ATT OK Boy Band Finally Drops "Summertime Lover"—and Yes, It's a Real Banger

AT&T's fake boy band just became a lot more real.


AT&T/ Kory Brocious

Dreams really do come true. After our fervent fan outcry to #DropSummertimeLover, AT&T has finally answered.

At long last, we can all experience "Summertime Lover"—the absolute bop from the AT&T OK Boy Band commercial that plays 800 times during every college football game—in its entirety. No longer will we have to repeat the commercial on loop, over and over and over again for a 30 second taste of the greatest boy band since NSYNC. Fake boy band or not, this is the real deal:

Summertime Lover (full-length song!) by 💥300 Likes💥

Take a minute. Dry yourself off. I will too.

Okay. So.

"Summertime Lover" isn't just a total bop. It's also a real banger. In fact, it's everything we asked for and more.

Back off, Backstreet Boys. Your reign is over, BTS. 300 Likes may be the newest boys in town, but if "Summertime Lover" is any indication, they're about to sweep the world by storm.

Lyrics like, "Hey girl / I hope you get this DM in time / I put emojis everywhere so it's easy to find" bring a level of swoon-inducing heat that rivals history's hottest boy band ballads. Then Kory comes in with this bit and it's absolutely over: "Tell me that you're on your phone creeping me now / Deep liking my pics all the way back to 2009 / You can start snapping all of your girlfriends / Tell them you're talking to someone in a boy band."

No doubt about it, "Summertime Lover" is the absolute hottest bop of 2009 and 2019.

I'm seeing a real bright future for these guys. I'm talking merch. I'm talking concerts. I'm talking Grammys. Make it happen, AT&T.

I promise, I'll be right in front of the stage at every 300 Likes concert wearing my Kory Brocious t-shirt. I don't even care if the universe implodes from the absurdity of a fake boy band commercial becoming reality. "Summertime Lover" is just that good, and 300 Likes isn't just a boy band. 300 Likes is a movement. And yes, we're going to stan. #300LikesSquad.

AT&T's Fake Boy Band Accidentally Created a Total Bop

AT&T needs to drop the full "Summertime Lover" track immediately.

AT&T/ Kory Brocious

There's no doubt about it—"Summertime Lover" from AT&T's new commercial is an absolute banger. The only problem: It's not a real song.*


"Summertime Lover" is a fictional number performed by a fictional boy band in an AT&T commercial. The commercial hinges on the premise that a boy band without dancing is "just okay." Except the song they seem to have created solely to be used as a "just okay" boy band sample is accidentally a total bop. It's been stuck in my head for days, and I've watched the commercial like 80 times already just to hear the 30-second clip.

Just listen to that. Like, damn. I can't be alone in demanding that AT&T drop the full track immediately. And based off the YouTube comments, I'm definitely not.

at&t boy band

Obviously "Summertime Lover" is a major throwback to '90s heyday boy bands. The main hook, "Summertime love / With my summertime lover," could have been ripped straight from NSYNC. But when lead singer, Kory, uses his falsetto to sing, "Gimme one chance / I'll treat you like a princess," he carries enough passion and vocal talent to drive the band straight into the modern era. And that wink. Swoon.

So you know what, AT&T. Let's go a step further. On top of dropping "Summertime Lover" as a single (it's honestly a travesty this hasn't been done already), it's time to make this boy band a real thing. I know this is just a silly commercial, but I don't even care. Call up Kory and the boys, hire a choreographer, and make this happen. I swear to G-d, I would buy a ticket to see these guys in concert.

You thought "Summertime Lover" was a big joke, but you were wrong. "Summertime Lover" is a big hit. Time to take it global. #DropSummertimeLover