3 Bad Habits We All Need To Break

Need some fitness inspiration?

Like most people, I'm always thinking of new ways to improve my life.

My current obsession is drinking more water, and I have successfully drank more water this week than ever before! It was only by purchasing an enormous water bottle that I was able to make drinking water more convenient.

But even though I always try to have the best intentions, I still somehow manage to pick up some bad habits.

Here are 3 bad habits I plan to quit and how you can, too:

Stop Putting Off Exercise

I've tried joining a gym, thinking it would motivate me to exercise, but it never worked - I think I only went 3 times. The thought of exercising in public is intimidating. I never knew where to start when it comes to the gym.

This time around, I plan to start using Aaptiv to help me exercise at home in my own time, after a friend recommended it to me.

Aaptiv is an audio and video exercise app with a variety of fitness classes designed and taught by certified personal trainers and set to curated playlists. Classes range from a quick stretch under 10 minutes, to running, strength training, elliptical, and yoga workouts. I'm going to start strength training, and when I get more comfortable with the workouts, I plan to start taking them to the gym.

Stop Overspending

Looking at my finances, I've spent far too much money on unnecessary things (Lattes are my weakness). So, my plan is to get a coffee machine in my apartment to use instead of going to Starbucks daily. Plus, I plan to start making my own lunches for work instead of buying lunch every day. This will save me money and hopefully help me eat healthier, too.

Less Work Stress

My job can get pretty busy and stressful at times. My problem is, I take the stress with me after my day ends. I've done some research and looked into ways to wind down and de-stress, and one thing that keeps coming up is meditation.

My friend meditates daily and says it has reduced her stress levels dramatically. I've wanted to try it for a while but had no idea how to do it or where to start. When I discovered Aaptiv also has meditation classes, I was delighted I would finally be able to try it.

With some help from Aaptiv, I'll hopefully be able to break these habits and reach my fitness goals and be a little less stressed this year. Luckily, Aaptiv has classes for complete beginners and pros, so it's accessible for everyone.

Each class has a carefully curated playlist to match the rhythm and intensity of the workout – genres include dance/electronic, pop, alternative, classic rock, and hip hop. It's only $14.99 a month or $99 annually, plus it's super easy to cancel. Also, for a limited time they are offering their yearly membership for 70% off (just $29.99!!).

I've already checked out Aaptiv, and the classes are fantastic, so fun and so clear. I'd recommend Aaptiv to anyone who wants to start exercising at their own pace and wants to start the new year off with some positive changes.

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Will you get the vaccine as soon as it is available to you?


A New Way To Access Mental Healthcare

We found a platform that's here for you.

2020 has been a rough year all around and everybody has been struggling in their own way.

Our editors were looking for mental health care that takes the next step, and we found Talkspace: an online platform for 24/7 counseling and therapy.

While some people find therapy to be their solution, we noticed that others were looking for a little more help (and there's nothing wrong with that).

Talkspace Psychiatry lets users grow their personal mental health journey in a safe, comfortable way.

The key difference between therapy and psychiatry is that therapists focus on "talk therapy" while psychiatrists can prescribe medication to treat mental health conditions. Both are great resources and thankfully Talkspace provides both.

Talkspace has created the digital environment for you to receive expert medical care without leaving the comfort of your home. As an online platform, their professionals are not only licensed but also trained by Talkspace on how to communicate with patients in the digital landscape.

All of the sessions are live video and super convenient thanks to their app. It's easy to prioritize your mental health when you don't have to worry about rearranging your busy days to get to a doctor's office.

Sometimes the hardest step is getting out the door to see a prescriber but now you can do it right from your couch. We loved speaking with a Matching Agent, which relieved the stress of reading reviews and reaching out to a prescriber on our own. Being matched with a licensed psychiatric prescriber took so much weight off our shoulders.

After the initial call, your prescriber provides personalized treatment which varies and could include medication and follow-ups. However, if you don't click with your first match, Talkspacecan easily connect you with a different prescriber without setting you back in your treatment.

Whenever we think of healthcare, cost is a major concern. Talkspace charges on a per session basis. The initial evaluation is $199 and follow-ups are $125 which is significantly cheaper than a typical in-person appointment. They currently only accept Premera and Cigna insurance (Optum will also be accepted by November) but those with other benefits can submit claims and receive 50-90% of the cost of Talkspace back.

Talkspace is now more than just a space to talk; Talkspace Psychiatry is here to help those that want to move forward with their mental health, but on a different path. There's no one way to take care of yourself and Talkspace recognizes that, so you're not alone.

We love Talkspace Psychiatry for creating a judgment-free zone where we can get the help we need and still feel in control.


From Skeptic To Subscriber: My Reluctant Journey With CBD

I never thought I'd jump on the CBD bandwagon

Listen, it takes a lot for me to make a big purchase. I go back and forth, leave the website tab open on my browser for a week, and then just forget about it and never buy the thing.

So when one by one, all my friends started getting into CBD, I rolled my eyes so hard. That stuff was NOT cheap. What even was it?

