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There are shockingly few Turkey Movies™.

Seriously. In all of human history, we've made the bare minimum amount of Turkey Movies. No, I'm not talking about Thanksgiving Movies™––if you want a boring list of mashed potato shlock, you can hop on over to any other website. Here on Popdust, I'm talking about movies that literally feature turkey characters in a prominent role. And I'm telling you, after over a decade of grueling research, there are basically only four movies that fit my criteria––which is pretty much just that there is a character who is also a turkey.

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Should There Be Movies About 9/11?

Can fictionalized movies about 9/11 ever be good entertainment, or just exploitation?

Universal Studios

For Americans, 9/11 was more than just a horrendous terrorist attack.

9/11 changed the very fabric of American culture. Even for people who didn't lose anyone close to them in the tragedy, life seemed to shift post-9/11. Many realized that their world was much darker and much less safe than they had once imagined. Fear of outsiders seeped into public consciousness. Some of it was warranted, but a lot of it was not. Opposing parties briefly united under the banner of American pride and then separated almost as quickly in disputes over how to best move forward.

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Culture News

Fortnite Versus Apple: Battle of the Microtransactions

Epic Games takes on Apple and Google in a landmark battle royale.

Epic Games

Sometimes the biggest boss battles in video games aren't the ones that play out onscreen.

Currently, the mobile gaming industry is in the midst of a reckoning. Epic Games, the video game publishing and development company behind Fortnite, has gone to war against Apple. And to anyone who thinks that a legal battle between major tech companies sounds boring: Buckle up, because this one's spicy.

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The 9 Worst Video Game DLC of All Time

Mainly we just hate EA.

Marvel/ Square Enix/ Verizon

There's such a thing as good video game downloadable content (DLC).

Sure, it's exceedingly rare, but The Witcher 3 and Ghost of Tsushima prove that DLC can actually be used to vastly expand upon a game instead of just milking players for cash. But those are the exception. From essential story content to entire characters locked behind paywalls at launch, bad DLC is the rule, and unfortunately, it's a race to the bottom. Here are the worst of the worst:

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Free Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Multiplayer Update Proves the Game Is Worth Every Penny

Ghost of Tsushima shows the AAA gaming industry how to do DLC right.

Sucker Punch Productions

Save for a single set of bonus armor included with the collector's edition, Ghost of Tsushima is a rare AAA game void of microtransactions.

This is especially impressive considering the fact that Ghost of Tsushima lends itself very well to the whole microtransaction model. While exploring the gorgeous island of Tsushima, you oftentimes discover new weapon skins, outfits, and materials that can be used to dye your various suits of armor.

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Aside from evil, irredeemable monsters, and perhaps also people with very bad allergies, everyone loves to pet animals.

Video games provide a space of limitless possibilities, where we can just as easily step into the greaves of a 13th century samurai as we can ride a motorcycle across a futuristic cyberpunk cityscape. Sometimes video games also have animals in them, and in a world where so much is possible, we must be allowed to pet them.

Sadly, far too many games fail this most basic of tests. Imagine going to all the trouble of intricately rendering a virtual animal and then deciding that you're not going to give players the ability to scratch its fuzzy widdle head. Absolutely ludicrous. Thankfully, some games—the best games—do deliver. These are some of those games:

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