Fill Up Your Carts: Moda Operandi Teams Up with the 15 Percent Pledge for an Exclusive Trunkshow

Best picks from the best Black brands loved by Aurora James and Lauren Santo Domingo

Moda Operandi and 15 Percent Pledge Trunkshow

Aurora James by lev radin // Lauren Santo Domingo by Ovidiu Hrubaru on Shutterstock

For years, Moda Operandi has been the best, worst-kept-secret of fashion girls. This curated fashion hub sells selects straight from the mind of Lauren Santo Domingo — a Vogue columnist, former socialite, and one of the most stylish people on the planet.

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Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Old Flannels — Lady Gaga & The Return of Dirtbag Style

Ripped jeans and converse at the 2023 Oscars? Post-post-grunge is here

Lady Gaga Performing at the 2023 Oscars

via YouTube / Lady Gaga VEVO

We’ve spoken ad nauseum about the return of Y2K/90s fashion — with Gen Z spearheading this revival, the precise decades are blurred. But those eras weren’t all teeny tops and low-rise jeans. They’re also known for the formation of grunge, pop-punk, and absolutely filthy dirtbag style.

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St Patrick’s Day Knick-Knacks, Tropes & Memes We Love To Hate

Here are just a few morsels of Knick-Knack Paddywhackery - evidence of life on Planet Shamrockery

Shirtless Male St Pat's Day Ad


True or False: The Irish – at home, here, or abroad – love St. Patrick’s Day.

Answer: It’s complicated...

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The Ozempic Discourse is Bad, Boring, and Blatantly Fatphobic

Stop normalizing the constant pursuit of thinness, you absolute weirdos

For all young, hip, city folk of a certain age, The Cut is an online Bible. My conversations regularly feature exhaustive discussions about their most recent articles. And when I scroll through all my friends’ Instagram, I see the “Liked By” tab. It’s like waving hello, over Instagram. And if I notice that a friend’s name is missing, I shoot over the most recent meme or headline in a DM. It’s friend homework. Catching up on The Cut.

And, as a writer, I’m convinced that The Cut and the rest of New York Magazine sit at the center of the zeitgeist. For our jobs, we need to know what the culture is saying. And The Cut speaks for the culture.

This is why it was so alarming when, on February 27th, they posted another piece adding to the Ozempic discourse. This rumination on the Hollywood-touted appetite suppressant — and literally a diabetes medication — was titled: “Life After Food.” And in the opening paragraphs, an interviewee is quoted saying: “We don’t talk about it, but everybody knows it. Thin is power.”

Besties, when I say my jaw is on the floor, I am not lying. But I soldiered on. I kept reading. Where are they going with this? I wondered. Surely, somewhere less bleak than this. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

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The Coolest Moms In The Whole Wide World

How Millennial Moms Are Changing The Game and Romanticizing … Cleaning? With the help of your favorite celebs, of course

Rihanna, the coolest mom in the whole wide world

Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

A new generation of moms is emerging. A generation that was shaped by Amy Poehler in Mean Girls (2004) spreading the gospel of being a “cool mom.” A generation that’s been inundated by mommy influencers who make childbearing chic. A generation influenced by Rihanna’s belly-baring pregnancy outfits.

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