One said it made her feel "less stressed." Um, okay. Placebo effect, girl. My brother's friend was using it to get to sleep, and my boss had a bottle of it on her desk. Everyone was claiming it relieved their ailments, and I'm way too logical to believe that, so I decided to do some research.

CBD (Cannabidiol) comes from the hemp plant and is known to support decreased pain, stress, and sleeplessness due to the plant's anti-inflammatory properties. Why not just take some turmeric and call it a day?!

Or was it the opposite, and everyone was running around high all the time? Nobody seemed stoned, so I looked it up and that's the one thing every single "guide to CBD" agrees on: this won't get you high. Cannabis contains THC, CBD, and plenty of other terpenes like CBG and CBN. THC is the one that gets you high.

On Monday when I went into work, I was first in the office, so I looked at the bottle on my boss's desk. It was a happy, retro shade of orange with a cool font that read " Feals."

I looked up their website to see what was in a bottle, and it contained coconut oil and CBD oil along with less than 0.3% THC. Would this get you high??!

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
Delivered To Your Door

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Their FAQ was pretty detailed — apparently trace amounts are present in "full-spectrum" CBD products and help support the calming effects. Maybe this stuff actually does help.

Something that I've tried to help de-stress is meditation. I read a self-help book earlier this year to help focus my goals and I found meditating to be helpful, but I couldn't get into the zone for more than like 2 seconds. The only way I could see myself using this product was to actually try it with meditation. If I could just de-stress a little bit, I'd be able to look more inward.

Then, I saw something that made me actually consider purchasing the product — Feals offered a $20 Flight of CBD. I'd never seen anything under $50 in any guide I read.

They have 3 strengths and offer all 3 in the Flight, so you can try them before you make a larger purchase. I decided to take the plunge!

When my Flight arrived, it came in a pretty white box. I opened it up to reveal the 3 golden oil vials and instructions. I still didn't fully trust it and I need to stay sharp at work, so I waited until the weekend to try the lightest dose. I placed the dropper under my tongue, held for 30 seconds, and swallowed as it suggested.

I went back to collecting data for a work presentation that week when after maybe 20-30 minutes, I felt different.

Just, relaxed. Like I'd just gotten back from a Caribbean vacation, but without the sunburn. I inhaled deeply. I exhaled deeply. I went back to work.

At work, my presentation went great! I hadn't stayed up too late fiddling or worrying about how I was going to speak on it. I think I'm more high strung than I thought!

Later that week, I went to the DMV, so I tried the medium potency dose (80 MG). I didn't feel high at all, but when an hour went by and my spot in the DMV line had barely moved? I was chill as a cucumber. I started meditating and became the happiest person there.

My favorite CBD me was DMV CBD me, so I ordered a bottle of the medium-strength oil, for when I needed a little relaxation, joy, and focus.

With Feals, I was able to really listen to my body's needs with the Flight, and respond by finding a potency of CBD that enhances my life, but didn't alter it.

I went from thinking this was a total crock, to proudly displaying it on my desk, and telling everyone about the Feals Flight. Also, with and without it, I've been able to meditate up to 20 minutes now without fidgeting!

It's only $20, so that's all you have to lose if you want to try CBD. I'm so glad I found this.

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Hey ladies! Colder weather getting ya down? We get it – the post-summer blues are real. It's times like these we need a little retail therapy, but going on a shopping spree can sometimes remind you just how broke you are. This is exactly what you don't need 😥. So, if you're wondering how you can #treatyourself without breaking the bank, our editors just got the inside scoop on this limited time sale from FabFitFun!

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FabFitFun's Fall box includes all of the fabulous items you'll need this Autumn 🍂 Here's a little sneak peek into a couple of our faves:

The AVEDA Damage Ready™ Daily Hair Repair treatment puts the shine back into your parched, sun-damaged hair. Good for all hair types, it also protects your hair from future damage and helps give you longer, stronger hair - perfect since Fall weather can be so unpredictable. ($30 retail value)

Use Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes in the shower as a body exfoliant and refresh your dried out, post-summer skin. The ingredients are green apple, pineapple, and kiwi – they smell delicious. 🍍🍏🥝 ($16 retail value)

Human + Kind Body Soufflé is a natural, vegan, cruelty-free moisturizer derived from an international Irish brand and formulated with shea butter and apricot oil. Apply this after exfoliating and your skin will feel sooo soft - just the TLC you deserve. ($18 retail value)

Besides these three must-haves, you'll receive another five items out of a possible 18 total products to choose from, including an ultra soft plush & trendy plaid scarf, a cute, pink full size hair straightener, Baublebar ear crawlers, a Kate Spade lunch tote, a cute travel yoga mat from Anthropologie, wooden cheese board, refreshing skin detox pads for your face, a salt & pepper mill, or more high-quality beauty & skincare products. Each item alone is worth nearly the price of the entire box! 💸

Of course, you'll receive that super luxurious mystery gift. Trust us, you'll love it. And if you're worried about not liking the secret gift - or any item for that matter - you can always re-gift (but trust us, you won't want to). This offer is only temporary, so act fast. What are you waiting for?

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