How The Bed, By Thuma Transformed My Work From Home Space

Now that I'm spending all this time working from home, I feel like my apartment has become my entire world. I always cared about how it looked—but now it feels like that's the only thing that matters. When quarantine started, I knew that I was going to be spending a ton of time at home, so I decided to create a little home office for myself.

I spent a ton on a stand-up desk, an ergonomically-correct chair, and a widescreen monitor, but it still felt like something was missing. I realized that despite my apartment becoming my full-time workspace, it was still my home. With all of the new purchases I made to make myself more productive, I ended up neglecting my personal space.

To make my one-bedroom apartment feel a bit more homey, I decided to buy a new bed. I got my current bed frame off Craigslist and I knew that if I was going to be spending all this time at home, I needed a major aesthetic overhaul. My sister recommended that I look at platform beds because I wanted something that was versatile, clean, and modern, but had a timeless quality about it. I was hoping for a chic way to clear up space and find relaxation.

After scouring the Internet, I came across The Bed, by Thuma . Thuma designs thoughtful beds for modern living, with the philosophy that the bed is the centerpiece of our lives and should be treated as such. Given that it's typically the most used piece of furniture, Thuma's perfect bed-frame is so classic, it will fit in anyone's bedroom, no matter what your aesthetic is.

While incredibly simple, The Bed boasts a range of stand-out features and details. Each frame is unique, made from handcrafted, repurposed wood (without MDFs or veneers), and carries the beautiful grain variations of natural wood. No two beds are alike, making yours really feel like yours. The frame itself is constructed using Japanese Joinery, an artisanal Japanese technique that emphasizes minimalism and simplicity. Assembly is very easy, takes about five-ish minutes, and no tools or team required.

The Bed, By Thuma
Elevated, Timeless Design
Built To Last A Lifetime

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In terms of functionality, The Bed provides a perfect alternative to the uncomfortable headboard. The PillowBoard is extremely versatile. It can be covered by throw pillows or left visible as a design accent. The board itself is covered in a washable pebbled linen-weave cover, making it the perfect stress-free lounging environment.

My biggest concern when I first purchased The Bed, by Thuma was its durability, but after using it for over a month, I can admit that my worries were unfounded. The Bed is constructed from double-strength slats which are optimally spaced to ensure mattress support and breathability. Even better, these slats are made from eco-fi felt made from recycled plastics.

The Bed is also Greenguard certified, meaning all the materials were thoroughly tested to meet some of the world's most rigorous chemical emission standards. It's better for the environment and better for you! Did we mention there are no box springs or bed skirts required? Simply put, The Bed is built to last a lifetime and comes with a lifetime warranty as proof.

Now that we're spending more time indoors, it's important that you have a bed that you actually enjoy. Say goodbye to that tired old bed frame and elevate your bedroom with Thuma's perfect platform bed frame.

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