Wait, Are Those Balenciaga Crocs Real?

If no one else will, we'll take the stand: End the tyranny of Crocs.

Will we ever be free?

In a nation as divided as this, for a while, I thought we were all united on at least one thing: Crocs are a fundamentally embarrassing shoe.

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What’s Going on with Kanye West’s Yeezy LLC?

What's next for the Yeezy empire?

Kanye West wearing the new Yeezy x Gap Round Jacket

Update June 8 2021:

The first piece from Kanye West's Yeezy x Gap collaboration has just been released.

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Good Riddance, Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is going to space next month, and not a soul will not miss him.

The way this man just looks like a cartoon villain ...

Jeff Bezos is going to space next month, and we will not be missing him. Goodbye and good riddance. We love when someone knows when they've overstayed their welcome.

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We All Lost the Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul Fight

Who do you root for when the man with the most punchable face on the planet gets punched by someone equally awful?

Who are we rooting for? Neither.

While I take any opportunity to root against Logan Paul, his boxing match against Floyd Mayweather was not the joyous spectacle that many of us imagined.

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This Haunts Me: Justin Timberlake’s Diss Track About Prince

Justin Timberlake's ego really made him think he had license to write a verse about … Prince

via NME

It wouldn't be hyperbolic to say that Prince is one of the most influential musicians of all time.

Beyonce credits Prince with taking her to the next level as an artist by recommending she learn how to play piano. Lianne La Havas had tea parties with him. Frank Ocean, despite his own almost mythical status, was rendered starstruck just at the sight of him. And countless artists credit his performances and his iconic catalogue as major inspirations.

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Before Its Time: "Blue Crush" and the Coconut Girl Aesthetic

What is a Coconut Girl? The latest Y2K TikTok cool girl is who we all wanted to be after watching "Blue Crush" and "Aquamarine."

The OG Coconut Girls. The Blueprint

A few months ago, I rewatched Blue Crush for the first time since I first saw it as a pre-teen.

It was winter, I was cold, and instead of running through my own rolodex of escape fantasies or scrolling through social media, I turned on the TV and decided to rewatch the 2002 Kate Bosworth film.

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