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I'd been curious about hemp for so long. I kept hearing about all it's benefits, but the market was so crowded I had no idea where to look.

Until I discovered Prima, I instantly knew Prima was unique from all the other hemp brands I'd seen, it had so many different products for different benefits, as opposed to just one tincture with different strengths.

Plus, Prima uses only the highest quality hemp grown in the US that is rigorously tested 5 times for quality, purity, and potency. They strive to develop your overall wellness by utilizing the science of nature to deliver amazing hemp products that actually work.

For me, the best thing about Prima is its R+R recovery cream, which delivers soothing comfort for whole-body recovery. When I saw all the amazing 5-star reviews it had, I ordered it instantly. This is exactly what my aching neck and sore legs needed.

When it arrived, it fitted in perfectly with my nighttime routine. Before bed, I use a pea-size amount of cream on areas where my muscles are temperamental or that I know will be angry in the morning! My post leg day fear is totally gone!

My colleague, Jennifer, was so curious about it, she said she would love to try hemp but didn't know where to start. When her birthday came around, I knew exactly what I was getting her - Prima. She loves skincare, and I saw Prima had three skincare products, the Night Magic facial oil, the Enlightenment Serum, and the Afterglow Cream. All three contain broad spectrum hemp along with other amazing potent blends of beneficial oils and active botanicals. Every single ingredient in their skincare is clean and non-toxic; each product is doctor-formulated, and often clinically tested. The Night Magic oil is award-winning, so I had to get her that, and I added in their cute bath gem for only $16 that soothes the body and mind, ease stress, and soften skin.

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When she received her Prima delivery, I couldn't wait to hear her thoughts on it. Fingers crossed the skincare is as good as their recovery cream. I was a little nervous as she is very fussy about her skincare and has pretty much tried every brand. She was surprised she had never heard of them and that I had!

She kept me informed on her progress over the next few days, and she initially loved how it felt on her skin and how it made her skin feel. After a few weeks of using the oil every night, she said her skin has never looked so good. It completely balances my skin while hydrating and brightens my complexion, it's amazing!! - was her final review.

She even bought herself the Enlightenment Serum, a belated birthday present to herself she called it! We both didn't realize how much of a difference adding hemp into our lives could make to our body and skin.I'm so glad I found Prima, and I'm even more glad I got to help a friend out by introducing her to Prima.

Prima has truly harvested the power of hemp in so many ways that they have a product for everyone. I'd recommend checking them out if you're interested in hemp-related wellness, or if you know someone who's always wanted to try it out.

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