Shane MacGowan dies aged 65

It should be no surprise. Shane MacGowan, erstwhile songwriter and singer for the Pogues, had over the years downed oceans of whiskey and porter and ingested enough recreational drugs to get the whole bloody EU buzzed.

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Get Your Irish On With This St Patrick’s Day Playlist

Skip the shamrocks - Hit play on this playlist

Photo by Amanda Marie (Unsplash)

Green beer is passé, trite, and, frankly, shameful. So is any kind of headgear featuring glittery shamrocks.

This Saint Patrick’s Day it’s time to shake things up musically. We put on our thinking caps – sans shamrocks – and compiled a Paddy’s Day Playlist with 10 tunes that are sure to please connoisseurs of Irish-inflected music.

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In memoriam: C.W.

Will the Stones keep rolling without his steady beat?

The Rolling Stones - Charlie Watts
Chris Tuite/imageSPACE/Shutterstock

Charlie Watts was an unlikely Rock Hero.

A dapper, circumspect jazz aficionado who was married to Shirley Watts for almost sixty years, a family man who retired to his hotel after a concert to sketch – he'd been a commercial artist before joining the Stones – Watts didn't live a typical rock star's life. Nor was he a flashy drummer. Like his contemporary Ringo Starr, he eschewed bombastic displays of rhythmic prowess (a la Led Zeppelin's John Bonham) and never indulged in sloppy theatrics (think of The Who's Keith Moon).

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