Billie Eilish Releases New Self-Directed Video for "Xanny"

Ever wondered what Billie Eilish looks like with brown hair?

Billie Eilish, the brilliant 17-year-old who's shaken up the pop world for the past year, just released a new music video for her single "Xanny."

Eilish not only stars in the stirring visual, but also directed it herself. The video depicts EIlish in a cream colored turtleneck and trousers, sitting in a nondescript tiled room. She stares moodily at the camera, singing the haunting melody. As the camera moves closer, the chorus hits and a hand comes out of nowhere, burning Eilish's face with a lit cigarette as she continues to sing. The whole video is done in a single shot, adding to the intensity. It's safe to say Eilish can add talented "director" to her already extensive list of accomplishments.

Billie Eilish - xanny

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