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Both number one seeds from the NFC and AFC are headed to the Super Bowl. The Philadelphia Eagles, led by Jalen Hurts and head coach Nick Sirianni, will meet the Kansas City Chiefs, with Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid, on February 12.

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The 5 Most Disturbing Haunted Houses in America

Are they real? Who cares?

Photo by Ján Jakub Naništa on Unsplash

Everyone has heard of the murder-hotel where dark shadows creep at the edge of your vision, or the abandoned house where the furniture moves each time you leave the room.

But sometimes the places set up to capture the fun and fright of the Halloween season for paying customers can be far more horrifying than any ghost stories. These "fake" haunted houses will leave you genuinely haunted.

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Black Friday: Black Brands to Shop this Cyber Weekend

Start your resolutions early or do your holiday shopping with Black brands

via Pattern Beauty

Black Friday is all about looking for the best deals from the best brands - scanning for skincare, self-care, Secret Santa gifts, and more. It’s the weekend to cross everyone off your holiday shopping list and splurge a little — or a lot — on yourself, too.

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How Does Jake Gyllenhaal Sleep At Night?

Sleep more soundly than Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal

via @jakegyllenhaal on Instagram

Imagine this: you're a 40 year old man.

Not just any 40 year man — a pretty successful one, with two new high profile projects on deck. This means: you're exceeding at your job. This means: everyone loves you. Congratulations! You're a Sagittarius so this public approval really fuels your fire — it's what you live for and you're living swell.

You're in your prime. Then — suddenly — a woman you dated over a decade ago … ruins your life.

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  • Vuori is an activewear brand with lines for both men and women available online.
  • Known for their eco-friendly approach to apparel, high-quality fabrics, and innovative technology, Vuori has everything from tops to bottoms and accessories.
  • I decided to try out a range of everyday essentials from their women's line and see if the brand really delivers must-have performance wear staples.
  • Read below to see everything I got and how it worked out.

As my need for more activewear has increased, I've been searching for the ultimate performance wear brand. That's how I found Vuori.

The California-based company is inspired by the coastal active lifestyle which inspires their garments versatility, color schemes, and technology. But reading all the great reviews and seeing their aesthetically pleasing site still leaves the question open: is Vuori worth it?

I wanted to see for myself if Vuori is the best activewear and got my hands on a few of their most popular essentials. Here's what I thought about each one.

I started with the Daily Legging in Black Camo.

Immediately this legging stands out from the crowd with its drawcord detail at the waist. I hadn't seen this detail before in a legging but was willing to give it a shot. The minimalist logo square was also a cute touch (I hate when brand logos are too prominent on activewear).

Once I put the Daily Leggings on, my life changed.

These are the softest leggings I've ever owned, hands down. Turns out that Vuori's BreatheInterlock™ fabric is next-level and provides an incredible smoothing effect. Plus, the Daily Legging passed the see-through test which is a must. They have full coverage, comfort, and the drawcord gives me added no-slip security.

I want the Daily Legging in all 8 colors - they're that good.

To top off my first Vuori outfit I added the Daily Bra.

Like all of Vuori's collections, this bra is available in sizes XXS to XXL. I got the Black color in a size XS.

Made with the same buttery fabric, this bra is the perfect pairing for the Daily Legging. I love how minimalist and supportive it is for a sports bra. The medium support gives me just the right amount of security I need for a wide range of activities.

No matter what I'm doing, the Daily Bra's tech gets me through the entire day. It's moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and is lined with removable cups.

Pro Tip: Size up! The XS fit me but after trying it on I could've gone up a size.

My second Vuori fit was more casual. I started with the Performance Jogger.

Everyone needs at least one jogger in their wardrobe, but with Vuori you need all 13 colors. They slid up my legs and the DreamKnit™ fabric felt heavenly against my skin. The Performance Jogger has just the right amount of bagginess for lounging comfort and the tapered leg and cuff hit my ankle perfectly.

I've never felt so good in a pair of joggers, and these did not give me that frumpy effect I hate. Vuori made casual loungewear flattering for my body and I can't believe I was missing out before.

The Charcoal Heather goes with so many different tops, and the pockets are great for holding my phone and keys when I need to run an errand. However, I'll be more often than not parked on the couch enjoying the luxurious 4-way stretch these joggers provide.

My last Vuori pick was the Halo Performance Crop.

This is more than just a tank top. The Halo Performance Crop comes with a built-in bra, removable cups, and Vuori's must-have DreamKnit™ fabric. It's so hard to find a top with light support that's also comfortable.

The double strap feature on the back takes the Halo top from basic to basically the best crop top ever. The length hits my waist at its narrowest point for the most flattering cut and has me feeling confident as I walk around the gym, in the neighborhood, and even around my house.

I'm planning on replacing all my old, ratty tanks with more of this next-level top, and thankfully there are 6 more colors to build my collection with (Heather Grey pictured above).

