Shoffy Has Never Fought a Child

The electro-pop star gets personal.

LA singer-songwriter and producer, Shoffy (real name Alex Shofler), first made it big with his 2016 hit "Takes My Body Higher." From there, he continued to churn out infectious electro-pop jams that have cemented him as one of the biggest names in the genre.

In 2018 he released his sophomore album "Lenses," and is now gearing up for a massive North American tour. His velvety voice has been compared to John Mayer, while his production quality has been compared to innovators like Frank Ocean.

Popdust Exclusive | Shoffy

The star sat down with Popdust's own Brent Butler to discuss his rise to fame, his production methods, and the power of perspective. Shoffy the confronted the horror of the Magic Box, bowing to the power of fractions, admitting to rarely tussling with children, and expressing his desire to go on a cruise with Rob Gronkowski.

The Magic Box Interview with Shoffy

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