Star Wars - It's a Map!

A San Francisco designer retold The Original Trilogy in the style of the London Tube Map.

Not many people sit down and watch George Lucas's classic trilogy and then think to themselves: What if this was a public transit map? What if we viewed every destination the various characters encounter on their journey as subway stubs? Luckily, Jacob Berman not only had that thought but spent several weeks acting on it. It should be mentioned that he has made numerous maps in the past, so he clearly sees the world and its culture in terms of cartography.

Fifthythreestudio, Jacob Berman

Now, of course there is no better way to incur the rage of internet geeks than by remastering anything Star Wars-related. So Mr. Berman attempted to reduce the rage by posting a drafted version in the place with the most concentrated rage: Reddit.

In his own words, he was "torn apart by people who were quite passionate about the subject." If you want to see a classic Reddit explosion, checkout the whole post here. It has some important facts about the original film, including the fact that "C3-PO was throwing dead Jawas into a fire." I, for one, didn't know that.

Fifthythreestudio, Jacob Berman

Also, the Reddit post led to some amazingly specific jokes about Star Wars and the New York City Subway system, including parodies of its delays such as, "THIS SAIL BARGE IS CURRENTLY RUNNING EXPRESS. EXPRESS EXPRESS EXPRESS EXPRESS. WE WILL NOT BE MAKING STOPS BETWEEN 59TH STREET-JABBA'S THRONE ROOM AND 125TH STREET-SHUTTLE TYDIRIUM."



Nonetheless, Berman used the exchange as constructive criticism and integrated the helpful feedback into his final products. Check them out and stay tuned to see if he is going to validate the prequels by incorporating them into his next designs! Or, god forbid, see if he draws inspiration from the new films.

Fiftythreestudio, Jacob Berman


Disney Streaming Service to bring Big Screen Heroes to the Small Screen

Disney is going to get more of your money, just accept it right now.

While Marvel has so far largely had their small screen heroes and their big screen heroes, (With the noticeable exception of Agent Phil Coulson who was big Screen, then small screen and now going to be Big Screen Again), this seems set to change in a big way. According to Variety Disney is planning on developing a group of series starring some of their major stars from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The biggest of these will probably be the god of mischief himself Loki. The biggest deal is probably that Loki will be played by Tom Hiddleston. Similarly their are rumors of a Scarlet Witch series that will also be starring Elizabeth Olsen.

I still don't know what her powers are in the MCU but she always seems like a bad ass

The rumor is also that these will not be cheap add-ons either. It should be noted that in addition to this the streaming service is already going to be hosting a live action Star Wars Series. That series is projected to cost north of $100 million and these series are likely going to cost somewhere in the same range. Their should be some minor cost savings because much of the CGI for these characters powers has already been created and the worlds have been well developed. Still they will most likely not want to dilute their brand

Along with a High School musical series. Plus of course whatever content they can claw back from the agreements they have with Hulu (Cloak and Dagger) Netflix, (All of the Defenders) and a host of other places Disney has put out their product.\

In the end this is another upping of the ante in the race to own the streaming service race. CBS had started strong by spending a reported $8 million dollar plus an episode for their Star Trek Discovery. Which is of course nothing compared to a reported $500 million dollar budget for Amazon's Lord of the Rings series. At which point you are guessing Jeff Bezos is just a giant Tolkien fan and figures why not.

Now will any of this be worth tuning into? More importantly will it be worth paying the money to tune into? Will it be profitable for any of the companies involved? That all remains to be seen but what is clear is the initial target market for all of this is my fellow Geeks and Nerds. Companies are hoping where we go the rest of America will follow. All of these questions will be answered in the next few years, in the meantime, get your couches ready.


Black Panther Gets Around. Wakanda's Subway Map Now Available!

Cartographer Jake Berman puts Wakanda on the Map

With Wakanda opening up to the world, it's high time they let visitors know how to get around.

Anyone who saw Black Panther knows that Wakanda is the best Afrofuturistic portrayal of what a city could be. What do Afrofuturistic idealized cities not have? Traffic! So although the Marvel film doesn't have time to go into these details we can assume comfortably that it had a first rate public transit system. Now Map enthusiast Jake Berman has provided us with a map of that system.

Check out Panther Island! From the original Black Panther Comics

As the cartographer explained,

"Design-wise, I've chosen to present Wakanda as a sort of city-state connected by its maglev system. With the speed maglev trains provide, Wakanda can be crossed end-to-end in an hour and a half, meaning that the places which were once Wakanda's border fortresses also serve as suburbs of the Wakanda Golden City. Wakanda's opening has brought large numbers of foreigners to the country for the first time, leading the Government of Wakanda to translate its subway map into English and French. As Wakanda is in East Africa, per writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, I thought it would be reasonable for the day-to-day language of Wakanda to be Swahili. (I apologize in advance to any Swahili speakers for grammatical errors.)

In essence, I wanted to synthesize the various iterations of Wakanda the nation-- both the original Silver Age concept of a hidden super-powered tribe with Ta-Nehisi Coates' modern re-envisioning of it as an African Hong Kong or Singapore. To that end, I took slight liberties with the canon, interpreting the Silver Age maps of Wakanda as Wakanda as it was in the '60s, merging it with Coates' new Wakanda as the modern city-state."

With Black Panther 2 already a sure thing it won't be long before Mr. Berman is contacted to consult.

Check out the link to some of his other projects as well as the map below:

Wakanda by Public Transit

Compared to Mr. Berman's map of NYC Transit:

Asking the age old question of why most maps don't have all train lines.