Dinnerly Vs. Home Chef – Here’s My Honest Opinion

Dinnerly Vs. Home Chef – Here’s My Honest Opinion

Editor’s Note: Cooking fresh meals has always been my biggest challenge. I don’t have the time to brainstorm recipes and write long shopping lists, and I can’t stand grocery shopping. But I care about a healthy diet, so I signed up for Dinnerly. Until I had the worst experience… Thankfully, I discovered Home Chef.

I Tried Dinnerly

My job barely leaves me any time to cook. It’s already a real achievement if I get my weekly cleaning and laundry chores done. So, I used to stick to takeout and frozen meals, which are high in calories and aren’t healthy at all. I blame them for my weight gain. Not to mention how expensive it is to order takeout every single night.

So, when I saw a Dinnerly ad, I signed up. It sounded like the perfect solution - pre-measured ingredients sent to my door with quick-to-cook recipes.

I couldn’t wait for my first box to arrive, and when it did, I dove right in. The dish turned out delicious, so I absolutely fell in love with the idea of meal kits. However, after my first order, I hit some major issues.

My second order was missing a meal. And the third week, some of the produce was delivered damaged and spoiled. It also bothered me that they expanded their menu to 100+ dishes per week, which made the ordering process unnecessarily complicated. All I wanted was to pick 5 reasonably balanced, easy to cook, dinners for the week. But their new system made this a nightmare.

So, I scoured the internet to see what else was out there. That's when I came across Home Chef. They have tons of 5-star customer reviews and I was thrilled that their meals are fully customizable, so I immediately made the switch.

Then, I Tried Home Chef

I never imagined that there’d be such a huge difference between Dinnerly and Home Chef, but there is! Home Chef’s fully customizable meals are suited to your preference leaving you with way more options. If you’re a vegetarian or pescetarian (like me), you can switch out the protein, with antibiotic-free boneless skinless chicken breasts, salmon filets, Impossible Burger, and more.

Another significant advantage is that Home Chef offers classic meal kits with easy-to-follow instructions and Oven-Ready meals that require little-to-no preparation. Simply assemble the fresh ingredients inside their oven-safe tray and pop it in the oven – done! You don’t even need to clean up. They’re a true life savior whenever it has to be quick.

So far, my favorite dishes are Almond-Crusted Salmon with Garlic Edamame Riceand Spinach and the Artichoke Baked Gnocchi with Garlic Breadcrumbs. Both taste incredible and are super easy to make. The variety is fantastic – they have 30+ options each week, so I’ll never get bored.

Home Chef meals start at only $9.99 per serving – far cheaper than ordering takeout and buying groceries. And with their offer you get 16 free meals! Plus, they have the highest customer satisfaction rate among leading meal kit companies.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Dinnerly may appear to offer slightly cheaper meals, but Home Chef trumps Dinnerly in all other factors. With Home Chef, convenience cannot be beaten and their recipes are simply delicious.

Thanks to Home Chef, I finally have a balanced dinner routine packed with nutritious, home-cooked meals night after night. My cooking skills have improved, and I’m saving tons of money – and calories – on those my DoorDash orders.

If you’re looking for an affordable, convenient way to start cooking home-cooked dishes, I highly recommend you try Home Chef. You can thank me later!

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