Vuori is the best place for activewear.

My mini-haul proved to be such a success, I have no doubt that the rest of their collection is just as amazing. With unparalleled comfort, quality, and tech I've never felt so stylish and ready to tackle whatever the day brings in my Vuori fits.

Vuoriis the next place to stock up on performance wear and if the women's line is this good, the men's line is sure to hit the mark.

Don't forget that when you're filling up your cart, not only do you get high-quality apparel but Vuori is also an eco-friendly brand. They use recycled and organic materials without sacrificing durability and effortless design.

If you're hesitant to shop Vuori, trust me this is the best activewear you'll find out there.

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Cancel Your Trip to Hawaii and Watch "White Lotus" Instead

A lesson in being less of an asshole

White Lotus via HBO

White Lotus is a lot of things: a comedy, a thriller, a showcase of career making performances, and, above all, a lesson in being less of an asshole.

If you haven't watched White Lotus yet, start it immediately.

The new HBO Max limited series delivers exactly what you want and need from an HBO thriller: a stellar cast, a convoluted web of lives, and the gripping, but aesthetically pleasing, downfall of the elite. It moves through the lives of different characters at a Hotel Resort in Hawaii, The White Lotus, from hotel staff to various guests.

White Lotus is billed as a satirical comedy with the undercurrent of a thriller. Directed by Mike White, it is as impressive as it is entertaining. According to Variety, it's "a fascinating trick of light that bends its interlocking stories with the kind of impressive dexterity we've come to expect from White. By the time you get used to this show's rhythms, it's already shifted into something else entirely."

But what really makes the show is the cast. Each distinct character comes through in compelling, embodied performances by the cast — Sydney Sweeny and Brittany O'Grady as the pretentious teenagers based on the hosts of the " Red Scare" podcast, whose haughtiness is balanced by both tenderness and turmoil; Alexandra Daddario and Jake Lacy as the newlywed rich couple, whose dynamic is so precisely delivered that I've started rating real life couples I see in the city based on how similar they act to the White Lotus couple; the inimitable Jennifer Coolidge as … a complete mess; the smug and self sabotaging hotel manager; as well as everyone in between.

But the show isn't just a vicarious deep dive into the lives of the wastefully rich; it's a satirical exploration of the more pathetic moments of the privileged, an intimate look into the flaws and foils of different archetypes of People With Money.

Though it's not prescriptive, there is no Answer or moralizing force, one thing is pretty clear: Stop being an asshole.

Some of the most cringeworthy moments aren't in the unimaginable — not the egregious missteps the characters make as the stakes escalate — they're the subtle but pointed glimpses of the daily lives of the guests, all their nonchalant arrogance and easy entitlement.

There are some big, obvious displays of nauseating privilege — a tantrum over a bedroom, the $75,000 bracelets — but more insidious are the small moments. More than once, the directorial gaze lingers on the guests obnoxiously eating at the breakfast bar, touching everything and leaving it out of place, or treating staff like idiots and props, trusting that they will be catered to despite.

The larger plot lines exaggerate these dynamics, but even in their daily habits, their casual conversations, the characters are, well assholes.

In a post-Covid world, this has larger implications. The show barely mentions the pandemic, but small one-liners glance at the privilege the rich have to feel as though the pandemic is "over," to abscond from the "stress" of the pandemic and splurge on a Hawaiian vacation.

What the series does explore, through brief anecdotes and subplots, is the colonization of Hawaii. According to the show's lore, the White Lotus Resort was built on an island sacred to native Hawaiians which the government illegally sold to resort builders. Yet, the resort uses elements of Hawaiian traditions to enhance the "authenticity" of their experience.

This tension shows up as a plot point in the series but is a real, current point of contention. In a case of life imitating art, the colonial undertones of the show are indicative of the current, real-life tensions in Hawaii right now.

Native Hawaiians have been speaking out about the colonial consequences of high tourism for decades. However, the personal impacts have been heightened over the past few months.

As travel restrictions have eased domestically in the US, many people immediately booked trips to Hawaii. However, local communities have been negatively impacted by the influx of tourists and are asking people to just … stop coming.

According to Insider in an interview, an interviewee on the island said it was "'maddening' how many people were there — with most disregarding Hawaii's public safety restrictions."

And this has largely affected the Native populations. A study from the University of Hawaii at Mānoa showed that "Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders account for 40% of the positive coronavirus cases on the islands, but they only make up 25% of Hawaii's population."

Meanwhile tourists get to come and go, ignoring the lives of Natives beyond what they can benefit from. White Lotus is a perfect display of this. Despite the chaos the characters cause, their lives are rarely impacted by the messes they make.So if you're considering a trip to Hawaii, cancel it. Just sit at home, watch White Lotus, and then, honestly, watch it again until it sticks.

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