Nutrisystem vs. BistroMD: Which Is Better?

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If there's one thing we wish we could do more easily, it's lose weight. There are thousands of "secrets" said to help with losing weight, from diet supplements to workout routines and even herbal treatments. But what is the best way to lose weight?

In recent years, meal delivery services have popped up all around the United States. While these services differ in what they offer, there are several players that have taken it upon themselves to fuse the convenience and deliciousness of meal delivery with the core principles behind a weight loss diet.

Yet with so many meal delivery plans on the market, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Fortunately, there are two that everyone seems to talk about; Nutrisystem®, the tried and true weight loss meal delivery service, and BistroMD®, the new kid on the block who hopes to shake things up.

Keep reading below to find out who comes out on top.

Key Similarities

  • Both services offer a fully-stacked menu with over 150 different menu items to choose from.
  • Both services offer frozen meals in isolated packaging meant for easy preparation.
  • Both have a menu that's free of artificial sweeteners.
  • Both services deliver meals right to your door.

Key Differences

  • Nutrisystem® offers some shelf-stable, pantry-friendly meals for added convenience.
  • Nutrisystem® offers four-week meal plans to get through the month, while BistroMD® offers 5 or 7-day programs.
  • Nutrisystem® has a free food tracking app to help you keep track of your daily meal plan and weight loss progress.
  • Nutrisystem® delivers to all 50 states plus Canada and Puerto Rico. BistroMD® only delivers to the continental US which excludes Hawaii and Alaska.


Nutrisystem® is a pioneer in the meal delivery market and the weight loss market. Their programs are customizable and include a balanced meal plan that's easy to follow. The plans are designed to include the right mix of nutrients to fuel your body, featuring plenty of lean protein and fiber. The program works by removing the hassle of preparing all of your own food with delicious, pre-portioned meals and snacks.

Each month, you can get breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks delivered to your door, making meal prep easy as can be! You also get to eat six times each day, three meals and three snacks. Studies show that smaller, balanced meals throughout the day may make it easier to lose weight and maintain your target weight.

The first week on Nutrisystem® is designed to jumpstart your weight loss. Going into week two, the meal plan will allow for more calories and promote gradual weight loss. The program also provides flexibility with the addition of your favorite fresh grocery additions and weekly Flex meals. This means you can keep off the pounds and continue eating your favorite foods!

Did we mention the slew of incredible features they offer? Their free digital app, NuMi® provides meal plan guidance through your journey and utilizes an official online tracking tool to keep track of your meals, water, activity, weight and overall progress. The app even offers personalized reminders that let you know when it's time to drink more water or get moving! If that's not enough for you, check out The Leaf®, the official Nutrisystem® weight loss blog that's chock full of nutrition and diet tips. You also get access to trained Weight Loss Counselors for any questions you may have along the way.

Nutrisystem® offers multiple plans, including the Partner Plan, the Basic Plan and the Uniquely Yours Plan. There are also additional meal plan options that include a Men's Plan, a Diabetes Plan and a Vegetarian Plan. With so much support and so many delicious menu options, you know you're getting a great value.

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BistroMD® hasn't been around for quite as long as Nutrisystem®, but they are still regarded as a top diet delivery service by tons of well-respected figures in the industry. What separates BistroMD® from Nutrisystem® is its emphasis on "foodie" culture. As the name implies, BistroMD® was designed by a married couple who are often referred to as the M.D. and the foodie. All of BistroMD®'s meals are high-quality and delicious, akin to the type of food you would find at a high-end restaurant.

Just like Nutrisystem®, BistroMD® offers unlimited one-on-one coaching and support throughout your weight loss journey. However, while BistroMD® provides convenient home delivery, they do not offer a complete four-week package. Their program offerings only consist of 5 or 7-day plans.

While this approach can be good if you don't want to pay for the full month at once, it ultimately means you will pay more for about the same amount of food in the long run.

Final Notes

Both services are very convenient and offer effective weight loss solutions, but at the end of the day, our editors picked Nutrisystem® as the winner.

Nutrisystem® features a well-balanced diet for weight loss, while offering easy yet delicious meals that you can prepare in minutes at home. They also have a ton of support and a free weight loss app. BistroMD® does not have a four-week program or an app, not to mention their meals are significantly more expensive when compared to Nutrisystem®. Plus, with Nutrisystem®, you get to eat six times a day!

Other than that, the ability to order most of your meals for the month is a great way to plan ahead and manage your weight loss journey. Plus, the added benefits of snacking throughout the day really makes weight loss easier.

All in all, Nutrisystem® is the better bang for your buck in all categories.

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