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5 Tracks That Inspired Maisy Kay

The new single 'Emotionally Unavailable' is out now

Video and Interview by Jordan Edwards

It's been nearly five years since we talked to Maisy Kay. In that time, the English LA-based singer-songwriter has developed a sound that shifts between dance and '80s flavored pop. She also teamed with TheFatRat for the Na'vi language viral single "The Storm."

Her latest, "Emotionally Unavailable," is built around a sunny synth pop chorus and pulsing Linn Drum style beat. It follows "Mascara Tears" and "Scared Together," recent singles with a similar vibe.

As you might expect, a wide variety of music has influenced Maisy. We asked her to break down some of her favorite songs in the premiere episode of our new series 5 Tracks That Inspired Me. But first, a few questions.

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