up more than 30 years of loan repayments. Yikes.

If you just lost your job

One of the worst things that can happen is losing your job. With so many industries evolving and companies unable to keep up or change accordingly. It can happen when you least expect it - like just after you take out a hefty car loan, leaving you completely unprepared and unable to meet your repayments. When this happens, you can find yourself in immediate need of financial help.

If you just lost control of your finances

It doesn't always have to be student loans, or a big life event like a sudden health problem that has left you with bills to pay. It's easy to rack up credit card debt with smaller, but necessary purchases like car repairs, or even flights for your best friend's wedding abroad can be enough to put you seriously in debt.

In all three cases - Pacific debt can help, as long as it's over $10,000. Pacific Debt doesn't simply get your interest rates reduced, but rather, gets your overall debt amount reduced, by negotiating with creditors on your behalf.

As soon as your application is accepted your Personal Account Manager will be there to help you whenever you need them. Financial problems can be a sensitive subject, so your rep will be able to talk you through any problems calmly, and help you set up a personalized plan to get out of debt. Most debt relief service providers are sweet talkers or swindlers, but Pacific Debt will work with you to explain all of your options and set you up for success.

The first step in the debt relief process is to have a free phone consultation. Give them a call to see how they can help you. There's nothing to lose!

Debt can be a huge pull on moving forward with your life, so if you have any other concerns, Pacific Debt can answer all of your questions for free. The first step in the debt settlement process is to have a free phone consultation. Give them a call at (844) 997-0475 to see how they can help you.

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Every new year is the same – I look back over the past year, think of my worst habits, and try to get rid of them the next year.

Last year, it was to stop overeating and start going to the gym more. Surprisingly, I succeeded at both with a little hard work - I've stopped snacking all the time and started fitting the gym into my schedule.

However, even though I took strides to improve my health, I kept some of my bad habits last year and managed to fall into debt. The only reason I'm hopeful I can resolve my financial solution is Pacific Debt.

This is the year I'm going to get rid of the habits that are stopping me from living a full life. Here are three bad habits to kick in 2020:

1. Drink more water

This one is simple but so important. Last year there were so many occasions where I noticed I was feeling super dehydrated. I always used to forget to drink water, and it gave me headaches and made getting out of bed torture some days. This year, I've bought myself a stainless steel water bottle, and I plan to drink at least two of them throughout the day, every day. I've managed to improve my diet, so this is another thing I can do to keep improving my overall health.

2. Stop overspending

Last year was a tough year for me financially, and I racked up almost $15,000 in debt. This year, I plan to stop overspending and continue to pay off my debt. When I realized how much debt I was in, I panicked and thought I'd never get myself out. Thankfully, I came across a debt relief service called Pacific Debt, which helped me massively.

All I had to do was fill out a quick questionnaire online, and after I was pre-approved, I had a one-on-one consultation with a debt specialist. Once enrolled, my personal account manager contacted my creditors and negotiated the debt down on my behalf. They managed to reduce my payments by almost 50% (!!!), and I no longer feel overwhelmed by my debt. Now all of my credit card bills have been consolidated into one manageable repayment, which has made my life so much easier.

3. Stop procrastinating

I have a problem where I tend to avoid things that I don't want to deal with until the last minute. We're all guilty of it! I used to do it with my college assignments, and that's exactly what I did when I got into debt last year - avoided it. But that got me nowhere. If only I had known about Pacific Debt sooner! So this year, I'm going to learn from my mistakes and stop procrastinating and start facing things head-on.

This year my main goal is to tackle my debt, and thanks to Pacific Debt, I think it might actually be possible. I never realized that debt negotiation could reduce the amount you owe and not just the interest rates.

Pacific Debt has helped me see a finish line in paying off my debt and has allowed me to have a more positive outlook on this coming year. I'd recommend Pacific Debt to anyone who has concerns about paying off their debt.

