Miami Horror Releases New Single "Luv Is Not Enough"

The Australian electro-funk group releases a funk-inflected new single with shimmering vocals from Clear Mortifee.

Australian outfit Miami Horror returns today with "Luv Is Not Enough," a refreshing modern groove.

"I finally know myself," featured vocalist Clear Mortifee sings in the song's opening moments, and the track brims with promise from there. The funk and disco-laden sound on "Luv Is Not Enough" is familiar territory for Miami Horror, who've made a career out of marrying electronic sensibility to a funk edge. The new single off the group's upcoming third album makes the most of this marriage. The song's infectious energy alone is more than enough to keep a listener enchanted.

A hearty drum and airy synths provide a solid backdrop for the song's flashier elements, Mortifee's voice, and the dazzling guitar work. The nostalgic track is made ethereal with the pluck and strum of the guitar and its consistent bassy hum. Mortifee's performance is coolly assured, highlighting dreamy lyrics. "Love is not enough, girl / I just need more," they trill on the spinning hook. That's the kind of line that can fade into the music, but when sung by Mortifee it perfectly captures Miami Horror's sound of freedom.