Everything You Need To Know About Tend, The Dentist Of The Future

Tend dental service

When I realized I'd had 5 dentists in 5 years, I decided to track down the best dentist in NYC. From the ancient offices and unfriendly techs to the last-minute bait-and-switch of my insurance companies, it was time to step off the never-ending merry-go-round of mediocrity and level up my oral care.

I discovered Tend - sleek NYC dental studios that have reinvented luxury dental care, all completely bookable through their handy app. Their tech is cutting-edge and they're fully focused on your safety, comfort, and delivering excellent services.

You might be asking, "What makes Tend heads-and-shoulders above a traditional dentist?" or "How can anyone deliver a dental experience that's even the slightest bit tolerable?" Have no fear. We're here to answer any and all questions about Tend's game-changing service.

What makes Tend different from a traditional dentist?

It's upscale and affordable! When you walk into any Tend dental studio, you step into another world. Artwork lines the waiting room walls and the furniture looks like it belongs in a swanky hotel. The Tend team's welcoming, safety-first attitude will put you at ease.

After the contactless check-in process, you're ushered into a modern suite and given Warby Parker sunglasses to block out the bright lights. Plus, there's even the option to watch Netflix with Bose headphones! That sold me right there :) !

But best of all, their team puts your feelings first and promises zero judgement.

But what about the actual dental work?

While Tend's spa-like aesthetic is enticing, I was totally convinced by their state-of-the-art technology such as the 10-second X-ray machine that doesn't scrape the roof of your mouth. Tend is intent on providing a soothing environment featuring noise-reducing, pain minimizing equipment and their top-rate clinical team.

Tend offers a full range of dental services including general and cosmetic care, check-ups, implants, Breezy Braces (Tend's version of invisible braces), teeth whitening, and veneers.

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This sounds great, but is Tend affordable?

Tendis always transparent about their pricing and treatment plans. Their online calculator tells you how much it'll cost before your appointment so you can plan for any out-of-pocket bills. And great news! The process takes about 5 minutes.

I've been burned on insurance in the past. Will Tend take my insurance?

The main reason I dropped most of those dud dentists was because either my dentist at the time had either dropped my insurance, or they didn't accept the insurance that came with a new job.

Tend is amazing in that they accept most insurance and is in-network with major insurers like Delta Dental, Aetna, and Cigna.

If you're unsure whether or not you're covered, head over to Tend's website and simply enter in your email and insurer and find out. No more standing at the receptionist's desk worrying about how much this will set you back. And for those who don't have insurance, Tend has financing options.

Wow, where are these dental studios located?

Tend has set up shops all over NYC and continues to grow. Tendoffers a full range of dental services in modern, airy, studios furnished with the latest equipment. And they're conveniently located in Grand Central, Chelsea, Wall Street, Flatiron, the Upper West Side, Hudson Square in TriBeCa, and Williamsburg.

Tend is so popular they're expanding to the Upper East Side, Rockefeller Center, and Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. And not only that . . . Washington, DC!

Say goodbye to that sub-par dentist. Tend's friendly staff, soothing environment, transparent pricing, and trustworthy reputation will help you take the best of the best care of your teeth.

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