Debt can be a huge pull on moving forward with your life, so if you have any other concerns, Pacific Debt can answer all of your questions for free. The first step in the debt settlement process is to have a free phone consultation. Give them a call at (844) 997-0475 to see how they can help you.

Every year the holidays leave most of us a little strapped for cash. But last year after Christmas, I was really struggling. My wife was let go, we had our second child, and then the water pipes burst throughout the whole house.

We had to take out a personal loan to cover all the repairs to our home, and both our credit cards were maxed out before Christmas even came. The whole year was tough, and then having the holidays at the end of the year really pushed us over.

We were only making the minimum payments on our loans and credit card debts, which made it feel like they were never decreasing. Once the New Year hit, we were drowning in debt to the point where we couldn't even make the minimum repayments. It was starting to take a toll on my marriage, so I knew I had to do something.

My wife and I sat down and vowed that our New Year's resolution was going to be to get our debt under control. We knew there had to be something out there to help people like us in unforeseen debt. We did a search, and we quickly found Pacific Debt popping up again and again.

We were drawn to all the amazing reviews and testimonials. So many people were in the same situation as us, lost in their debt and not knowing how to get out of it. We'd heard about debt consolidation and debt counseling companies before, but it always sounded too scary, and every company we contacted made it too confusing.

Pacific Debt had so many 5 stars reviews saying how easy and helpful they made the whole process of becoming debt-free. Their main objective is to reduce your debt and monthly payments, along with showing you valuable lessons on how you can live a life debt-free.

We were unsure if they would be able to help us as we had two credit cards and a personal loan to pay off. But we were getting desperate, and we promised we'd get our debt under control - this was not a resolution we were going to give up on.

The first consultation was free, so we gave it a shot, secretly hoping it would be so easy to fix all our debt problems.

Once we were on the phone, our representative couldn't have been more helpful. In the end, they gave us a few options on what we could do.

We took some time to think about them, and asked all our questions, and came to a decision together to enroll in the Pacific Debt Relief Program. It was our best option to get our debt under control in the most efficient way.

Once we enrolled, we were assigned our representative, Sarah. She took us through all the steps that we needed to do. She explained everything so clearly and was there for us every step of the way.

Anytime we had a question or needed assistance, she was there with everything we needed. Our program term for resolving our debt was just over three years and with monthly repayments that we could afford.

Pacific Debt was the best debt solutions company we could have ever found. Not only did they manage to reduce our debt and allow us to believe in and see a time when we will be debt-free, but they taught us so many lessons to make sure we never end up in this situation again.

A year into the program now, we are in a much better place financially, with much of our debt settled and some breathing room in our monthly budget!

It's all thanks to Sarah and Pacific Debt. Their program helped me and my wife keep our New Year's resolution and has inspired us to make every resolution to budget for the year ahead, with built-in finances to cover those mishaps that come out of nowhere and blindside you.

So many people, unfortunately, fall into debt and can't see a way out. But Pacific Debt is here to help you. If your New Year's resolution is a promise to yourself to get your debt under control, let Pacific Debt help. Take it from me, you won't regret it and you will definitely be able to stick to this resolution as well.

Debt can be a huge pull on moving forward with your life, so if you have any concerns, Pacific Debt will answer all of your questions, judgement-free. The first step in the debt settlement process is the free phone consultation. Give them a call at (833) 976-1318 to see how they can help you.


Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year, even as I get older, the magic stays with me. It gets even more special every year as my family starts to grow with new nieces, nephews, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, and all the in-laws.

As much as I love my new big family and the amazing Christmas we all had together, I spent waaaaay too much. Seriously, I got way too carried away buying gifts for absolutely everyone. But I am a giver, so I enjoy buying for others so much.

Mark, my fiancé, and I also hosted Christmas this year for the first time in our new home, for both of our families. I needed to make sure the house was all ready for everyone. I bought new furniture for the living room, and obviously bought loads of only the best decorations to turn my house into the perfect winter wonderland.

