Our Editors Compare The Pod 3 By Eight Sleep And Casper Wave Hybrid Snow

Our Editors Compare The Pod 3 By Eight Sleep And Casper Wave Hybrid Snow

More people have been suffering from sleep issues recently, and many are turning to mattresses to solve the problem.

There’s some fantastic innovation going on in the mattress world. From memory foam mattresses to smart mattresses to cooling mattresses, there’s no shortage of inventions out there.

The Pod 3 by Eight Sleep and the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow are the two main contenders in this space. Our editors decided to compare them to see which one we’d recommend.

Key Similarities:

  • Both mattresses have cooling capabilities
  • Both mattresses come in various sizes
  • Both mattresses support spinal alignment.

Key Differences:

  • The Pod 3 by Eight Sleep has Dual Zone technology that heats or cools either side of the mattress separately - The Casper Wave Hybrid Snow only cools the entire mattress at once
  • Eight Sleep has an app that controls the Pod 3
  • Eight Sleep can track your sleep and your Respiratory Rate, Resting Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Variability.
  • Eight Sleep has GentleRise™ technology that acts as a smart alarm

The Pod 3 by Eight Sleep Overview

This smart cooling mattress is super impressive. It’s both a cooling and heating mattress. It has sensors that measure the room temperature, allowing the Pod 3 to automatically change the temperature to meet your ideal thermal environment.

It even has Dual-Zone cooling and heating technology, which means you can control the temperature on each separate side of the mattress from 55-100 degrees. No more fighting over the AC with your partner! You control everything with the Eight Sleep app on your smartphone. The app also tracks your sleep stats and factors of your physical wellness such as your Respiratory Rate, Resting Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Variability.

One editor was thrilled to see that they’d slept a whole 8 hours straight on the Pod 3 - this was definitely due to the temperature control. They normally toss and turn for hours during the night. Who knew finding the right temperature is all we needed to do?

Besides the temp control, the mattress is insanely cozy. It's a 12" premium foam mattress with 5 layers that help relieve pressure points and support spinal alignment. The incredibly soft 2" Airflow Top Layer 3 airflow, elasticity, and instantaneous response to body impressions.

One feature unique to the Pod 3 is the GentleRise™ technology which naturally awakens your body by gradually cooling down the mattress with gentle vibrations at the chest level. No more setting 10 alarms on your phone or drinking 3 shots of espresso first thing in the AM!

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Casper Wave Hybrid Snow

The Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress is also pretty impressive. It has supportive gel pods and Zoned Support™ Max that help relieve any discomfort in your back and shoulders.

Like the Pod 3 by Eight Sleep, the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow has cooling technology. Their AirScape™ 3+ cooling gel and Snow Technology generates airflow and draws heat away from your body for 12+ hours, so you don’t awake overheated and sweaty.

However, if you need heating capabilities, it doesn’t do that.

After feeling how soft this mattress is, our editors were excited to try it out. A combination of top foams and their signature knit cover creates the Signature Casper Feel™ that makes this mattress extra cozy.

Although this mattress is comfy and has cooling technology, it lacks many of Pod 3’s exceptional features.

Final Verdict

We can’t deny that both of these mattresses are comfortable. But we’re recommending the Pod 3 by Eight Sleep - what a no-brainer.

The Pod 3 has tons of innovative features that the Casper mattress lacks, such as the Dual-Zone technology which allows you and your partner to both be comfortable. Then there’s the revolutionary GentleRise™ tech that wakes you up naturally. Thanks to this feature we actually wake up refreshed for once!

We love controlling everything with the Eight Sleep app and reviewing our health stats thanks to the Invisible Sensing Technology. Plus, you can even connect the mattress to your Alexa or Smart Coffee Machine!

Another fun fact about the Pod 3 is that it won’t run up your bills. It actually works out cheaper than running the A/C or heater all night! It’s an investment that will pay off, literally.

The Pod 3 by Eight Sleep costs $3,295 for a Queen with their offer. If you're on a budget, EightSleep also has the Pod 2 Pro which has many of the same features but is a more affordable option at $2895.

So if you’ve been wanting to try a smart or cooling mattress, check out Eight Sleep.

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