I didn't just max out my credit card; I maxed out Marks one too. Well we both did, it was for his family too. I didn't even realize how overboard we went till it was all done. It wasn't the best timing with us buying our new home, and then Mark going freelance with his work.

Once all the magic of Christmas was over, our credit card bills hit us like a ton of bricks. It was a real smack of reality. I was trying my best to budget everything, making the minimum repayments on the cards while still making all our mortgage repayments and keeping up with all our other bills.

My budgeting clearly wasn't working as I started missing some credit card payments, even the minimum amounts were too much for me. I was beyond stressed and worried about it all, and I knew Mark was too.

I started to look online to see if there was anything out there that could help us or that I could learn to manage our situation better. I came across Pacific Debt and their Debt Relief Program, it looked like exactly what we needed, but I still didn't know if we would qualify. They help you reduce the amount of credit card debt you owe by negotiating on your behalf, and also consolidate all of your repayments into just one monthly amount. I took their free consultation- sure I had nothing to lose.

The consultation was done entirely online and was so easy. At the end of it, I was presented with two solutions to our credit card debt, so I enrolled in Pacific Debt's national debt relief program. From there, my account manager, Ray, made everything so clear and almost effortless. They handled so much of the process and gave us so much guidance on anything that we needed to do. They negotiated better monthly repayment for us and the perfect plan to get us back on track.

I really didn't think I would see the day that I wouldn't have to worry about my debt, but with the amazing help from Pacific Debt, I don't have to worry anymore. We finally feel like we're clearing our credit cards, instead of just paying off the interest. In a few more months, it looks like we will have them completely cleared. And I have learned my lesson; I will never be making that same mistake again.

If you feel overwhelmed and struggling with your debt, I would highly recommend contacting Pacific Debt. They have helped so many people become debt-free, and now I know we can enjoy the next holiday season without having to worry.

Debt can be a huge pull on moving forward with your life, so if you have any other concerns, Pacific Debt can answer all of your questions for free. The first step in the debt settlement process is to have a free phone consultation. Give them a call at (888) 964-1440 to see how they can help you.

The holiday season is a wonderful family-filled time of year, but it can also be a very stressful time, financially. The presents are getting more extravagant, there are parties and dinners to attend, and everything this time of the year becomes more and more expensive.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the cost and end up maxing out your credit card or taking out a personal loan just to get through the holidays. It feels like an okay option because of course, you will be able to pay it back over the next few months...

But then the repayments are more than you expected. The APR, that looked reasonable, is now a whopping 20%, and that's just the best deal for near-prime consumers. Then you get caught in the minimum repayment trap where you're really only paying off the interest and charges, with very little coming off your actual debt; a vicious cycle where your debt never ends.

If this sounds all too familiar, don't feel alone - there are so many people in the same situation. About 43.9% of households in the states have an outstanding credit card balance, along with the national household debt standing at over $13.86 trillion.

If this sounds like your situation, you may be considering options such as financial counselors, debt consolidation programs, or even bankruptcy! But these often do more bad than good.

What can help you is a national debt relief program like Pacific Debt. Pacific Debt's objective is to reduce your debt and monthly payments with its national debt relief program. How do they do this?

Once you are eligible and apply through their website, you will get a free consultation. Pacific Debt's certified debt counselor will explain all your debt solutions and options along with setting up an affordable payment plan that fits your budget. From there, your Account Manager and Debt Specialist will work with you and your creditors to negotiate lower payments and debt that you can afford.

Once you are enrolled in Pacific Debt's program, you can rest assured that their debt specialist team will work relentlessly to reduce your debts. The best part is that if you follow their program, you could be debt-free in as little as 24-48 months. Sounds a lot better than the years of debt that you would be facing without them.

Check out Pacific Debt's national debt relief program today and give yourself the gift of being debt-free this holiday season.

Debt can be a huge pull on moving forward with your life, so if you have any concerns, Pacific Debt will answer all of your questions, judgement-free. The first step in the debt settlement process is the free phone consultation. Give them a call at (844) 997-0475 to see how they can help you.